Sluban titanic-10294 Lego titanic alternative

Lego 10294 Titanic is rich in details and wonderfully built, I believe there are many friends who like it.

In fact, there are many Lego alternatives to the Titanic.

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Sluban has launched three sets of Titanic of different sizes. We select this medium-sized Titanic to review.


The package indicates that the scale of the set is 1:700, and have 481 pieces, including 2 minifigures of Jack and Ruth, stickers and a Brick Separator.

The pieces are subcontracted in steps, very convenient.

The design style of the Brick Separator is very special, it looks like a little crocodile. Hope it will help disassemble the parts.

A small piece of sticker, there are 5 positions for pasting, and some modifications are made to the key parts.

The minifigure is not the standard minifigure structure of Lego, the waist can be rotated, the head is connected by ball joints, the movable range is larger, and the action performance is more coquettish.


The quality of the bricks of Sluban is quite good, and they feel silky and smooth when they are put together, and the convex dots are also printed with sluban logo, Same as Lego.

The instructions caused some trouble. In the illustrations of each step, the color of the previously assembled parts all turned into a single color, which is difficult to distinguish.

This is to highlight the current steps, but also cause other problems.

The whole set is not difficult to assemble. The size of the finished product is about 37.5cm×4.5cm×13cm. There is no pressure on the desktop bookshelf.

The classic black, red and white color scheme plus 4 iconic slightly inclined chimneys, although the proportions are not Too accurate, but it is acceptable to achieve this level with less than 500 parts.

The details of the upper white hull highly expressive. Bayonet plates and hinge parts are used to express the deck boom and other equipment. Trapezoidal bricks are made to look like lifeboats, grille parts are used as the entrance to the deck, and the bridge windows are used A sticker pasted on the side of the board to express it. The effect is good, but the pasting is a bit difficult.

The best design is the porthole built with the key plate on the side. The front and rear levels have also changed with reference to the original ship, which is well restored. There is also a rope between the two high raised masts, which needs to be knotted and fixed on both sides of the ship’s fore and aft.

The black hull in the middle is quite satisfactory, and is also limited by the scale and does not show the porthole part. The sticker on the name of the ship looks a bit big.

The red part underneath is more rounded. The three propellers are also made with golden single bumps.

However, due to structural design, there is no place for inserting parts at both ends.

If you look carefully after installation, you can see the seams in the hull.

The design of the base frame is simple, and there are nameplates on both sides with the full name of the ship: RMS Titanic, which can be said to be more rigorous than Lego. The hull is relatively stable on it, and the display effect is also very good.

The little sluban Titanic is certainly not as rich in details as the Lego 10294 with more than 9,000 pieces. If you don’t have a place to put the Lego Titanic, sluban is an alternative choice.

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