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There are also intricate relationships between building block brands, because most of the products are produced in Shantou, Guangdong

There are too many Chinese building block brands, and the theme type and brick quality of each brand are different. For many players, it is not easy to make the right choice.

There are also intricate relationships between building block brands, because most of the products are produced in Shantou, Guangdong.

Therefore, I wrote a short FAQ about which brands are related to each other, and most importantly, which brands use GOBRICKS .

Speaking of brick quality, we use Lego bricks as the standard, so the opponent from China is GoBricks. The color fidelity and quality of GOBRICKS are very good. But this does not mean that the bricks of other suppliers are not good. About GOBRICKS, please read this blogLego bricks vs GOBRICKS-who is better?.

The relationship between China building block brands

1. Cada, DoubleE

 Cada Block is a sub-brand of DoubleE Toys, founded in 2016, focusing on Technic products. Cada uses its own brick.


JIE STAR is a brand founded by Guangdong Jiexing Toys Factory, established in 1998. Also suspected to belong to the same company are BLX, BOLX, Juhang and LQS. Use self-produced brick (molds).

3. King, Queen, J, Lion King

Lepin successor brand

4. Rael, Super 18K and Lucky Star

Rael is a building block brand founded by Shenzhen Rael Entertainment Co., Ltd., established in 2015. Super 18K and Lucky Star are suspected to be sub-brands of Rael, and they both use GOBRICKS parts.

5. Mould King

The Mould King brand was established in 2012, focusing on technic products,-using gobricks.

6. HAPPY Build, PanGu, Shineyu

The brand of Guangdong Xinyu Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2019, uses GOBRICKS parts.


Qizhile is a building block brand under Guangdong Shenglong Toys Industrial Co., Ltd., which was born in 2012. Use self-produced brick (molds)

8. QMAN, Keeppley

Both belong to the same company. In 1994, the QMAN brand was born. In 2019, the keeppley brand was born; using self-produced parts (molds)


Both belong to Qunlong Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Use self-produced brick (molds).

10. SemBo, S, SY BLOCK Dinggao, Wekki

SEMBO is the brand of Senbao Toys Co., Ltd., founded in 2017,

sy block is a sub-brand of sembo, and SY BLOCK acquired the S brand trademark in June 2020.

DINGGAO used to be the provisional name of the S brand. After S was acquired in June 2020, it no longer has any relationship with the S brand.

Wekki was established in June 2020 and launched a joint product with sembo.

Some parts come from GoBricks, and some parts (molds) come from self-produced brick (molds)..

11. WANGE, LIGAO, Dr. Luck

It belongs to the same company, focusing on world-renowned architecture and education series. Use self-produced brick (molds).

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