Reviews of COBI Tiger King 2540

Today’s reviews is a heavy tank “Tiger King” that was mass-produced and put into actual combat in Germany during World War II.

COBI Tiger King

January 1943, Germany planned to develop a new type of heavy tank to replace the “Tiger” heavy tank. The German Army Ordnance Bureau instructed the three companies of Porsche, Henschel and MAN to start research and development.

The three companies put forward four plans. Finally, the German Army selected Henschel’s VK4503 (H) plan, and mass production began in December 1943. The production model was officially named the “Tiger King” heavy tank.

However, the early 50 vehicles were equipped with Porsche turrets, and later they were equipped with Henschel turrets.

COBI bricks produced two Tiger King tank bricks according to this situation, and this time the protagonist is the Henschel Turret Tiger King No. 2540 produced by COBI bricks.

The COBI Tiger King is composed of 1,000 parts. The three-dimensional size of 35×12×20 is not comparable to Carl and the Doomsday Big Three in its own land vehicle products, and its volume is still quite large. The body camouflage consists of three different color parts.

COBI Tiger King4

The side shape of the car body and the turret can be seen at a glance, which is the design prototype of the Henschel Turret Tiger King.

The shape of the side skirts is well restored, and the car body ratio adopts the usual 1:35 ratio. The use of wide tracks provides a smooth pushing feel.

Viewed from the front, the upper armor area is moderate, the angle of inclination is restored, and the angle of inclination of the crotch armor is appropriate.

COBI Tiger King 6

In the turret, the design of tiling bricks on solid blocks was adopted to restore the turret, making the first half a step with obvious drop. The gun shield still uses special parts to restore it.

COBI Tiger King 7

The barrel is composed of 6 parts, plus the special muzzle brake, which is 15cm long in total. Quite vividly restored the 88 guns of the Tiger King.

COBI Tiger King 8

Open the engine compartment cover of the rear car body, and you can see the Maybach 12-cylinder engine composed of 2 printed parts and 4 semi-circular arc parts.

COBI Tiger King 9

The reduction of the two exhaust pipes at the rear is good, after all, special parts are used for reduction.

COBI Tiger King 10

In the end, it is the show time

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