5 LEGO flower bouquet alternative

Since 2021, Lego and many building block brands have begun to work together on building block flowers!

In fact, the building block flower series is indeed a new creative growth point

Both senior players and outside audiences are attracted to these brightly colored bouquets

Here is 5 5 Lego flower bouquet alternative.



Number of particles: average 40pcs/piece

Size: average length 10cm x width 10cm x height 30cm (adjustable)

Bouquet types: lily, red and blue pink-rose, purple-yellow-red-freesia, pink-imperial flower, ginger lotus, water lily, sunflower, palace lantern lily, star of Bethlehem, yellow and white-Australia, pink yellow-gerbera, heaven bird

Key point: home decoration, gift-giving artifact, DIY assembling, flower pole length adjustment, multi-color free collocation, easy to use

lego flower bouquet alternative (1)


Brand: SEMBO

Number of particles: average 70pcs/piece

Size: average length 15cm/branch (adjustable)

Bouquet types: yellow, purple and white-crocus, saffron, white pink purple-white clover, hibiscus, blue yellow pink-chrysanthemum, camellia, clivia, lily, lilac, daisy, hibiscus, lotus, carnation, lily of the valley, dragon boat flower , Daffodil, lavender, jasmine, tulip, red and yellow powder-rose, yellow orange-yellow warbler, kapok, sunflower

Key point: Valentine’s Day, gift, advanced, DIY, free match



Number of particles: average 1000pcs/bundle

Size: length 40cm/piece (adjustable)

Bouquet types: white pink green-eustoma, perfume grass, red blue and purple-tulip, green chrysanthemum, pink gypsophila, eucalyptus, ginger leaf, yellow chrysanthemum, mountain peach blossom, red pink-zinnia, lily, lilac, Ji’an Flower

Key point: bouquet DIY, gifts, home decoration, rich colors, free collocation


Brand: Woma

Number of particles: average 150pcs/piece

Size: average length 12cm x width 7.5cm x height 25cm/piece (adjustable)

Bouquet types: white clover, white pink-yellow-lily, purple-yellow-crocus, red-yellow-smiling flower, orange-blue-chrysanthemum, red-yellow-blue-camellia, pink-rose, jasmine, red pink-Hibiscus,

Key point: flower arrangement, gifts, home decoration, free collocation


Brand: QIZHILE 90015 Dream Rose

Number of particles: 474pcs

Size: Length 13.3cm x Width 13.3cm x Height 7.8cm

Bouquet type: rose

Key point: love, confession, wedding, Valentine’s Day

lego flower bouquet alternative (5)

Brand: QIZHILE 92000 Phalaenopsis

Number of particles: 588pcs

Size: Length 35cm x Width 35cm x Height 40m

Bouquet type: Phalaenopsis

Key point: elegant, delicate fragrance, butterfly, home decoration, gift

Brand: QIZHILE 92004 Meaty Blind Box

Number of particles: average 50pcs/species

Size: average length 5cm x width 5cm x height 6m/type

Bouquet types:-

Key point: Succulents, Potted Plants, Home Decoration, Blind Box

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