2022 LEGO Boutique Hotel coming with Easter eggs

On December 6, Lego officially released the new 15th anniversary Modular Buildings package for 2022, 10297 boutique hotel! Containing 3066 pellets, it will be launched on January 1, 2022. The heart-pounding feeling is back and has also set Multiple historical second.

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Easter eggs

In 2022, it is the 15th anniversary of the release of Lego 10182 Street Corner Cafe, which kicked off the Modular Buildings series in 2007.

So far, Lego has released 16 streetscape buildings, all of which can be connected to each other, inspire the creative enthusiasm of many AFOLs.

The 10297 Boutique Hotel returns to the past, portraying a gorgeous Spanish hotel from the 1960s and 1970s. Because it contains various retroelements and Spanish signboards-it is the first Modular Buildings set in history to include two facades.

10297 boutique hotel is a corner street scene model. It pays tribute to the classic veteran hotel street scene 10182 corner cafe from the topic and design. It is also the fifth corner street scene set in history.

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10297 boutique hotel is also the second tallest Modular Buildings building after 10224 City Hall (the straight rod is decorated with cheating suspects). With 3066 pieces, it is also the second-largest Modular Buildings set in history and the Modular Buildings with the most particles after 10255 city center assembly squares.

The black style of the 18+ adult collection series on the packaging, without stickers, all are printed pieces. It is also the second Modular Buildings set in pure black packaging in history, after the police station.

LEGO Boutique Hotel Details

The hotel is located on a 32×32 stud base and contains three floors. This sharp building shape is even reminiscent of the famous Flatiron Building in New York. The first floor is the hotel lobby and concierge. The outer wall on the ground floor is made of nougat-colored bricks, forming an arch on the side facing the street.

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The names in the guestbook at the front desk are also clever eggs, corresponding to the chef (Albert) of the 10243 Parisian restaurant and the owner (Jo) of 10264 Corner Garage.

By the way, the designer of Boutique Hotel is Anderson Ward Grubb, who design 10280 Bouquet and 10292 Friends Apartment. The phone on the desk also paid tribute to the 10278 police station, which was the same as the one outside the cell.

Seeing the pieces that are not aligned on the wall, hope you have no obsessive-compulsive disorder. This corresponds to the design of the painter in the 10243 Parisian restaurant. It seems that the artist has sold a lot of paintings this year. In addition, the floor is really beautiful.

Although there is no exaggerated big sign, the hotel reminds you that this is a five-star luxury hotel in a low-key manner.

The set has quite rich printing particles, can you see the easter eggs on this message board?

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The coffee cup in the pattern is estimated to be a tribute to the 10182 corner cafe in 2007, the Michelin three-star corresponds to the 10243 Parisian restaurant, and the green apple corresponds to the 10185 green grocery store in 2008, and then to the 10246 detective office in 2015. All foreshadowing.

The second floor is the economy room and business room area. The exterior wall is light-toned and designed with arches and two red flags attached, but there is no large hotel logo on the side like the cafe on the corner of 10182 street. There is also a small balcony next to which you can take photos of the minifigures.

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By the way, this kind of light-skinned building blocks should appear the most in a set.

There are two rooms of different sizes on this floor. The larger one has a bed, an armchair and a table with a typewriter. The typewriter in the room echoes the 21327 typewriter set and once again tells us the classic age of the hotel. The smaller one is simpler, with only a bed, a wardrobe and a small table.

A gray staircase leads from the sidewalk to the gallery roof, where there is a hotel terrace. On this roof terrace is a palm tree whose trunk is made up of several crown eggshell elements.

The iron gate here is a tribute to Market Street in 2007.

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The third floor is the sky garden sete and the hotel dome. The upper floor is covered by eaves and is built with turquoise bricks. The sets are all printed pieces, including chocolate and retro TV prints.

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Here you will find the most luxurious room in the boutique hotel, with a large double bed, armchair, TV and bathroom.

The iron railings on the roof are made of Ninjago Snake haha.

There is also a Cubist Art Gallery next to the hotel. The sign says “Cubist Art” in Spanish. The paintings inside pay tribute to Picasso’s classic paintings. Next to the hotel, there are coffee stalls and vendors facing the street.

The other painting in the gallery was obviously inspired by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

The transparent cube in the middle of the gallery has nothing to do with “Cubist art”, it is just a simple cube haha. So why is it there? If you compare the logos of old creative masters, you will understand the mystery.

The set includes 7 Minifigures. Two waiters, a coffee vendor, and four guests. The coffee vendor itself is the best tribute to the cafe on the corner of 10182 Street.

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The model is 25.6 cm long, 25.6 cm wide, and 39.7 cm high. It can of course be perfectly combined with other streetscape buildings.

Of course, if there is no anniversary gift set included, it would seem too insincere. Lego obviously thought of this and prepared a GWP gift set numbered 40532, but it is not clear what it will be.

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