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Detective suspense has always been an enduring theme in the literary and film and television circles. Among them, the most familiar and outstanding detective is probably the great detective Sherlock Holmes-a tall, thin man with a hooked nose and a pipe that can’t leave his hands.

PANTASY 86218 Sherlock Holmes Apartment Background

Sherlock Holmes has been translated into many countries, and it has been created into more than three hundred films, televisions, animations, and games.

And now, friends who love Sherlock Holmes can see him again in the blocks. The building block brand PANTASY has now obtained the genuine authorization of the Conan Doyle Heritage Foundation. On the 134th anniversary of the birth of the Sherlock Holmes series of detective novels, it has launched the first Sherlock Holmes-themed building block on the market.

PANTASY 86218 Sherlock Holmes Apartment background
PANTASY 86218 Sherlock Holmes Apartment background

There are many scenes and rich plots in Sherlock Holmes’s novels. How to choose is a big problem. In the end, PANTASY Building Blocks chose the most classic and representative Baker Street 221B scene as the theme, and designed two interrelated kitchen and living room scenes with reference to novels and film and television works.

As the protagonist of a detective novel that is popular all over the world, Holmes is not only a well-known detective himself, but 221B Baker Street, London, where he lives in the story, has become a holy place of worship in the minds of detective fans.

In the novel, the Sherlock Holmes Detective Agency is located on Baker Street in London, England. Baker Street is a street that actually exists in London, but Baker Street 221B is a non-existent address, but because of the huge influence of the novel, people made it a usable address in 1930 to commemorate this detective. The address is now assigned to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

PANTASY 86218 Packaging and contents

The set is packaged with a clamshell, and the picture style is black with gold rim, simple and elegant. This is a set of semi-open room scene building blocks, the living room + kitchen at 221B Baker Street. The packaging box is printed with the bold words “Authenticated by Crandall Heritage Foundation”.

PANTASY 86218 Packaging
PANTASY 86218 Packaging

The back of the box is a display of the product details and 4 Minifigures. The four Minifigures are Charlotte Holmes, Dr. Watson, the landlord Mrs. Hudson, and the villain James Moriarty.

PANTASY 86218 Packaging
PANTASY 86218 Packaging

The blocks in the set are sub packaged according to 6 major steps, and the blocks in each step are simply distinguished by size. The manual is well protected, and the cover is made in the style of the house number with black and gold color, which looks very calm. At the beginning of the manual, it took a lot of space to introduce the background and details of the product, and many eggs can be found in it.

PANTASY 86218 Assembly process and details

The assembling process is divided into 3 major steps, 1&2 subcontracting is the kitchen, 3&4 and 5&6 subcontracting are the two major modules of the living room respectively. Because it is a semi-open design, the kitchen floor is not a regular square.

Kitchen part

The kitchen is a very typical Western design. The upper and lower cabinets, stoves, sinks, etc. are all standard. The kitchen configurations of most families are similar to this.

The only difference may be that foreigners cook less oily fumes and are equipped with curtains. Of course, it may also be for product effects. The overall color scheme uses sand green and white, which looks warmer.

PANTASY 86218 Kitchen part

Because Holmes often likes to conduct various experiments in restaurants, there are various bottles and jars on the dining table, as well as microscopes. Newspapers and letters scattered on the ground are all printed pieces. There are also 3 cans of tea on the top of the cabinet. The British love to drink tea accordingly.

The first part of the living room

In order to avoid the absolute square layout appearing dull, the floor of the first module of the living room is trapezoidal like the kitchen, and the second part will be connected to the second part through the buckle on the wall later. The two parts form a certain angle before half-enclosed The form of the show to everyone.

PANTASY 86218 The first part of the living room

Friends who have seen Sherlock Holmes should know that Irene Adler is the only woman among the 4 people who have defeated Sherlock Holmes, and one of the people she admires, with a picture of her hanging on the wall.

Another oil painting of a skull and crossbones is also a classic stalk in the novel. It is a skull from a distance, but a girl looking in a mirror up close. The printed parts in the set may not show such an effect, and interested friends can Baidu by themselves.

In order not to make the outside look too monotonous, the living room is also decorated with window sills and plants.

PANTASY 86218 The first part of the living room
PANTASY 86218 The first part of the living room

A two-seater sofa and a writing desk are placed on either side of the window. Although the ratio is a bit too large, Dr. Watson’s typewriter on the writing desk feels that it is a model of mini-proportion MOC. The head of the deer wearing earphones above the desk is also very clever.

The second part of the living room

The second part of the living room is the largest in the whole suite. The side with the door is connected to the kitchen, and the side with the clip is connected to the other part. The gold parts on the floor of the living room are all sprayed gold, which looks very good in texture. On one side of the wall hangs the classic silhouette portraits of Sherlock Holmes and the British Big Ben.

PANTASY 86218 The second part of the living room
PANTASY 86218 The first part of the living room

In almost all Sherlock Holmes stories, there will be a knife stuck in an unopened letter on the fireplace, which can be said to be a sign of Sherlock Holmes.

The two sofas in the center of the living room are to restore the classic scene of Holmes and Dr. Watson sitting in each other’s eyes.

Strand Magazine is an illustrated monthly magazine in the United Kingdom. The content is mainly novels. Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes” is one of the magazine’s early serial novels. I remember that the magazine also appeared in the volume version of the series.

The violin is a great talent of Holmes. I still remember the song “Wedding Waltz for Mary and John” played by Holmes at Watson’s wedding. But the score on the music stand is the Spring Song that Holmes likes to hum the most when thinking.

PANTASY 86218 The second part of the living room
PANTASY 86218 The first part of the living room

The wine cabinet by the sofa, the deer hunting hat on the coat rack, the chess on the table, the map of Britain, etc., are also the restoration of the details.

Finally, show the 4 Minifigures in the order of assembly. Among them, Sherlock Holmes’s plaid windbreaker, magnifying glass (really made of a convex mirror part), deerstalker hat, and Dr. Watson’s walking stick are all made very elegant. Mrs. Hudson and Moriarty did not have much description in the book, so they were more complied.

PANTASY 86218 Minifigures
PANTASY 86218 Minifigures

PANTASY 86218 features

PANTASY 86218 features
PANTASY 86218 display

Sherlock Holmes has been born for 134 years, officially authorized

There are a lot of detailed eggs, all printed pieces, paying tribute to the classics

Modular design, can be adjusted or divided, easy to display

The blocks feel hard but the quality is stable

Enjoy your Baker Street 221B!

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