Best one of CaDA Master:Ferrari 488 Reviews

CaDA Master series is mainly composed of technology building blocks, which is deeply loved by brickfans. The CaDA Master C61042 Ferrari 488 introduced today is probably the most worthwhile one. The following review is from HUAIXUE.

CaDA Master C61042 Ferrari 488 (1)


The packaging box adopts a design similar to LEGO 42115 Lamborghini sian, and the front simulates the shape of the hood of the real car, which is highly recognizable.

The 6 sub-box are also all ingenious and irregular graphics.

The original manual is from the well-known player designer Bruno Jenson. It is rumored that Bruno has a good personal relationship with T-Lego(the designer of the CaDA C61041 Lamborghini Centenario 1:8 hyper), so CaDA can get the exclusive authorization of this 488 pista.

Bruno had specially issued a document in 2019 to denounce the “re-engraving” behavior of the Chinese building block brand to his work – McLaren P1, so this time CaDA has shown enough sincerity to promote this authorized cooperation, which also makes people even more.

The completion of the drawings is quite excellent, and there are no strange illegal building. Compared with the brain-burning step instructions of CaDA C61041, there has been considerable progress, and newcomers can also successfully complete.

All kinds of universal connecting pins in the set are basically all black pins, and several short pins are sometimes a bit easy to confuse…

The set contains power packs and lighting components, two L motors, two servo motors, front and rear light sets and various extension cables are included in the kit.


1 pack

the front car body and the steering mechanism. The structure of the front car body looks fancy, but it is actually quite stable, so there is no need to worry about the structural strength.

2 pack

The rear car body and the engine part, and the two L motors have been embedded in the car body at this step.

Having said that, how long have we not seen such an orthodox engine with cylinder parts?

The universal joint parts of CaDA have not only been assembled in advance, but also provide metal replacement parts, which can be directly replaced by players when they modify the power by themselves.

3 pack

The front and rear bodies together, and a second servo motor in the middle of the chassis is used for shifting control.

The lithium battery box built under the front cover of the car needs to be connected with the corresponding colored contacts on the four corners according to the instructions in the manual.

The two seats in the cab and the two doors, the red and black sports seats are also quite in line with the temperament of the pista track style.

4 pack

Basically completes the body outline and interior details, and the outline of the whole car has been gradually formed.

CaDA Master C61042 Ferrari 488 (17)

5 and 6 pack

our red prancing horse is complete


The 488 pista is composed of 3,229 parts, is a very standard 1:8 general ratio of the technology set, which is basically the same as the ratio of the CaDA C61041 Lamborghini Centenario, and it is also full of momentum when displayed.

The color of the body uses Ferrari’s classic racing red without any suspense. The black and white stripes running through the whole car are all restored by pre-painted parts , which also provides a lot of embellishment for the pure red body.

As the biggest difference in appearance between 488 GTB and pista, the front cover of the double eagle, the building block pista, also has a dent in the nose according to the shape of the 488 pista track version, and the overall shape is slightly like a Ferrari F1 tractor.

The side lines are the same as Bruno’s classic McLaren P1. For the structural stability of the vehicle and the internal mechanical transmission, the side proportions are slightly deformed; at least the arched window profile and the air intake grilles on both sides of the body are still quite restored.

The two round taillights, exhaust pipes and air diffuser at the rear of the car have all made corresponding parts, and the detailed shapes are very detailed.

Under the rear window is a V8 cylinder engine with a linkage mechanism, and behind the engine is the shift knob of the four-speed gearbox. Bruno designed a set of ingenious remote control shifting mechanism on this pista, which can be shifted manually or by remote control.

In the actual test, the speed difference between the first gear and the second gear is more obvious, but the two L motors are difficult to drive the heavy body, and the speed difference is not obvious in the third and fourth gears with large gear ratios.

Since the internal transmission and motor positions are basically filled with the gearbox structure, another major point of play in the supercar of the technology set: the 488 can only be opened and closed manually.

Fortunately, a door handle-style switch is designed on the door. When the switch is closed, the door remains locked, and when it is opened, it can be opened and closed freely.

CaDA master Ferrari and CaDA master Lamborghini, which one do you prefer?



CaDA bricks feel very good, especially the technic pins, but this time they are basically black technic pins, so the difficulty of assembling has increased. It is necessary to carefully identify the type of pins to avoid using the wrong ones.


much better than CaDA master Lamborghini. First of all, the building process is optimized a lot. There is no omnidirectional rotation that makes you dizzy. Another is that each module is equipped with a technology PF module, so the alignment of the combined gears is not difficult, the entire gearbox is also running smoothly


except for the door lock, it is all remote control, the operation is very smooth, and the old problem of turning back to the middle is gone, which is very good.


The accelerator pedal, mirror, and even the air conditioning port are all complete. It can be said that it is a milestone product that has pushed the 1:8 accuracy to a higher level.

The finished product is of course the most domineering. Because the structure is much better, so the whole finished product will not fall off bricks no matter how you fiddle with it

Sigh at the designer’s exquisite design, so many PF components can be inserted in such a complicated situation, and the gears can be changed when moving forward and backward. The performance of the parts perfectly presents this exquisite design, and both are indispensable.

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