Reviews of MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar

MOYU BLOCK started from a unique model of the car, Lamborghini. Friends who are familiar with Moyu know that they specialize in making Rubik’s cubes.

To make a technical car, I think 3 elements are indispensable:Product design, part quality, marketing.

Package and manual

From the packaging and publicity point, MOYU BLOCK Helios Apollo supercar is unique in shape and topical.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (1)

This set of Apollo supercars produced by MOYU BLOCK, numbered MY88301, is labeled as 1391 pieces, and the Power kits is included in this review.

There are many design details from the packaging box, with a high degree of restoration, such as the gull-wing door, tail and exhaust, front wing, and headlights.

The details are full, looking forward to the presentation of the finished work.

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After opening the box, there are three large packages, each containing 5 small sub-packages, and the common black parts are separately packaged; four-wheel tires, four power kits, one manual, and one Sticker.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (3)

The unique five-spoke Y-shaped electroplated wheels are improved on the basis of the original car.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (4)

As for the motor, it is equipped with an L-size motor and servo, four-channel lithium battery, and Bluetooth remote control. The remote control should be equipped with 4 AAA batteries, and the left and right control areas can be rotated so that the remote control servo motor can control the steering of the car more intuitively.

The manual has thick paper material, clear printing, and correct color, reasonable step-by-step, and easy-to-understand gray-scale processing. There is also a 1:1 legend that seems useless but actually essential

The material and printing color of the sticker is also good, simulating many carbon-fiber designs.

Quality of parts

The GOBRICK parts are not as perfect as expected. Compared with the DoubleE CADA blocks, the CADA parts are smoother and rounder, especially the moment when the pin is inserted into the hole, it is extremely comfortable.

The GOBRICK technical bricks are not too tight and are acceptable. Overall, the quality of Gaozhuan is trustworthy.

During the assembly process, even if there are assembly errors and repeated disassembly and assembly are required, it will not be difficult.

The accuracy of the bite between the parts can be consistent from beginning to end, and there is no “unaligned hole” situation.

The linkage of the gears is also quite smooth, some decorative parts connected by single bumps need to be tighter but better.

Assembling design

There are too many advantages and disadvantages in the design of the car body structure. Each step is assembled in strict accordance with the steps in the manual, and there are no errors or even unclear expressions.

The overall assembly starts from the steering mechanism of the front wheels, and completes the wheel eyebrow as the first major step.

There is no redundant design, interlocking, the ground is flat, the steering is accurate and there is no feeling of looseness, and the wheel eyebrow parts adopt a reverse design.

It is a pity that there is no suspension spring support, and the white pole simulates the light, and it is a pity that there is no luminous effect.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (6)

The second major step is the completion of the cab and rear assembly in the early stage. The length and width of the basic car body appear.

On the whole, the dots of a few red parts are really beautiful. The rear wheel uses a differential device to make the cornering control more precise.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (7)

Thanks to the precision of the parts, the body weight is not large, and the meshing of the gears is also very comfortable, and there is no tooth punching or tooth jamming. There is no interference between parts, and the design is quite clever.

After finishing the third step, the rear wing and double doors of the car are displayed one after another. The two seats with excellent wrapping are very exquisitely designed.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (8)

The opening of the gull-wing door is divided into two stages, first spreading the wings left and right, and then raising it back. The rearview mirror is fixed on the door, and the shape is realistic.

The design of the tail wing looks very domineering, but it is limited to just looking at it. On the one hand, folding the tail wing is of little significance, and several linkages of the tail wing are not very good, interfering with the sickle-like taillights.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (9)

The design of the rear hatch is like a beetle.

The last few hoses are embellished. No matter the color or the shape, the streamlined shape of the car body is more beautiful. But what makes me puzzled is that the front hatch is locked by a small hose, and it doesn’t look like a movable design.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (10)

Comparing the finished car body with the Bugatti, the size is much smaller. The most important thing is the chassis linkage. Unlike traditional car models, which have complicated gear shifting devices, front and rear wheel linkages, and suspension.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (11)

Judging from the display alone, these devices are actually unnecessary, but they are somewhat lacking for the assembling experience.

From a static point of view, the design of the various details of this Apollo Helios chariot has achieved endless surprises. The frame structure built with technology parts and the brick decoration have achieved a perfect integration.

The overall structure is light but not frivolous, and there is a bit of gentleness in the domineering. Pierced the night sky with sharp claws, whizzing past, leaving a dazzling phantom.

Power Kits

It is so convenient to install the motor and servo on this car!

The general steps are to open the door and tail compartment, remove the seat and central control, insert the motor into the reserved shaft, and then lock the reserved long pin. The servo motor also has a reserved shaft, add two universal joints, and install It is also very convenient.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (12)

The position of the battery box is a bit cramped, but you can still close the door after adjusting it.

Thanks to the lightweight body structure and good steering design, the car runs very smoothly, but the speed is really not worthy of the name of a sports car. If you have the conditions, you can try a higher-speed motor, and the speed will be improved.

MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar (13)

The chassis is really too low. Even if a coin can stop the car, this still needs to be resolved.


Finally, MOYU BLOCK Apollo supercar is suitable for people who are new to the technology group, or who want to buy one that can quickly finish it. The quick-release design is very humane, and the built-in power group can also be used with other models.

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