7 main series of Keeppley blocks

Keeppley was founded in 2019,which is a sub-brand of QMAN that started to make building block toys in 1994. Keeppley goal is to provide consumers with high-quality building blocks and bring more consumer choices.

Consumers can use keeppley’s small building blocks to construct works and express themselves, and finally spell out the world they like.

Since founded, keeppley improves the level of product design and manufacturing to give consumers a better product experience;

Keeppley insists on authorizing genuine IP, working hard to design original products, and pursuing quality control and after-sales improvement.

Keeppley building block series

  1. Naruto Shippuden Building Blocks
  2. Doraemon building blocks
  3. Sanrio building blocks
  4. Pokémon Building Blocks
  5. Keeppley Crayon Shin-chan’s living room
  6. China Aerospace Creative Building Blocks
  7. Palace Cultural Building Blocks of the Forbidden City
  8. Chinese street view building blocks

In addition to the above series, keeppley also has Onmyoji, colorful street scenes, etc.

Keeppley Naruto Shippuden building blocks

Naruto is the most famous anime. Keeppley has launched a new series of Naruto Shippuden products.

One of the most eye-catching noodles is Yile Ramen Restaurant. Keeppley highly restores this classic street view. The upper and lower double-layer easy-to-detach structure is used as a whole. The old printing is highly restored. The old decoration style can be seen like the roof and the wall. The mottled design of the set is almost the same as that seen in anime, full of sincerity.

Keeppley Naruto Shippuden Yile Ramen Restaurant

This street scene has 4 hand-run minifigures, among which Naruto and Kakashi’s facial expressions can be replaced, Kakashi’s coat is detachable, and the expressions and shapes are variously restored anime characters, which are worthy of Naruto fans’ collection.

There are many famous scenes in Shippuden, and keeppley selects 4 of them to restore, and launch the classic scenes of Naruto Shippuden. There are a total of 8 figure minifigures in the full set, each with 2 facial expressions, can be replaced at will.

Wedding banquet between Naruto and Hinata: Select Naruto’s wedding scenes, add details such as screens, cherry trees, love cakes, etc., to present a romantic and warm wedding banquet scene, with 2 hand-run minifigures-Naruto and Hinata .

KEEPPLEY Wedding banquet between Naruto and Hinata

Uchiha brothers decisive battle: This ultimate showdown is selected from the reunion of the classic battle brothers, using building blocks to restore Sasuke to release the unicorn, and Itachi uses the killer ninjutsu Susano, with a broken terrain design. Equipped with 2 figure figures-Itachi and Sasuke, Itachi’s Akatsuki uniforms can be taken off as you wish, and there are more ways to play.

KEEPPLEY Uchiha brothers decisive battle

Gaara’s decisive battle against Dedara: A highly restored scene of Gaara’s sand arm and Deidara riding a clay bird. It is matched with the sand hidden village terrain design to enhance the sense of combat. It is also equipped with 2 figure-level minifigures—— Gaara and Deidara, Deidara’s Akatsuki uniform is removable.

KEEPPLEY Gaara’s decisive battle against Dedara

Hokage Office: Select the scene of Hokage’s office, add bookcases, scrolls, couplets and other detailed designs to present the busy scene of Hokage’s office. Comes with Haruno Sakura and Tsunade 2 figure figures, Tsunade coat is removable.

KEEPPLEY Hokage Office

Keeppley Doraemon building blocks

Doraemon’s Nobita room is the darling of many fans. Keeppley Doraemon building blocks cover almost all the elements of the original version. Like the real room, there are many movable places. The chair can be rotated, the desk drawer can be opened, the curtain can be moved, and so on.

KEEPPLEY Doraemon's Nobita room

With the two minifigures Doraemon and Nobita, you can easily pose and shoot a good-looking atmospheric blockbuster. You can clearly perceive the exquisiteness and reduction of the details of the product.

The Doraemon time machine is also very popular. The appearance is highly restored to the popular props time machine shape, shaking the hand lever, the whole product can swing left and right, simulating time and space shuttle. Many details are restored to the animation scene. The time machine has 3 minifigures, namely Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka.

KEEPPLEY Doraemon time machine

This year’s new Doraemon TV machine building blocks series reminds many people of the days when they were young, sitting in front of the TV and watching Doraemon cartoons. The rainbow background in the TV set can scroll to simulate animation scenes.

KEEPPLEY Doraemon TV machine

Not only that, the TV has a music playback function, you can enjoy the Doraemon theme song by pressing the button, and truly realize the self-contained BGM effect. This set also comes with 2 exquisite minifigures, which can be exchanged with Nobita’s room to play.

Keeppley Sanrio building blocks

The Sanrio family is also among keeppley’s authorized IP products

The iconic product is the Hello Kitty series KUPPY, which restores 4 popular Sanrio characters and retains the characteristics of the characters.

Keeppley Sanrio building blocks

Hello Kitty’s classic red overalls, Melody’s ever-changing Little Red Riding Hood, big-eared dog’s movable ears, Pudding dog’s cute berets, etc., are cute from beginning to end, and they can earn enough attention wherever they are placed.

