Mould King VS Lego Millennium Falcon Difference

Millennium Falcon is the iconic starship of Star Wars. LEGO has released a number of Millennium Falcon sets. Today we are introducing the Mould King Millennium Falcon. So what is the difference ( Lego Millennium Falcon VS Mould King Millennium Falcon)? The following review is from QIEPINJIMU.

Mould King Millennium Falcon (1)

Brand: Mould King

Product Code: 21026

Name: Mould King Millennium

Number of particles: 12688PC

Mould King Millennium Falcon, this should be the Star Wars suit with the largest number of particles except for Mould King Sandcrawler.

There are many internal details, but unfortunately no minifigures are standard for Mould King. Star Wars no minifigures are less interesting.

Packaging and Instructions

Product size: 74*58*29.5cm

Open the box, a box full of parts

34 sub-packages, two general-purpose packages, two instruction manuals for AB, and one bag of counterweight bricks. A sticker. A hammer.

Part A

Pack 1

The gloss and quality of the parts are very good, almost all of them are GOBRICKS bricks, and the number on the back of the parts can be found in the GOBRICKS mall.

GOBRICKS does not have a mold for this part, so it uses parts from other manufacturers, and you can see the big nozzle at a glance.

The building process requires a hammer. If you press it with your hand, it is estimated that your fingers will be destroyed soon.

Pack 2

Soon the bottom support part is finished. After connecting with the first part, this support part also feels quite fragile.

Pack 3

After completion, I feel that this part seems to be not very useful.

Pack 4

The “tiling” inside the starship can’t be used with a rubber hammer, and the thumb will be useless.

Pack 5

I have already started to build the interior, the particles are very broken, and it is very slow to put together.

Pack 6

The fusion of the left and right hulls requires a lot of patience.

Pack 7

There are four cannons hidden in the ship’s warehouse on this side. The hardest so far is the fit of this part.

Pack 8

Exterior decoration on both sides of the ship’s cabin.

pack 9

This is a very magical structure. It is obviously a straight line, and finally it can be bent.

Pack 10

The appearance of Millennium Falcon is all this kind of clutter, but it doesn’t lose its beauty.

It is recommended not to assemble 410 first, and put it at the end of this step to assemble it. It is difficult to achieve the curvature of the picture.

As shown in the picture, I started to build 410 steps after the final assembly was completed, and the curvature was achieved.

Pack 11-12

Decoration on the inside of the rear side of the Millennium Falcon, the outside and bottom of the curve.

Pack 13-14

The bottom of the Millennium Falcon needs to be aligned when merging, and various small parts may fall off during the process.

Pack 15

Mainly the interior parts.

Packs 16-18

Various exterior Star Wars trims, the cockpit, and the first half of the ship have already begun.

At this point, Part A of the manual has been spelled out.

Part B

Packs 19-22

This part took 4 hours to complete. It is mainly the assembly of the first half of the Millennium Falcon. It is still very difficult to fit together. When you open it, you know that bricks will inevitably be various drops . Because there are too many, sometimes I really don’t know where they fell.

Pack 23

It is recommended to assemble the 23 pack first but not merge them with the main body, and wait for the 24 pack to be merged with the main body first and then merge the 23 parts, otherwise it will be difficult to accurately merge according to the steps in the manual.

Pack 24

Since the Millennium Falcon itself is too heavy, it is definitely not possible to rely on the middle support point, but according to the instructions, the four transparent support points must be installed at the end, which is obviously not feasible in practice, so I build the last few steps in advance. With the support frame, the overall stability is much more stable.

Packs 25-27

It is still the decoration of the interior part. I have to say that the interior of Mould King Millennium Falcon is really quite a lot. Since the 27th package, the top of the Millennium Falcon has been “capped”.

The biggest highlight of the Millennium Falcon’s appearance may be this transparent curved surface

Packs 28-30

It is mainly the top cover of the tail of the Millennium Falcon. This part took 3 hours , and the firmness of various details and individual parts is still very strong. What is more difficult to understand is that when the cover is closed, there is no buckle or connection point, just put it on

pp. 31-33

Assembly of the cover

At this point, the Millennium Falcon is basically completed.

Lego Millennium Falcon VS Mould King Millennium Falcon

1. Almost the same as the LEGO Millennium Falcon in appearance, especially the block design in each area. The difference between the 12,000+ particles and the 8,000 particles may lie in the difference in internal and surface structure.

2. Here we mainly talk about the structural differences between the two Millennium Falcons. The overall structure of Mould King Millennium Falcon can be said to be completely different from the Lego.

The structural highlight of Mould King Millennium Falcon is that there are many interiors and a transparent curved surface on the back side.

The structure is really very distinctive, and there are more decorations on the outside.

In terms of support structure, Mould King Millennium Falcon uses the middle technology to structure the main support, and each of the four sides has a transparent support structure that is not connected to the auxiliary support structure. If there are no two people in the process of moving, it will easily disperse.

In terms of the top structure, the top areas of Mould King are almost placed directly on it, and there are no well-designed connection points.

The size of the two is almost the same. LEGO Millennium Falcon looks slightly smaller because of the lower support level, but in fact the two are almost the same size.

3. In terms of quality, almost all GOBRICKS are used, which have a good feel and are more compact

4. The Star Wars series itself is a static placement setting, so the main appearance is good enough. As for whether it is movable or not, it is basically irrelevant. Therefore, there are basically no functions and movable areas.

5. It is not difficult to assemble some blocks, but the difficulty of assembling each area is still very high. Requires a lot of patience and hands-on ability.

Players who have already bought LEGO Millennium Falcon are not recommended to buy it, because Star Wars mainly looks at the static appearance, the overall appearance is not much different, and there is no need for repeated purchases.

If you are a player who has not bought the Millennium Falcon and is a Star Wars fan, then it is strongly recommended to buy it, but the most important thing is that you must have a big house.

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