14 Best Lego Motorcycle Alternative Brands

Since LEGO launched Harley (2019), Ducati (2020), BMW M1000 RR (2022), the motorcycle building block model has caused a buying frenzy for brickfans. However, the three products are obviously difficult to satisfy brick fans.

So we bring nearly 100 motorcycle products from 14 building block brands, including brick models and technic models. These Might Be the Best Lego Bike Alternatives. You should be able to find one you like.


The SEMBO building block brand was founded in 2013. The brand slogan is: small world of building blocks, big dreams of joy, focusing on various creative building blocks. In 2021, a total of 19 motorcycles will be launched, most of which are mainly brick motorcycles, with less technology.

701808, 857, Honda CBR Motorcycle

701135, 238, Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro GT

701129, 236 pieces, Benelli 502C

701136, 205 pieces, Moto Guzzi Centauro

701211, 253 pieces, Honda Navi 110

701715, 799, Yamaha WR450F

701604, 710 pieces, Radical Ducati Matador

701806, 886 pieces, BMW nineT Motorcycle

701119, 201 pieces, Ducati Scrambler

701120, 205, Corvette Rambo 300

701121, 257, Benelli TNT 600 ABS

701122, 257, Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

701125, 245, Triumph Bonneville Bobber

701126, 205, Triumph Street Scrambler

701127, 255, Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber

701128, 237, Victory VEGAS JACKPOT

701010, 444pcs, BOBBER motorcycle

701716, 798pcs, Yamaha TMAX motorcycle

701812, 814pcs, BMW S1000TT


50031, 827 pieces, Ducati v4s

50030, 711 pieces, R nineT

18K super

K84, 668 pieces, yaiba kusanagi


7052, 621, Heritage Motorcycle

7054, 819, Racing Motorcycle


JRKL202, 440 pieces, JimuGo whirlwind motorcycle

JRKL217, 1200+pcs, retro side three wheels


10212, 1018 pieces, ducadi

10217, 986pcs, Bugatti Diavel

10248, 1388pcs, Final Fantasy 7: Fenrir Wolf Motorcycle


T3009, 436 pieces, motorcycle

T3010, 446 pieces, motorcycle

T3032, 469pcs, Kafeiqi motorcycle

T3033, 476pcs, Motocross


672001, 803 pieces, Ducati 1299

672002, 827 pieces, Ducati Big Devil

672003, 865pcs, CHIC-Block Motorbike


The QIZHILE building block brand was founded in 2012 and has launched a lot of creative building blocks. In 2021, a total of 4 technology building block motorcycles will be launched

85004, 1006pcs, Kawasaki ZX-25R

85005, 998pcs, AGUSTA F3

85006, CFMOTO 250SR

85006, ? ? ? pcs, CFMOTO 250SR


M38-B0958, 197pcs, BMW nineT

M38-B0959, 223pcs, BMW R75


11007, 1012pcs, heavy locomotive Lingcage animation genuine license


QL0480, 387pcs, Competitive Motorctcle

QL0484, 426pcs, Foda Motorcycle

QL0481, 496pcs, Chifeng Motorcycle

QL0482, 477pcs, Zhiba Motorcycle

QL0477, 382pcs, Yinxin Motorcycle

QL0748-0751, 4 models, motorcycle

MOYU Blocks

MY88013, 1228pcs, Bombardier Motorcycle


C64001, 451pcs, Cyber ​​Night: Cyber ​​CT-3X

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