5 keeppley crayon shin-chan square head block

How do you feel when you see the main picture? When I first saw it, I thought it was so cute!

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I recently received the new Crayon Shin-Chan series of Keeppley, all of which are genuine and authorized. The designs of several sets are very good. Let’s take a review at the Crayon Shin-Chan square head block from keeppley.

Crayon Shin-chan series includes five small square head block sets, namely Funny Shin-chan, Nohara Shinnosuke, Sakurada Nini, Dumb, and Kazama Toru.


The contents of the package, the bricks included in the several models are almost the same, without stickers. All printed bricks.

Open the package, the various bricks will make people have a desire to build together.

It feels that Keeppley will have some fine adjustments to the mold, and the damping of the bricks is better than some previous sets. The damping of the assembling is very moderate.


There are no stickers at all in the set, all of which are printed bricks, and most of them are pad printing. The clarity and flatness are very good. There are also content containing various easter eggs. The expressions of each character are also exclusive printed bricks, and this curved shape also makes the printing in place

The body part of each character is a three-unit design, which is a little different from our traditional concept of square head boy, and because the main four models are a “band” design, they all have a sitting shape.

Basically, the design of the lower body of each character will be somewhat similar, but the matching colors are different.

The design of the head is a four-panel design from the outside, but the internal structure actually has some tricks, not just a stack of side convex bricks.

In order to make the facial shape of each character more rounded, Keeppley also added a lot of new bricks this time. This small new suit is still invisible. In the design of other models, such as Dumb, new bricks molds are used to create the appearance of the face.

Each character also has a small base, and the back part is decorated with some decorations. Nohara Shinnosuke has more printed bricks.

The whole assembly is completed and placed on the base, it is really cute, especially the shape of the face is really too good for the animation restoration!


Looking at it from another angle, each character has its own unique instrument.

The effect of putting them together is also very good! The scene design of each character will be somewhat similar, but the specific placement of the above will also be slightly different.

The design ideas, appearance, and details of the 5 square heads are very unified, and it will be very interesting to put them together! Especially the design of the face makes the characters look more three-dimensional!

The other box is called Funny Crayon Shin-chan, which is the most familiar image! Butt! This image is indeed too popular!

So Keeppley also launched a funny new look, which is really interesting!

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