Mould King 23009 fly motor concept reviews

Mould King released the 23009 fly motor concept On January 10, 2022.The biggest feature of The set is the front and rear wheel adjustment teeth, which can swing freely, like a split.

Mould King 23009 fly motor concept (1)

The blue and black body is designed like a Dodge with four front and rear wheels, a front imitation LED headlight design, high-quality shock absorber springs, a simulated rearview mirror, and a simulated four-outlet exhaust design on both sides, which deeply restores the real motorcycle shape.

The following is a review from QIEPINJIMU.​


1536 pieces, product size 41.5*17.8*19cm, divided into 5 steps, one of which is a universal technic pin package

​A manual, a paper sticker, and four wheels.


1 pack

The overall building structure is still very complex.​

The yellow gear can control the wheel to rotate 360 ​​degrees by controlling the gear platform, and the white gear mainly controls the forward and backward of the wheel. Here the first step is completed.

2 pack​

Row of hoses

The overall gear structure is very complicated. Different from the technic sports car, motorcycles do not have a lot of space to design the structure. How to complete the structure in a small and long space is a big difficulty in design. ​Put the hose on and it feels sassy.

​The second part is completed, but I still feel that when the motorcycle is splitting, it will definitely get stuck

3 pack

There are 76 linkage gears in the whole set, and it is conceivable that it will not be too easy to assemble.​

GOBRICKS are inherently tight, and no matter how hard you insert, hand strength alone is not enough, so you really need a rubber mallet.

4 pack

Forgot to take pictures, just look at the pictures after the assembly is completed, mainly the assembly of the motorcycle head,

The combination of the front and body is simple.​

5 pack

​Attach stickers, basically completed, let’s take a look at the finished product​​


​The biggest selling point is the motorcycle splits. What is a bit troublesome is that the two fixing pieces at the bottom of the front and rear wheels need to be removed when splitting. The splits are really ugly.​​

Finally, let’s take a look at the comparison with other motorcycles, which is obviously a grade larger​​​


1. Appearance: The overall appearance is still quite domineering. The sky blue color scheme and the four large-sized wheels make the whole motorcycle look very heavy, and the design of the exhaust pipe is a bit ugly.

2. Structure: With more than 70 gear linkages, it can be said that it is quite complicated, and it may be difficult for novices.

3. Quality: Mould King products basically use GOBRICKS, GOBRICKS technology parts feel very tight, easy to build, but difficult to disassemble.

4. Function: The biggest selling point of this set is the “split” function, which is really a tasteless function. First of all, the split does not look good, and the bottom fixing plate needs to be manually removed to operate. At the same time, due to the large number of linkage gears, occasionally Teething occurs. Therefore, as a static decoration, the appearance is absolutely enough.

5. As a motorcycle, it is a must-buy for fans of technology motorcycles. The recommendation is that it has a domineering appearance and a good color scheme. However, newbies are not recommended to buy.

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