2021 Mould King Creator Flagship Cullinan Reviews

Each series of Mould King has a flagship product every year.

The flagship of Mould King Creator Expert is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan in 2021. Today we bring a review from JIMUTANG.

In 2015, Rolls-Royce Motors announced that it would introduce a taller model and named the plan “Cullinan”. On May 10, 2018, Rolls-Royce’s first SUV Cullinan was officially released.

Mould King Rolls-Royce Cullinan Package

1882 pieces, the front is the product picture, and the designer’s signature is in the lower right corner. Product details on the back.

The official size is: 33.5*16*11.8cm.

I personally think that Firas Abu-Jaber is really the god of brick cars. Every work is very beautiful, and every work set can also MOC.

Manuals and Parts

A total of 5 large packages of parts, plus 4 wheels + tires.

The manual is sub-packaged with steps, a total of 5 steps, corresponding to 5 large digital parts packages.

The wheels have electroplated hubcaps, and the steps that require electroplated parts will be marked in Chinese characters.

A silver bottom sticker, this sticker is my favorite, the quality is very good!

The electroplating parts are placed in the No. 1 bag. Only the surface is plated, the inside is the color matching of the normal parts.

The products basically use GOBRICKS parts, the quality is guaranteed, and the hand feels tight.

Building process

Start from the bottom frame and stack up. The feeling of the brick car is thick, the whole work seems to be one, there is no gap.

The front wheel and the roof have a steering linkage control. This long drive shaft should pay attention to when the front wheel is centered, and the rear rotating wheel should be placed in a positive cross. Of course, remember test.

Four seats, with rails in the front, can be moved forward and backward.

Large transparent parts are not individually packaged, and there are more scratches.

The rear of the car also adopts techniques such as 4 turns and 2 turns, so that the lines will not rise and fall vertically.

The color scheme of this interior design is a bit cool, because I have seen the real car and it has this blue one.

A V10 engine made of an electroplated pistol. The lines of the front face can also be restored.

The instrument panel is a part to connect to the body. The steering wheel can be adjusted up and down.

The structure of the front cover is good, and it is also connected by hinges, so it can be moved casually.

Finally, install the electroplating parts, and then install the four wheels, and you are done.


The effect of electroplating is of course good, the license plate is the product number

The gold/silver parts of the GOBRICKS have very heavy water ripples. Since they are flagships, can’t they be electroplated for the overall appearance parts? The hood can be opened. Inside is a galvanized engine.

The seam between the hood and the windshield is a bit deep. The galvanized hubcaps are also very bright, almost reflective to me.

From the side, the flatness is enough, so almost no gap in the door can be seen.

The design of the door is really cool.

The rear of the car is also square. The license plate is also the product number.

What is more depressing is that this exhaust pipe is only plated on the exterior and not on the inside, so after installation, it is equal to the appearance effect of 2 ordinary parts.

The tail can be opened, and there are 2 seats. Is this a 6-seater car or a 4-seater car?

The roof also has a steering wheel, which can control the steering of the front wheels. (Some people may say that this design is ugly, then everyone can remove this part and replace it with a 2*2 silver light panel.)

The sunroof is quick-release and has no parts connected.

Arc-shaped parts are used in the door, so that everyone has a clear sense of damping when opening and closing the door, and the feedback is first-class.

The hubcaps stick out a bit.

Comparison with 6 grid cars.



The appearance is very high-reduction, a good decoration. There is a steering wheel on the roof, and the water pattern silver is not good.

Structure The structure is very tight, and there are many functions .


GOBRICKS parts, quality assurance, tight to the touch. The electroplated parts are good, but they will leave fingerprints. Please wipe them when you place them. Large clear parts have scratches.


The roof has parts linkage front wheel steering, side-by-side door design, quick-release sunroof, and a sky-and-earth door-type tailgate.


The difficulty of assembling is simple, the drawings are clear and clear, and you can assemble according to the drawings.

As the flagship, I think the appearance parts of the water-marked silver should be electroplated.

Anyway,I think Mould King creative expert is very creative.

Firas Abu-Jaber is really god, I love any of his works

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