Reviews of CaDA Four Seasons Tree House

After the Lego Tree House (21318) became popular, all brands have focused on this theme! CaDA, which focuses on technology series, has also launched a treehouse set!

How about the playability of this CaDA Four Seasons Tree House (C66004)?

Packaging and manual

Is the box small? It doesn’t look like there are 1155 bricks at all! But the weight completely eliminated my doubts. There are some details on the back of the package. The finished size reaches 20*27cm

The parts packages are full. The manual, stickers and replacement cards are all in the same packaging bag.

The parts are divided into 4 steps and subcontracted, of which subcontract 4 is for changing the exterior appearance in “Four Seasons”. The modification instructions need to be downloaded in the QR code in the manual.

Assembly process

The set has four shapes in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the default version is “Spring”.

The main tree trunks are divided into three groups. When putting together the upper structure, be sure there are enough fulcrums below! Otherwise, the consequences will be very serious, because it is easy to collapse.

The lamp group is assembled together in the assembly process, because it is a series line group, it is a little troublesome to put together.

The finished product is not very big, but it feels pretty good! The roof is asymmetrical. The tree house itself is a bit modern.

The structure of the stairs is good. The quality of this set of transparent parts is very good, and the clarity is quite high! Of course,

The gap in the middle of the roof is a bit bigger.

cada treehouse (14)

Lighting part

The light group is driven by this USB light group line. Using USB means that you need an external power supply. The blue button on the plug is to select the light mode, and you can see the performance below.

Normal and steady-state. The effect of warm light goes well with the treehouse. Next, let’s take a look at the other modes of lighting, including breathing mode and jumping mode.


The overall performance of the treehouse has a feeling of excessive force, and too many details have become a little messy.

In terms of color matching, the light gray in the middle part is very strange. Although the treehouse itself has a modern design style, it becomes weird after adding light gray.

cada treehouse (10)

In terms of structure, most places are relatively reasonable, but there will still be single-point connections and no reinforcement. The three support columns at the bottom are not fully able to withstand assembly at any position above, so a little carelessness There will be a “collapse” during assembly…

It’s disappointing that the set doesn’t have minifigures, but it’s not a big problem.

The parts of CaDA feel good, the surface is smooth, and the bite is good. This set of transparent parts also performed extremely well! The surface of the parts also has its own logo, which ensures the stability of the quality and also has a sense of high quality.

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