When PANTASY P-BOX was first launched, it was very popular. This kind of small scene MOC is called Vignette. Like the square head boy, it can be regarded as a very representative way of assembling in MOC.

On a fixed-size floor, a small scene with a certain storyline is built around a certain theme story and character. The most typical application is to make block-like movie fragments.

Although these small scenes only have a large space in the palm of your hand, the details that can be built may far exceed your imagination, such as PANTASY P-BOX series, which uses 8*8 building block scenes to bring us wonderful stories. Today bring you the second part of PANTASY P-BOX series.

2021 PANTASY blocks retro Interactive TV

2021 PANTASY Astro Boy See-through Mech

PANTASY P-BOX Big Explorer Building Blocks

The packaging style of the second part of the PANTASY P-BOX series is the same as that of the first part. They all use laser printing, and a cartoon image is made for each character in the show, which is full of trend. The difference is that the packaging box is changed from a cuboid to a cube, which fits more closely with the shape of the finished building block.

PANTASY blocks P-BOX (1)

The building blocks in the box are sub-packaged in 2 major steps, the first sub-package is the scene bricks, and the second sub-package is the minifigures. In addition, a manual and a theme sticker are included.

The theme comic poster on the inside of the manual cover is very eye-catching, but the editor’s favorite is the slogan above. The planning comrades are really hardworking. The big explorer building block bottom plate uses three different colored building blocks to build a sense of hierarchy of the wilderness terrain.

The terrain is messy mountains and rocks, huge vines and scattered bones, which seem to indicate that something terrible is about to happen. It turned out to be a huge piranha. Immediately play a thrilling blockbuster about the great explorer “Indiana Jones” escape from the mouth.

PANTASY P-BOX Granny Snacks Building Blocks

There are such hidden snack shops everywhere in the old streets of Guangzhou, and my favorite is the exclusive secret beef offal from the grandma’s house, which is very greedy and endless aftertaste!

PANTASY blocks P-BOX (5)

Grandma’s shop opened in front of her house in Lao Cai, and the mottled brick walls looked very old. The door link is very grounded, just like the cowhide advertisement on the wall, it has been aged and the details are in place. As for the sign prohibiting peeing, I just want to say: Designer, you are really naughty.

Grandma’s beef miscellaneous stall has many details, and I have learned the cart handles made by “phone”. Open for business, everyone is welcome to have the opportunity to taste this legendary bowl of Laoguang.

PANTASY P-BOX Space Astronaut Building Blocks

The space astronaut building blocks seem to be giving praise to our aerospace athletes. With a dark blue background, scattered stars, and potholes on the ground, it is obvious that this story takes place in space.

The cartoon-shaped rockets of the PANTASY family were assembled in one go. The flags were planted and the landing was successful. Bring a mini exploration robot and start the journey of alien exploration.

PANTASY P-BOX Popcorn Uncle Building Blocks

As a pure post-80s foodie, I assure everyone that popcorn can definitely be one of the top ten foods in childhood. As for why the protagonist must be the uncle, it is not only for the CP of the Granny Snack Team, but the small steel cannon-like production equipment cannot be controlled if it is too weak.

PANTASY blocks P-BOX (14)

Usually, the popcorn uncle would take his “small steel cannon” and walk the streets and alleys, and find a place where the flow of people is relatively concentrated, such as the grocery store at the entrance of the village.

The crooked telephone poles are covered with cowhide advertisements, daily necessities, tobacco, alcohol, sugar and tea, and everything is available at the grocery store at the entrance of the village. In that era when communications were not so developed, the public phone of the grocery store used to communicate with relatives far away. The only means of hotline contact.

The “small steel cannon” of popcorn was burned hot. Uncle Popcorn skillfully stepped on the crowbar, and the fragrant popcorn spewed out with a dull “cannon sound”. The pupils who had just finished school were shocked by the ice cream. Fell to the ground.

PANTASY P-BOX Tony teacher building blocks

I don’t know when the name of Teacher Tony began to gain popularity. I have a friend named Tony, but that’s because of Tony Stark. It seems that it’s really a bitter heart now!

The checkered floor of the barber shop is very fashionable, the iconic colored lamp tubes in red, white and blue are very eye-catching, and Mr. Tony, who has a two-handed moustache, has some masterful demeanor.

PANTASY P-BOX Product display

PANTASY P-BOX adopts a modular design, and each small scene can be directly stacked in both horizontal and vertical directions, which is very convenient for display.

I hope Mrs. Tony can provide HANDLE’s live broadcast of a sister’s hair style. How many small goals I will bring tonight? Hair style is very important!

E-sports teenagers join hands with the great explorer to release virtual reality escape! The food anchor brings grandma’s snack blocks to the show, warming your heart! Surf girls and astronauts go to the stars and sea together!

If there is something to be made between the electronic girl and the popcorn uncle, she and the popcorn uncle should be very good at making loud noises, except for the same type of explosion head that she and the elementary school students have.

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