Reviews of SY BLOCK V12 Vision Gran Turismo

SY BLOCK TECHNIC series, many mechanical fans like it.The main product of this series is a 1:14 scale, 1000pcs technology car.Today, let’s take a review at this Lamborghini V12 released by SY BLOCK.The review is by JIMUTANG.


1039 pieces, white background model diagram, details and movable parts are introduced on the back, the official size: 35.5*16.2*8.5cm, you can purchase additional power components to upgrade to the remote control version (quick-release switching form).

Instructions and Parts

2 inner boxes. A total of 18 packs of parts. There are three bags without numbers, but will be printed with numbers, which means 8553 (item number) 3 (big steps) 3 (third pack).

A manual, the manual is sub-packaged with steps, and it is stated that the No. 1 package corresponds to the assembly of the 01-35 pages of the manual.

There is a self-adhesive sticker on the right side of the home page with clear printing.

The static/remote control version is the same manual, using quick-release switching, that is, you can switch from static to remote control with a few simple steps.

There is a remote control operation manual.

The parts are basically GOBRICKS parts, and the special parts are SY BLOCK’s own parts.


No shock absorbers are used, this car has a fixed attitude.

Please read the instructions carefully, there are pins connector with cross or hollow inside.

Where there are gear parts, it should be adjusted to the center, and the cross shaft connected by the gear should be positive cross.

Many bricks will have the number 63 printed on them because Lamborghini was established in 1963.

The car still has center seats. Then there is a V12 engine, after assembling the engine, test the smoothness.

It’s worth mentioning that when you play the remote control version, the position of this engine is replaced with the drive motor.

The tail cover can be opened and closed, and the body has a waist effect.

On the tail throat, the heights of the two technic pins are different, and they will become a single-point connection during installation, the GOBRICKS are relatively tight, it will not fall off without force.

The front cover is also independent and integrated, and the four electroplated wheels are golden and silky.

This car, remote control and static are quick-release switching, which is great.


360 degree display of finished products



Lamborghini headlights are generally Y-shaped lights, this time using 2 columns and a white board for the shape.

It is more special that the green 1/4 light panels of the left and right side lights are assembled differently. I don’t know if it is intentional or a mistake.

The baffle on the rear side of the front wheel can be moved. Do you think it looks good horizontally or diagonally.

The waist position is a sticker decoration

Cab “sunroof” can be opened and closed

The hose makes the body line. The taillights are expressed by three long red columns, which are also one of the souls of this car.

The tail cover can be opened and closed. In the static version, the engine pistons are linked when pushed.

The special is that the front and rear covers can be opened and closed.

After opening the front cover , you can directly see the linkage mechanism between the steering and the steering wheel.



The front of the car is not sharp enough and not aggressive enough. The side and the back look good, the wheels are flashy enough


The whole is firm, and you can directly hold it by the waist when you hold it.

The two points of the tail throat have different heights ,which is a single point connection.


GOBRICKS, quality assurance, feel tight.

There is a slight color difference between the sticker and the parts, which is acceptable.


The front and rear covers can be opened and closed, and the steering wheel is linked with the front wheels.

Quick release switch dynamic and static, environmental protection and money saving.

But the dynamic version has to dismantle the engine, without the piston movement.

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