Reviews of Mould King three-way dump truck

Among the engineering products released by Mould King in 2021, there is a very special product, Mould King 17012 three-way dump truck. Today we bring the model review from FU SHENG YI MENG:

The reason for choosing this car is very simple. I was attracted by the three-way dumping function. The three ways are left, right, and rear.

Mould King 17012 three-way dump truck (1)

In reality, the truck we see can only dump backwards, it is really rare that they can dump left and right.

In addition, this is Kevin’s work, so there is no reason to miss this big truck.


A fairly thick manual, a giant truck with 3206 particles

This set has six major subcontracting steps. In addition to the general bag of long technic pin, technic pin and technic axle pin, there is also a big bag full of yellow parts. They should all be exterior parts.

Assembly process

1 pack

At the beginning of the first package, the parts are all GOBRICKS parts, the feel is good, the assembly is very smooth, try to avoid misspellings

Three motors have been used at the beginning, dual XL power, there is a two-speed variable speed switch, M motor controls the lifting of the body

2 pack

The second package mainly builds the steering front axle. The structure is complicated. It is easy to make mistakes here. We need extra care and patience.

Assemble two sets of rear axles, here you can see that the push rod controlled by the M motor is in a small rotatable slot, which can make the moving angle of the push rod flexible and changeable. This structural design should be the key to realizing multi-directional dumping.

3 pack

The third package is mainly the chassis of the car. The in-line six-cylinder engine is linked with a lithium battery for testing. The operation is very smooth.

I did not use the Mould King black burst motor in the set. I think that the black burst speed is too fast for such a big car, especially the Mould King black burst servo motor.

The high speed causes the steering to be too fast and can also cause steering wear.

4 pack

The fourth package is the truck cab, a lot of yellow parts

5 pack

The fifth package is the perfection of the top of the front and the details. Put the tires on, and the two front and eight tires together provide sufficient support.

If you feel that this car is very long when the chassis is assembled, when the front of the car is installed, you will obviously feel that this car is a giant

6 pack

The sixth package is to build this huge cargo box, and the yellow parts full of a large bag are basically used here.


It was finally completed. It turned out to be a huge truck. The steering of the vehicle was very smooth. The speed of the vehicle was relatively slow. The two-speed gears were not much faster even in the high gear. and the slow speed can reflect its heavyweight tonnage.

The domineering front face of the truck, and the front headlights on both sides combined at least 20 pieces of transparent bricks.

Mould King 17012 three-way dump truck (17)

Why can the truck dump in three ways?

Now let’s briefly talk about the basic principles of this three-way dump truck, dumping in three different directions based on the instructions.

When step 291 and step 311 are assembled according to the instructions, there will be two technic long pins on the left and right sides of the rear of the chassis. They are in a semi-inserted state before the cargo box is combined. These two parts are the key to three-way dumping.

Steps 173 to 199 of the manual is to assemble the push rod. You can see that the part connected to the push rod is movable and can be rotated. In this design, the motor can be used to drive the push rod to achieve different angles of pushing.

For the two detachable technic long pins mentioned earlier, except for the front of the car body, there are holes and slots on the left, right and back of the car body that are connected to the chassis.

These two technic long pins are responsible for fixing the car box and the chassis in these three different directions.


In general, this three-way dump truck is very good, and Kevin’s work is really focused on function display, and the effect is very good.

This set has a total of 3206 parts. A large number of parts ensure that the details of the whole car are quite in place. The front wheel springs are shock-absorbing, and the rear eight wheels have a double-wheel arch design.

The lithium battery is behind the huge front of the car, and the front of the car can be easily lifted. This design not only hides the lithium battery well, but also makes it easy to switch the lithium battery.

The two-gear shift is mainly the difference between whether the front two wheels and the rear eight wheels work together. The high-speed gear is all ten wheels running at the same time, and the low-speed gear is only the rear eight wheels running.

Since this car is huge and heavy, the speed is not much faster even in high gear. Although the speed is slow, the passability is still good, but it is best not to use it to climb too steep slopes. The body is too heavy even if the torque is too high,may damage the gears.

Although the function of three-way dumping is realized semi-manually, the movable angle of the push rod is made flexible by rotating it. The realization of three-way dumping in this way is really amazing.

There is no mistake from the beginning to the end of the manual, but there are some places that need to be carefully observed. Although the whole set of building blocks feels good, it will still be very difficult to disassemble when the building is wrong.

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