CaDA C64004 Formula E racing coming

CaDA released its blockbuster product for 2022 on January 10, the C64004 Formula E racing car.

The ratio is 1:8, and the quick-release design can easily make the car model move.

What is Formula E racing?

Formula E racing combines new energy, environmental protection, and entertainment, and at the same time, a new event was created. It also leads the development of the automotive field in the next few decades.It has changed people’s traditional impression of racing cars.

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The deafening roar of the engine is less, accompanied by the humming of the motor.It is undoubtedly a brand new racing experience for the driver!

CaDA C64004 Formula E racing car


The overall shape is avant-garde and aggressive. The blue and black color scheme is used to outline a hint of evil spirits. The smooth dynamic lines of the body give the body a sense of technology as a whole.

The sharp long nose cone on the front face effectively guides the airflow to the sides of the body and the chassis. The classic racing car’s open-wheel design maintains a strong ground effect and a weak fixed wind wing effect.

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The high-mounted fixed air vanes in front of the tires recombine the air flow without causing more turbulence due to the style of the open tires.

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The unique curved rear wing can be seen on the side, the halo anti-collision frame in front of the cockpit, and the long shark fins in the rear, effectively control the stability of the middle and rear of the car at high speed, and can also provide the vehicle with more stability in corners. Excellent “stick to the ground” effect.

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The centrally separated straight rear wing has the same function as the width of the diffuser. The airflow of the wake is more concentrated and the efficiency is higher, which can provide more downforce and a cleaner wake. Have better advantages to pursue and overtake.

Custom wheels

Keep improving, adopt racing-level customized wheels, deeply restore tire pattern grooves, increase friction and grip to better adapt to various driving surfaces, and truly become a “racer”.

structure and performance

Chassis structure

Respect for the solid chassis structure of the model, and use technological building blocks to reflect it.

Horizontal front shock

The formula horizontal front shock absorber restores the pushrod structure and exerts the characteristics of strong shock absorption.

Horizontal rear shock

Respecting the solid chassis structure of the model, the horizontal rear shock absorber is equipped with a horizontally arranged shock absorber, just like the front suspension.

Steering wheel steering

The steering wheel is linked to the tires to control the steering.

Motor linkage

When the car is running, the rotation of the wheels can be linked to the electric motor

Open and close the hood

The hood is manually opened and closed, and the internal spring is easy to open and close, and you can see the details at close range

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Power module

Static beauty players, dynamic strength players. Exclusively good at it, the quick-release design can be added with a separate power pack, making it easy to CADA and make the blocks move.

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