PANTASY release 2 set of Fantasy Forest

In February 2021, PANTASY released the building block set of “The Wizard of Flowers”. This building block takes the building block flower as the theme and builds a small scene where a pair of elves and lovers meet in a fantasy forest. It has a fresh and romantic theme.

Recently, PANTASY latest release is the two sets of “Snail Princess” and “Beauty in Cage” from the Fantasy Forest series. The set is inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” and tells the fairy tales of two smaller lovers in a fantasy forest.

Packaging and manual

The packaging is still PANTASY common style, without stickers, and the parts are sub-packaged well. setable for novices.

The manual optimizes the assembling process. It is more similar to the format of the manual exported by io, and each step will be clearer.

In addition, there are some new products in the same series on the back of the manual, which still look very attractive!

At present, the bricks of PANTASY brand are basically from Gobricks, which are firm to the touch, but the texture and color of the Gobricks bricks are still very good. The two sets of PANTTASY are the same in that the pieces and colors are very rich.

Snail Princess

The cover design of the packaging box is very similar to the fairy tale book. One side shows the main picture of the product, and the other side is designed as a comic strip to show the details of the product and bring the story in the set to everyone.

The building blocks in the set are sub-packaged according to 5 major steps, and they can be disassembled step by step according to the number when assembling.

The inside of the manual covers the story of the hero’s bold confession of the snail princess in the form of a forest diary.

The base assembled in the first step uses a large number of wedge-shaped plates and wedge-shaped bricks to build a rich layering.

In the second step, in the fantasy forest, there are flowers and plants everywhere. In the scene, building blocks are used to build a relic of the city wall and a statue of a soldier.

The snail assembled in the third step is my favorite part of this set, with the “saddle” and luggage hanging on the back, it looks really a fairy tale.

Finally put on a beautiful flower to complete the assembly. It was somewhere in this fantasy forest, beside the ruins of the ancient city, that a pair of lovers finally got married.

Beauty in Cage

The packaging box has been shown above. The set contains a manual, and the building blocks are packaged according to 6 major steps.

There are many crises in the fantasy forest. “Beauty in Cage” tells the story of a hero saving beauty.

The base assembled in the first step is similar to the one above, but this time the story takes place near the river.

The male protagonist came to save the United States in an elf-style boat.

The river is dotted with many kinds of exotic plants. The bee flying in the air is the transportation of the protagonists. The heroine is caught in a trap by riding a bee by accident.

The trap is hung on a beautiful and evil flower. In the fourth step, all the brown parts are used to build the branches of the flowers.

The last step is to build coquettish flowers and a strong iron cage. The reckless heroine was accidentally locked into an iron cage.

Fortunately, the ragged male protagonist arrived in time to save the beauty.


In general, the two sets are very attractive at the first glance, especially the rich color matching makes the scene full of fantasy, with certain story background, and also makes the scene more interesting and smaller.

The overall design of the set still has advantages in the same type of products, especially the design of bouquets and flowers will be added in 2021. This also makes this work more distinctive.

As a small static display scene, it is better than some Simple flower products that are more ornamental, if add some interactive small organs or movable content, it will be more interesting.

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