CaDA and JK BRICKWORKS Collaborate Orrery Released

CaDA released JK Brickworks contract design work,CaDA C71004 Orrery-Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery

When it comes to JK, what do you think of? But from the point of view of brickfans, JK is a god!

Who is JK Brickworks?

I believe that building block fans with a certain “seniority” will have heard the name of JK Brickworks. Even if you don’t know JK, you should have seen their works, right?

LEGO Tensegrity Sculpture Tutorial that once set off a craze is also from JK Brickworks.

Realistic Swimming LEGO Koi Fish(lego 31129 moc) is also from JK!

In addition to a large number of mocs with extremely high gold content, JK Brickworks also has 2 works that have been commercialized by LEGO. Have you started?

It is quite exciting for such an internationally renowned god to cooperate with CaDA!

CaDA C71004 Orrery-Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery

JK Brickworks, a well-known MOC building block god in Canada, signed a contract to design works.

It is a building block, but also a scientific experiment course, simulating the principle of revolution and rotation between the sun, the earth and the moon in nature.

CaDA C71004 Orrery-Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery

Turn the handle clockwise and the dial with the pointer starts to turn counterclockwise. The three models of the sun, moon, and earth begin to rotate.

CaDA C71004 Orrery-Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery

The manual contains the knowledge points of the solar system and the 24 solar terms of Chinese traditional culture with pictures and texts

CaDA C71004 Orrery-Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery

I remember that when I saw this set of works, I had the urge to restore it myself.

However, because there are so many sets that can be played, I have been accustomed to building ready-made products for a long time, and I have never been interested in picking up parts by myself.

But now you can start directly without any effort.

CaDA C71004 Orrery-Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery

What excites me more than the set can be commercialized is that CaDA can reach a cooperation with JK Brickworks!

Is the continuous progress of china building blocks finally accepted by the world?

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