Fall Short Of Expectations-CaDA Master Apollo

We have been waiting for a long time, CaDA Apollo finally hit the market before the Spring Festival! As a large-scale technology set with 4000+ parts, it is especially suitable for filling the entire Spring Festival holiday.

What is the actual performance of this “magic car” with such high expectations? The following reviews are from JIMUSHIJIEDECK.

CaDA Master C61053 Apollo Package

CaDA’s MASTER series box design maintains a high-level sense, and it is quite heavy!

Details on the back.The designer of this Apollo is Suhwan Ji.

Manuals and Parts

The inner box design follows this style.Manuals and stickers are individually packaged.

CaDA’s manual does not use the previous thin version, but uses a thick version instead. It can be seen that there are many steps to assemble it.

There are also two stickers! Some of them have been used during the assembly process, and the rest will be used up when they are completed. It’s just that some numbers are wrong in the end. Fortunately, the pattern is easy to identify.

In addition, the arrangement of stickers is not in order, I don’t know why it is designed like this…

Friends who have played the 1:8 dynamic version should also know that it is not meaningful to install a motor in this large size, because the performance of the motor’s power in this volume is unsatisfactory.

CaDA may still want to challenge, so I replaced the motor with dual “monster motors”, I hope the finished product will not disappoint me?

CaDA version monster motor

In terms of subcontracting, the 4449pcs parts are divided into 8 subcontracts, and the conventional pins are also subcontracted according to the steps.

The quality of the tires is pretty good!

Building process

The long assembly process begins!

The first package found that one of the plated parts was not plated.

The parts that cooperate with the monster motor will interfere with each other, but they can still be assembled smoothly.

The designer may be a little obsessed with the structure, and a large number of interlocking parts appear in the assembly process, and 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 units of cross shafts are often used for reinforcement.

As a result, the entire assembly process is extremely cumbersome, and some of the reinforced places are too compact, and it is impossible to assemble at all. It can only be completed with the assistance of various tools, which is quite troublesome.

The whole structure has the phenomenon mentioned above, which increases the difficulty of assembly. Many of the cross shafts are assembled “one-time”, which means that if the building is unfortunately wrong, there is basically no way to disassemble it, so Be very careful!

At the beginning of the second manual, this magical structure appeared! Although I’ve tried countless sets of large tech pieces, I’m still intimidated!

The cross shaft was forcibly bent…

Due to the appearance of the above divine structure, I suddenly had doubts about the level of this designer

In the 6th sub-package, I found that the whole package of blue long pins had turned black!

The successive blows made me change from researching the structure to just wanting to complete it as soon as possible… But the structure remained extremely cumbersome, which gradually made me disgusted with CaDA Apollo

At the same time, many parts of the external structure are designed for modeling, and various extremely strange structures are designed. Even if I have rich experience in assembling, I often feel self-doubt, which is too difficult for me.

The 7th subcontract is also completed, unfortunately I am not happy at all…

What the hell is this structure for… Taking a long time to build just for something like an exoskeleton? Is there any magic design that can change the discomfort caused by this structure in the last pack?

Finally just assembled the front cover and door… But the discomfort did lessen a lot after the completion.


The feeling of the front of the car is just one word: messy! But it’s pretty solid…

CaDA Master Apollo (28)

I feel that the rods of the headlights will be better expressed with luminous parts? Light grey long stick parts is not a good choice.

This place is beyond words…

All four wheels have independent suspension structures, but the chassis is so low that there is no room for shock absorption…

The door is also very “broken”.

The “seam” in the middle of the roof is specially designed like this for the butterfly doors.

The moment the door opening, I finally feel handsome!

Since the manual didn’t show where the battery box was placed until the end, I left all the motor cables in the driver’s seat space, and it turned out to be like a seat belt… Is it wrong?

The interior of the car is quite rich.

I think this is the most comfortable place to see the whole car…

The battery box is hidden in this place.

The overall effect of the rear is pretty good.

The bottom of the tail has a movable structure, which is controlled by turning the gear near the gear tail. However, some mistakes make my fingers can’t turn the two gears.


The whole assembly process made me feel extremely unpleasant. The first half was fine, but the structure was rather cumbersome, but when the “god structure” appeared, the dissatisfaction I had endured all of a sudden poured out!

The unfriendly moc structure, various forced connections, and a lot of unclear parts,make me feel quite disgusted by this designer’s work…

CaDA have done its best in the manual. However, due to the original design, can not be clearly displayed in many places, and the overly complicated structure also seriously affects the smoothness of assembly.

The RC structure is also not as quick-release as CaDA master other products, and it has a completely different feeling from the same series of cada master products.

The only merit is the power of the monster motor. I hope that it can be comparable to the RC product if it is used in a smaller scale model?

All in all, CaDA Master C61053 Apollo is not suitable for novices in technology. The design level is worse than CaDA Hummer , and it cannot be compared with excellent works like the CaDA 488.

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