2021 PANTASY blocks retro Interactive TV

Television is indispensable in family life. From the 98-inch giant screen to the 32-inch large monitor, TVs of various sizes have covered almost all price ranges, providing consumers with a feast for the senses.

However, many people should have seen another kind of TV. The protruding fisheye screen may be less than 14 inches, and the screen occasionally has a few traces of snowflakes. There are often a few knobs that look like a microwave thermostat on the side of the screen. For many people, this kind of old TV, like the first box of its own building blocks, has become the most profound childhood memory.

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Can the protagonist of our evaluation today, the retro TV produced by PANTASY Building Blocks, be able to bear this old feeling?

PANTASY blocks retro TV Package overview

The packaging box of this retro TV is quite impressive. At first glance, you might think it is a box of 2-3000 pieces; but its box is not full, and the number of parts is measured at about 1,500. The finished product is more compact and exquisite.

It can be seen from the packaging box that the manufacturer of the building blocks is the Gaudes brick,Which we are very familiar with, so there is basically no need to worry about the quality of the parts.

Of course, due to the gap in the accuracy of parts, many joints on the panel are quite conspicuous; it can only be said that this is a feature of the form of building blocks, so you must taste it…

Since the name is “retro TV”, PANTASY naturally tries to get closer to the classic small TV image in its shape; the front face can see the speaker in the lower left corner, three decorative adjustment buttons, and a large gear linkage. No. knob. A protruding window frame is specially set up in front of the screen to restore the protruding display screen of the old-fashioned TV. The details of the shape are also well grasped.

Rotating the large knob, you can fold the seabed scenery in the TV housing downwards or upwards. The linkage feels very smooth, and you can give full marks to both the appearance and the playing attributes.

The classic red-white-yellow three-color interface is naturally indispensable on the back of the TV. Do you know which color represents the video stream?

The V-shaped antenna on the top of the head also doubles as the back cover bayonet. Remove it to open the back cover and put the background board into the card slot on the back panel.

The Fresnel lens placed along the inner side of the window frame is used to enlarge the content of the background board to fill the screen frame.

If the phone is placed in the card slot instead of the background board, the TV building block becomes a real “small TV”.

After actual measurement, when used as a mobile phone screen amplifier, this TV has good compatibility with all kinds of mobile phones with a shell thickness of less than 10mm, a length of less than 170mm, and a width of not less than 69mm. As long as you are not using ultra-small screens such as 12/13 mini, or phones with strange proportions such as Sony phones/folding screens, you can basically experience this gameplay completely.

In addition to the main body of the kit, an external splash-shaped part is attached, which can be combined with the seabed scene to give people a feeling of water flowing out of the screen; this part can also be used as a stand alone for a mobile phone. Both the appearance and the practicality are guaranteed, but the transparent parts are used too much, and it is a bit eye-watering to put together…

The two minifigures have added a spherical joint at the shoulder joint, and the movable range is significantly improved compared to the standard minifigure. The facial expressions of the minifigures are printed on both sides, and the printing quality of the body and face is excellent, and it is undoubtedly in the first level of domestic minifigures.

I almost forgot the soul accessories in the box-put this white flower cloth dust cover on the top of the TV, did the feeling when I was a child come out?

In general, the appearance of this machine produced by PANTASY Building Blocks is quite good. The built-in linkage mechanism and various gameplay greatly increase its playability, and there is no unstable assembly or linkage failure in the design. Smooth situation. The price is also very close to the people~ In terms of all aspects of its performance, this is a set of packages that is very worth considering.

Hoping PANTASY can maintain the current good momentum of these works, and bring players more building block products with both shape and spirit and diverse gameplay~

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