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Speaking of Fujiwara Tofu Shop, this is a hot concept. Many people may not know that this is a tofu shop from the initial D, but the concept and visual influence are absolutely deeply rooted in the hearts of the people!

CaDA blocks Fujiwara tofu shop (1)

This building is still very attractive, so the building block from CaDA has obtained the original authorization of initial D, and launched a series of initial D suits, and this Fujiwara tofu shop is obviously very attractive!

With the development of China’s building blocks, more brands have begun to make genuine authorized content. Among them, the content of Japanese animation is still very popular among players in mainland China. CaDA lego have also made some designs on the packaging.

CaDA blocks Fujiwara tofu shop (4)

Open the box, the inside is divided into two boxes, and the color box inside is still the illustration in the initial D as the cover.

Logo with initial D on the side of the inner box

Although this suit is designed in the form of a street view, it does not have a large base plate. Each part is assembled with a 16×16 base plate. In terms of subcontracting, although there are only 5 numbered packages, there are actually quite a lot of parts. The official data is 1908 particles.

There are 4 sub-volumes of the manual

Most of the decorations in the set are made of stickers, although it is a pity that no printed parts are used, but the quality of the stickers is quite good, and they are all made of PVC. However, most of the Chinese building block brands have begun to make printed parts, and I hope that CaDA can follow this trend in the future.

This is the only printed brick in the set. It is a commemorative print for the 25th anniversary of the initial D, printed for Pad

Unlike the CaDA technology set, the disassembler here is more suitable for traditional bricks.

Although CaDA is a sub-brand of the same manufacturer of Shuangying, we can see that there are CaDA marks on the bricks. In the experience of assembling, the damping between the parts is well controlled, and the hand feels slightly softer, but It’s not in a relaxed state, it may just be on some light green parts, and the coloring feels a little bit transparent, but the visual sense is pretty good!

On the floor of the entire building, it can be seen that multiple large floor plates are put together, and the area of ​​the building is divided reasonably.

On one side of the building is a staircase. The staircase is a hollow structure that can run through to the second floor.

In the suit, many small scenes are decorated with stickers. Although they are not completely assembled by parts, the effect is very good thanks to the stickers. In fact, the stickers feel very “Japanese” and the effect is not bad. .

A small living room on the first floor.

In the whole building, my favorite place is this tofu workshop. It looks quite modern, but it is fixed on the ground. It may be considered that it can be taken out separately in the later period, so it is basically fixed at a single point. Not stable enough.

What surprises me is that the transparency of CaDA’s transparent parts is very good! The transparency of this part even has a feeling of high permeability acrylic.

You can see that the small scene of the tofu workshop is still very detailed

The outer windows and doors are also decorated with some stickers. Here you can still see the transparency of the CaDA transparent parts, which is really good!

The side of the building is a design that can be opened. This is relatively ingenious. When the “gate” on the first floor is opened, you can see the whole view of the first floor. Even if you are in a complete building, it does not affect the opening. It’s just a pity that there are no minifigures in the suit, and there is less interaction.

The overall view of the first floor, the size of the building is not large, and it is a bit smaller than the general streetscape.

The second floor is also similar to the bottom plate put together, you can see the light green parts, the visual performance is quite good.

The study on the second floor basically does not have too many stickers, and they are all assembled by parts, but for example, the bookcase seems to lack some sense of hierarchy in the structure.

Fujiwara Takumi’s room is also designed without complexity, and all the posters on the wall are presented with stickers.

There are still some small details, but I haven’t read this cartoon too much, and I don’t know what some of the contents on the wall represent.

The most iconic signboard in the entire building is made up entirely of building blocks. It is not replaced by any integral part. The characters on the signboard are also completely decorated with transparent stickers. Therefore, you are advised to put the parts together before the stickers. Try to be as flat as possible to prevent the sticker from getting air in and then tilting up.

Looking down on all the rooms on the second floor, the separation is still very clear, and the walls oncan be opened directly!

The third floor is completely the content of the roof, it is just a construction of the shape, and there is no actual scene.

And here above is an “empty box”, it may be that Takumi’s tofu hasn’t earned enough money and just built it up.

But this is the position, to be honest, it is definitely a good place to hide private money, there is no pressure to put 2,000 USD! And once the bricks are set up. It’s really not so easy to be discovered! By the way, if your family already has this suit, you might as well open it to see what’s hidden in it!

The main body of the whole building is completed. It can be said that the restoration of the buildings in the animation is still good, and the decoration of small scenes is also in place. It is a small building with unique characteristics in the home.

The decorations such as the telephone poles and ladders outside are all placed, and the whole set is complete! At the moment of completion, I was still very happy. It is true that the suit is very good in appearance.

In the architectural mode, the side walls can also be opened to directly see the internal structure and decoration, which is really great.

It’s just that, on the back and side walls of the entire building, there are no more bricks with brick texture, which looks a little bald, or adding some vines to decorate it will also restore the animation architecture more.

The decoration outside the building is also very simple, indeed Takumi prefers racing!

The whole building is displayed in layers, and you can see that the entire separation structure is still very clear, and there are no too many skills in the assembly. The fixing of some walls is a very traditional building, without special dazzling skills. content. Much like the production of architectural sandboxes. The details are enough to make people discover small surprises, but for players who have played a lot of street view suits, it may appear to be a little flat.

Thanks to the decoration of many stickers, some content in the building is quite rich.

The whole set is completed, you must think, isn’t this missing an AE86?

The 8-frame AE86 launched by CaDA alone is a good match with this building. The parking space is for this AE86!

There are also two sets, namely FC35 RX-7 from Takahashi Ryosuke and FD35 RX-7 from Takahashi Keisuke. I have all my favorite friends together, but there is still no one, which is a pity!

Matching the AE86 and the tofu shop together is the effect on the picture.

At the same time, CaDA also introduced a larger AE86 model.

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