Reviews of CaDA AE86 Fujiwara Takumi

Speaking of AE86, you must have heard the name of Fujiwara Takumi, and this magic car from the comics is now turned into a building block. The following is reviews on the CaDA AE86.

CADA AE86 packaging and content

In terms of packaging, the packaging of this suit is more attentive. It is similar to the Fujiwara Tofu Store evaluated before. The inner box is still divided into two boxes, and there are also comic illustrations. It’s pretty good!

cada ae86 (1)

The number of pieces contained in the set is quite a lot for a car building block. The number of pieces of 1300+ is divided into 6 numbered parts packages.

In addition, there are tires and window glass parts and two manuals. The main car body decoration is still stickers, and the printing quality is still good.

There are a large number of comics in the manual, including introductions to the characters of the initial D and the corresponding vehicle conditions.

CADA AE86 assembling process

The design of the front steering part of the vehicle is quite interesting. It is not similar to the design of the top international brands.Remote control components can be added, so the steering structure has also been optimized.

When it is assembled to the back of the vehicle, I think this structure is still very interesting and Out of the ordinary. The steering structure is a similar reverse control, and has a good limit design, and under normal motor steering torque, this structure will not loosen.

The car body frame is somewhat unstable at this time, but in fact, there is no need to worry, because the rear assembly will strengthen the entire structure and fix the door. It is a double hinge form similar to a real vehicle, which is very stable.

The instrument panel part of the vehicle is not complicated, and it is also a more suitable inclined fixation. The rear suspension design is very interesting. This is a separate suspension system with a differential structure.

The rear suspension is fixed to the rear of the vehicle. I thought it would be unstable, but in fact, the effect is very good when it is hung. And it has the effect of damping. I really didn’t expect this design. And there are not many blocks in similar car models!

Some interior details of the vehicle. The CaDA AE86 engine is a 1.6 inline four-cylinder engine from Toyota, which looks pretty good. Some of the tires are quite supportive, not as good as the Cada Hummer previously evaluated. Slightly soft. The wheel hub has a separate decoration.There is a tofu style on the rear of the vehicle.

After the vehicle is first assembled, it is a default mode, and there is also a modification mode. Some colors will be changed. The modification is not complicated, and the hood and front lip of the vehicle, including the rear wing and side skirts, have been changed.

In fact, AE86 won’t be too conspicuous at a glance. This is why the CaDA AE86 looks relatively low-key. The openable part of the vehicle is similar to a conventional car model vehicle.

From the appearance of the vehicle, it is quite coordinated. In addition to the modification, it also has the rear wing part. It may be that the angle of my installation is a bit awkward. Anyway, it looks a bit abrupt, not as good as the default style.

It can be said that the restoration of the appearance of the entire CaDA AE86 is still in place. Because of authorized by genuine, so the proportion of vehicles is more coordinated. The design of the jump light is also very clever. It is a mechanically linked jump, and it is still very skillful.

The control position of the jumping lights can be seen under the vehicle. The rear of the vehicle can be seen to be reserved for later installation of remote control motors and battery boxes. All have reserved positions and direct installation positions.

These two pendulums are definitely not in harmony in proportion, but they are still a good representative of the initial D.

The appearance of this CaDA AE86 is very good, and there are many highlights in the assembling experience, because it includes a remote control mode that can be added, and the vehicle is also very good in the later playability.

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