Keeppley Pokémon building blocks

Japanese national-level IP, the classic line “Go! Pikachu” is the memory of many generations born in the 80s and 90s. In keeppley’s Pokémon series products, Pikachu cars are especially popular with many big friends and children.

Keeppley originally designed two models of Beetle and Bus, incorporating Pikachu elements, such as Pikachu’s facial expressions on the front of the car, and movable ears on the roof of the Beetle.

Not only that, recently keeppley has 2 new mobile vending car themed products, which have been upgraded from appearance design to playability.

Keeppley Pokémon building blocks

One is a food theme, the roof comes with a Pikachu painted and star bar sign, there is a red and white shelter on the side window, desserts, bread and gourmet elements, retro and cute

Another Pokemon Ball ball theme, the front of the car is printed with Pikachu painting, the big Pokemon Ball sign on the head, the windows on both sides can be opened, one of the sides is rich in poke ball elements, and there is a movable balloon decoration at the rear of the car.

Adults don’t make choices, but only want to own them once. Keeppley evolutionary form of Pokémon blocks can realize the dream of collecting.

This series highly reproduces the wonderful frog flower, the fire-breathing dragon, the water arrow turtle, the tyrannosaurus and the super dream shape, from the expression to the posture are lifelike.

Keeppley evolutionary form of Pokémon blocks

Keeppley Crayon Shin-chan’s living room

Restore the classic anime scene, there are also 2 minifigures, the genuine authorized Crayon Shin-chan blocks are very good, super detailed design. The snacks on the table, water cups, big sister magazines, toy storage boxes, and the living room can also be moved. Press the remote control and you will hear Crayon Shin-chan’s funny sound.

Keeppley China’s aerospace creative building blocks

China’s aerospace industry has been very hot since 2021, especially after the successful launch of the core module of the space station at the end of April, Keeppley launched the Chinese manned space station building blocks.

Based on the design drawings and real parameters of the space station provided by CNSA, the model is restored to scale and the structure is restored in modules. The familiar Tianhe core cabin, manned spacecraft, cargo spacecraft, and experimental cabin are all included.

Keeppley China's aerospace creative building blocks

After being assembled, the core module and the manned spacecraft can be disassembled,simulate the integration and decomposition of the space station in space.

Not only that, but also comes with a detachable stand, which is convenient for all players to watch and play, and meet the demands of space fans.

The successful landing of the Zhu Rong rover on Mars on May 15 is a historic step for my country’s aerospace industry.

Keeppley’s original authorized Mars rover, which went on the market as early as July 2020, is based on the Zhurong rover and lander.

Keeppley  Zhurong rover and lander

When playing the set, it can truly simulate the process of exploring Mars. For example, the lander is equipped with a spring structure to achieve a soft landing effect; the rover part can be removed independently, and the solar panel can be opened and folded, and the overall playability is good.

At the same time, keeppley is also equipped with a Mars base and exclusive nameplate during product design, which is suitable whether you are collecting, admiring or playing.

Keeppley cultural building blocks of the Forbidden City

The palace culture of the Forbidden City is rich in history and cultural heritage. Keeppley is the first to obtain the IP authorization of the Palace Culture of the Forbidden City

On the 600th anniversary of the completion of the Forbidden City, keeppley produced the Hall of Supreme Harmony building blocks.

 keeppley Hall of Supreme Harmony building blocks

The mortise and tenon work of Taihe Hall is applied to the block assembly, which is more stable to put together. The pad printing technology reproduces well the details of red bricks, yellow tiles and gorgeous cloud dragon reliefs.

In addition to restoring large-scale buildings, keeppley also launched a series of building block sets for small palace buildings. The corner of the palace listed this year is one of the masterpieces.

Highly restored 4 palace architectural scenes of the Forbidden City, each of which is equipped with 2 minifigurines of hand-made, with a stronger sense of substitution. The minifigurines adopt full printing technology, whether it is headwear or clothing, the exquisiteness is superior.

The keeppley bronze lion is a building block that can be used as ornaments and storage. Restore the stone lion in front of the Hall of Supreme Harmony. The male lion steps on the golden hydrangea, implying that good deeds are behind; the female lion teases the cub under the claws, implying the prosperous offspring. Male and female pairs lion can be used to guard the house, and can also show wealth and majesty.

Keeppley Chinese street view building blocks

In addition to the products authorized by IP, keeppley is also making original products. For example, the new Chinese streetscape Qiyun Xiaozhu has been launched.

The appearance is a typical Huizhou architectural style, which combines blue tiles, horse head walls, stone carvings, and wood carvings. The interior is a two-story modern homestay, and the easy-to-disassemble structure is easy to play.

The interior and configuration are complete. It comes with 4 lighting parts, which can be installed on the roof to achieve super beautiful night lighting effects. Not only that, this model is also equipped with 3 exquisite minifigures, each with 2 sets of costumes. , Matching scene setting, stronger sense of substitution.

Whether it is an IP product or a self-developed building block, Keeppley catches up with outstanding peers, hoping to continue to grow and progress,bring more theme products

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