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In the naval history of various countries in the world, there will always be legends of “Auspicious Ships” that are passed down to the world; some of them are outstanding, some are inactive, and may be the last survivors of ships of the same level, or the survival master who escaped. Among these, it includes the third ship of the Admiral Hipper class “Prinz Eugen”.

Although in terms of results, it’s hard to say that going to the crossroads after the war to bask in the sun is a good ending; but compared with the older sister “Hipper” who regretted retiring from the game, The second sister “Blucher” who sleeps forever in the Norwegian fjords, Prinz Eugenn’s service history is also enough to bear the word lucky.

So let’s see if this set of “Prinz Eugen” heavy cruiser produced by Cobi blocks can bear the title of “phoenix”

COBI 4823 Prinz Eugen Assembly process

Eugen’s hull structure still uses Cobi’s classic central skeleton to connect the head and tail modules. The armor blocks are attached to the outside on both sides. The overall assembly feels slightly hard.It may require great effort to perform miracles when the armor blocks are attached.

The bow module and two outer armor blocks. The modified Hipper-class flying shear bow needs to be formed in the last package of parts. At this time, the vertical bow is still lacking.

Join the bow and the middle section of the hull, and the prototype of the first half of the hull has emerged.

The structure of the stern module is relatively simple. Considering that the propeller may drag the ground during the subsequent assembly process and cause damage to the blades, it is recommended to leave the propeller under the waterline until all completed before completing it.

The three sections of the hull are joined together, and the superstructure and secondary weapons are gradually taking shape.

The four main turrets are divided into two styles, and the spelling is slightly different, so you need to pay attention to the distinction when assembling.

Are you ready for the “Rhine Exercise”?

COBI 4823 Prinz Euge Package overview

The hull of the “Prinz Eugen” composed of 1,790 parts is about 74cm, roughly in line with the nominal 1/300 scale, and the overall size is between Cobi’s own “war exhaustion” and “Bismarck”

The momentum on display is not inferior to Cobi’s own building block battleship.

Cobi adopted the form of “mix and match” in the shape of Eugen. The overall painting scheme of the hull comes from the Baltic painting before the “Rhine Exercise” in May 1941. The turret top cover was painted red; and The air defense weapon configuration of the entire ship is the 1944 style after the enhanced air defense. Although somewhat not rigorous enough, the recognition of the painting can be said to be very clear.

With its degree of reduction, it is hard to believe that the Belfast we reviewed before was even released a month later than it…

The iconic big flying shear bow after the transformation of the Hipper class, the effect of the two physical anchor chains is quite good; but it is a pity that Eugen’s bow does not have the printing of the ship emblem like Zeppelin.

As Cobi’s traditional weakness, the four SK C34 203mm main guns are still a bit abstract, but at least they don’t make you feel very offensive like Bell, and they have also restored the red top cover, rangefinder and anti-aircraft guns. And other details, the overall performance is slightly higher than our expectations.

It should be noted that the B turret will interfere with the bridge when it is moving, and the range of movement will be somewhat limited when playing.

Counting from the iconic castle-style bridge, Eugen’s hull is arranged in sequence with portal davits, seaplane cranes, chimneys, hangars/hydroplane catapults, 6 105mm anti-aircraft guns with special openings, and Numerous small boats; judging by the standard of building blocks, except for the absence of attached seaplanes, the degree of reduction can be described as perfect.

All camouflage coatings on both sides are made of printed parts, but Cobi’s printing accuracy is slightly misaligned this time. A slight overflow can be seen on the edge of most of the printed parts, and there is a relatively obvious residual dirt on one part. , In terms of detail control, it is still not enough.

The second half of the hull is also equipped with weapons in the state of 1944. The range of movement of the C turret and D turret is relatively wider, and of course it will be blocked by anti-aircraft guns.

By the way, if you are a veteran player who has played the Initial Generation German cruiser of World of Warships, the two anti-aircraft guns next to the C turret may be very familiar to you.The first few versions of Hipper’s rear turret will be blocked by the two anti-aircraft guns.As a result, the No. 3 turret is basically useless after 12km.

According to Cobi’s practice, the underwater part also provides a complete three-axis single rudder propulsion system.

The display stand attached to the kit is different from the previous style of Cobi. The contact area between the stand and the bottom of the ship has been nearly doubled, the support is obviously more stable, and it is not easy to fall when moved, full praise!

COBI 4823 Prinz Euge summary

In general, it can be said that there is no harm if there is no comparison; if you take it out alone, it is still a bit insufficient. When you put her and Bell who went on the market at the same time together, this set of “Prinz Eugen” produced by Cobi blocks The No. 1 heavy cruiser undoubtedly represents the current highest level of Cobi surface ships.

Her appearance is quite outstanding, the weapons and detailed configuration are also restored in place, the camouflage painting of all-printed parts and the color separation of the building blocks is even more sincere; if you can accept a large number of special parts with Cobi characteristics, this set of 1,790 parts of Cobi Prinz Eugen is quite worthy of consideration.

Of course, the 1941 state painting is matched with the weapons of 1944, which may not pass the test in the eyes of strict military fans. Cobi’s ancestral parts are hard and sharp corners, which make it not suitable for children to do it themselves. In addition, I still have to say a few more words, when will Cobi deliberately make some ships outside of Germany

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