Best Hellaflush Technic Car 2022-KBOX Toyota Supra

Today brings KBOX’s new product for 2022, KBOX Toyota supra, a hellaflush-type technic car set.

kbox Toyota spura (22)



Type: Technic 1:8

Release time: 2022

Piece: 2628


The set has new wheel brows and wheel parts, and also launched a new slogan: not all cars can be called HellaFlush

Basic information, 1:10 ratio, 2628 parts, it can be seen that a lot of details use a lot of parts

Finished size drawing

There is an introduction on the back, as well as the option of self-modification, which can be modified into a rage version

The exhaust gas outlet of the rage version has been extended, and the fixed wind wing at the rear has been specially lengthened, and the height has reached 32 cm.

Power pack needs to be purchased separately

Two stickers, both transparent stickers

Some parts are not individually packaged after opening the box

This is the new wheel hub parts, electroplated parts, multi-stripe densely woven spokes


1 pack

Newly moulded wheel eyebrow parts

The diffuser at the wheel eyebrow is a hollow design

2 pack

The installation here is more difficult, and it is difficult for fingers to reach in and operate. I was able to complete it by using the ingeniousness of gravity.

The dashboard of this car is all printed parts

The basic prototype is about to emerge,four-cylinder engine

3 pack

Silver painted parts are of very good quality

The rear wing is supported by two cross rods extended from the chassis, and the angle can be adjusted


Let’s take a look at the wheel hub, with this new wheel eyebrow and the effect of the hellaflush is really amazing

Put on stickers for perfect presentation.The front wheel is about to fall in there.The car logo is KBOX

The headlights are linked by large transparent parts with bumps, which are easy to fall off during handling, but are also easy to install.

Double doors open flexibly

Behind here is the part of the power pack, but there is no power pack installed, so it looks very empty

Let’s change the components of the version configuration

Just replace the headlights.Raised cross axis

Remove the original tail nozzle and install the extended tail nozzle directly

Debugging these two is still a bit asymmetrical

I think it’s a little high, I can reduce it by half on this basis.


● There are new wheel eyebrow parts in this set of bricks, and the manufacturer has opened a new mold. Almost every new model is equipped with new wheel hub parts, and the quality of the wheel hub is getting better and better, and the appearance is getting more and more beautiful. The staggered design of the multi-spoke wheels is made of silver electroplating, which has a better texture. KBOX has paid more for these details.

● To increase the gameplay and the differentiated needs of players, this one also includes the gift of modification kits, and you can change the shape according to your own needs

● There are still many steps that can be optimized in terms of building. There are still many steps that are very difficult and are prone to mistakes. The manual has more detailed text descriptions on the difficulty points to facilitate players to identify

● The feel of the technic pin has been improved. When the gear set is less than 5, the linkage is very smooth. After more than 5 gears, the resistance will increase. If there are more than 10 gears, it is easy to make a clack sound. Need more work on the precision of the gear set

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