Cyberpunk motorcycle from Super 18K Reviews

Since LEGO released the motorcycle series, major building block manufacturers have begun to launch motorcycle models. Today we introduce a Super 18K K84 Cyberpunk motorcycle.

Cyberpunk is a combination of “cybernetics, neuromechanics” and “punk”.

Super 18K K84 Cyberpunk motorcycle

As a cyberpunk-themed building block motorcycle released by Super 18K, first of all, its appearance is indeed quite impactful. Following reviews is from QIEPINJIMU.


The box photo shows various details of the motorcycle

Dimensions are length 35.9cm width 11.1cm height 15.6cm

When unpacked, there is an inner box.

Super 18K K84 Cyberpunk motorcycle package

Brand: Super 18K

Name: K84 Cyberpunk

Number of particles: 668PC

The whole is divided into 3 steps, a total of 12 packages, one of which is a general package, a manual and a transparent sticker, and two wheels, one wide and one narrow.

The whole series of 18K building blocks are made of GOBRICKS parts. From the degree of reflection of the parts, the texture and touch, they are all in the forefront ,and the part numbers behind the bricks are also very obvious.

The water ripples on the silver pieces are really ugly. Compared with the self-sprayed silver paint pieces, there is indeed a certain gap.


1 step

Coming to the first step, in fact, the building process is very “brainless”, it feels like a brick car, and the technology parts are used less, mainly bricks.

The engine parts are directly pressed on the bricks, and I have never seen this kind of building method. It seems that this motorcycle is a non-linked structure.

The first step is near the end, and until the end can you feel to build a motorcycle. The whole process is a brainless construction, but the apperence part is very “cyberpunk”

2 step

The most ugly golden parts

The second half of the first step is probably repeated. It is recommended not to combine the 20th part first, and then combine it after the 22 front wheels are installed. There are three support points in the middle.

3 step

Black seats, bright brown front glass, smooth shape, color matching is also very attractive

Let’s take a look at the finished product after sticking the stickers. The side looks much better. It can only move forward or backward, but cannot turn.

Comparison with super 18K 1:8 F12 and Mould King concept motorcycle.



The color matching looks very comfortable, but the water ripple silver pieces on the outside lower the appearance of the whole car. The vehicle’s streamlined feel is particularly strong. It feels like futuristic technology.

Structural function

This motorcycle is the first motorcycle I have ever built with non-technical parts, and it belongs to a brick car.

The building method is simple, there is no complicated structure. Except for the front and rear wheels that can be rotated independently, other places are basically fixed structures.


Blessed by GOBRICKS parts, in the forefront of domestic production, quality assurance, relatively speaking, the bricks are relatively compact, but the building experience is good.


For building block motorcycle enthusiasts, this is a recommended product to collect: exaggerated shape, beautiful color matching, good brick quality assurance

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