Reviews of Keeppley Naruto Yile Ramen Restaurant

Many friends like a classic scene in Naruto: Yile Ramen Restaurant. A shortlisted work of LEGO IDEAS was this theme, but unfortunately it was not selected in the end.

After the brand Keeppley obtained the copyright of Naruto in mainland China, it really launched this classic theme content.

Keeppley Naruto Yile Ramen Restaurant Design Concept

Keeppley Yile Ramen Restaurant is authorized by Pierrot China, produced by Naruto Shippuden, Pierrot Studio.

The product is designed and restored based on the materials and official animation settings provided by Naruto. All design content has been checked and modified by the copyright owner.

Keeppley Naruto Yile Ramen Restaurant (1)

At the beginning of the design, Keeppley invited DadiTwins, the designer who initially contributed to IDEAS, to invite for commercial cooperation, but the creator refused to cooperate based on the creative copyright protection clause, and then maintained friendly communication with the Keeppley brand.

Therefore, Keeppley Naruto Shippuden Yile Ramen Restaurant is the only one on the market

Keeppley Naruto Yile Ramen Restaurant Packaging

Keeppley still continues some of its own packaging style, while incorporating the content of Naruto Shippuden. The front is some scenes of Naruto animation, and the back is the introduction of the set. On the side is the authorization information and finished product display.

The inner box of the packaging is divided into two parts, which looks very high-end. The quality of the box is good. Worth keeping

There are a total of 16 numbered packages for package 1 and package 2. Keeppley also maintains better subcontracting and subcontracting. In the assembly process, the number of parts in each package is still relatively good. All the kid bags are in one big bag, which is easier to distinguish.

There are tutorials, a large base plate and several larger parts and hoses in the package. Without stickers, all details in the kit are printed parts.

Keeppley Naruto Yile Ramen Shop Building Block Parts

The texture of the parts also maintains the consistent level of Keeppley, and the feel during assembly is very good, even better than the texture of some parts of the QMAN set. The disassembler is large, with the Qman logo on it.

There are four minifigures in the set, Naruto and Kakashi, regular customers of the Yile Ramen shop in their animation, as well as the ramen shop owner and daughter Changpu. The design of the minifigures maintains a high standard, and the printing is also great.

Keeppley Naruto Yile Ramen Restaurant (5)

There are some special parts on the minifigure for dressing up, which restores the animated characters even more. The chopstick parts matched with the minifigures can be held in the hands of the minifigures.

Most of the printed parts in the set are printed with UV, with good clarity, but I still prefer PAD printing.

The design of the trolley is relatively small, but the minifigure seems to be unable to push it. The billboard outside the ramen restaurant is also very small.

First floor

The set is divided into upper and lower layers. The first floor is the main scene of the ramen restaurant, the kitchen and the dining table. In the structural design of the bottom plate, Keeppley adopted some technical designs to lay out the subsequent structural support.

The design of the stairs is quite clever, taking into account the external style and internal support. There are many details in the kitchen. There are a lot of plates and chopsticks in the cabinet, which is really rich. The beverage machine outside the ramen shop, this little shape is very beautiful!

The small scene design is great, especially the road design is really complicated, all kinds of “bumps”, it takes a little bit of patience to put together.

Does the kitchen on the first floor feel so complicated? In fact, it will be renovated in the future. Including refrigerators, cabinets, pots, sinks, etc.

The detailed design of the dining table is also in place. The design of Keeppley’s ramen bowl is also great. The printing can be fixed in the bowl and will not fall off at will.

The “wood” wall is decorated with printed parts to look more real. The only regret here is that when using some rod-shaped parts, you need to carefully adjust the length, otherwise it will not be easy to link.

The design details of the dining table are very rich. The transparency of some transparent parts included in Keeppley is very good, so some small designs will look more textured.

The telephone pole behind the ramen shop is a bit of a shame. It is the “barrel” part of the telegraph pole. It is better not to be fixed and easy to loosen. It will be better if you bring an extra shaft to repair it.

The first floor is basically completed, and the surrounding eaves design has a strong sense of layering, especially the performance of the printing part, which makes the whole look more real.

Second floor

The second floor is the calamus room. Judging from the design of the building block set, there are fake doors, but no real doors can be opened. The designer said that the setting of anime is like this. This should also respect the comics more.

The design of the electrical box outside on the second floor looks quite complicated, with special printing decorations inside. There are some plants on the terrace.

From the overall point of view of the second floor of the ramen shop, the structure is not complicated, and there are still skills in putting it together. Coupled with the outermost water storage tank, the reduction degree is very high.

The final roof is also interspersed with many printed parts. It is reasonable not to use parts of different colors, which can increase the overall look and feel of the roof.

Yile Ramen Restaurant set display

In the end, the entire ramen shop was assembled, which took about 4 hours. The whole set is really amazing, and many design details are worthy of repeated appreciation.

In fact, every side of the ramen restaurant will have a lot of content, you can find a lot of details based on the manga.

With the minifigures in the play, the Yile Ramen shop is more vivid. Naruto and Kakashi are discussing the philosophy of life again!

If you want to enrich the entire ramen shop, you can match it with other Hokage sets launched by Keeppley, and put a lot of minifigures here.

Does adding more Hokage characters make the ramen shop more interesting?

Many small decorations in the set are designed to be quickly removed, and you can also match these small scene props with the minifigures for more interactive play.

In general, this set is a very sincere work by Keeppley. As the only genuinely authorized Naruto Shippuden Yile Ramen shop on the market, both the design and the degree of reduction are excellent, and the quality of the overall design is almost comparable to that of the top international brands.

Even if you are not a fan of Naruto, putting such a small building in a display case will be very attractive, because there are indeed many details, and it is very playable and expressive.

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