2021 JAKI Blocks Christmas Carousel Music Box

Only 6 Christmas tabletop JAKI was launched, and then the Christmas carousel music box was launched. It feels like JAKI is going to dominate the rhythm of this Christmas. The Christmas Jenga series produced by JAKI Toys, the designer combines Christmas, daily necessities and other elements with building block toys, leaving a deep impression

This building block set is a new smart music box Christmas carousel from JAKI. The packaging adopts a plane box + cardboard design.

JAKI Building Blocks Christmas Carousel Music Box (1)

There are some Christmas-themed dark lines on the outer box, and then there is a big MUSIC BOX logo.

JAKI Building Blocks Christmas Carousel Music Box (2)

After opening, the music box inside is a separate package.

JAKI Building Blocks Christmas Carousel Music Box (4)

This is the main body of this smart music box, but when it comes to intelligence, this music box is based on some control aspects of itself, and does not have the function of linking to mobile phones or other smart devices. This is indeed an evolution compared to the traditional music box! Except that the switch button is pressed, the other control parts are all touch, which is not bad. It also contains two luminous building blocks. Three AA batteries must be placed at the bottom.

JAKI Building Blocks Christmas Carousel Music Box (5)

The building blocks were not numbered and subcontracted. More than 500 pellets were assembled, and they were not affected by too many unnumbered subcontracts. There is no sticker, all parts are printed parts, and there is a flexible PVC part as the top of the carousel.

JAKI Building Blocks Christmas Carousel Music Box (6)

There is a word from a designer in the manual, which is quite interesting! If there are two more pages of designer’s introduction and other content, it may be easier for people to read some of the stories behind the design.

JAKI Building Blocks Christmas Carousel Music Box (7)

JAKI building block parts are basically from Gaudes (high bricks), the perfect Lego replacement bricks, the coloring and texture of the building block particles are also good, this pile of wood is placed here, and it feels like Christmas is here!

JAKI Building Blocks Christmas Carousel Music Box (8)

The printing bricks of JAKI I am currently in contact with are all using pad printing technology, and the clarity is very good, and the position of the printing on the parts is very correct, which is really comparable to Lego.

JAKI Building Blocks Christmas Carousel Music Box (9)

The assembling part is not very complicated. A lot of gear structures are added to the rotating position at the bottom. This is also the reason why the figure above can rotate when the whole building block rotates when the wooden horse rotates. The design is still relatively ingenious. Yes, it’s just that you can’t press too tightly on the installation of the gear, so that it will not be stuck during the entire rotation in the later period.

The four little things on the carousel are still very cute. The four characters are a snowman, Santa Claus, a nutcracker and a Christmas elk. The compact look is still very pleasing.

The four small characters are supported on the wooden horse by a gear structure at the bottom, which is why the characters will rotate by themselves when the wooden horse rotates.

The top support part is actually a hollow structure, that is, when the wooden horse rotates, the top does not rotate. This is also the reason why an axis runs through the middle, and there are also two luminous bricks on the top. You can adjust it to turn on and make it glow.

Some of the decorations on the top are still very rich, but there is no difference in color. They are all small red lanterns.

The soft PVC part on the top of the Trojan horse is a three-layer structure. This part looks good, but for installation, the angles on both sides need to be adjusted by yourself.

The top of the merry-go-round is a Santa Claus hat, which will rotate with the rotation of the merry-go-round, and the design is quite clever.

After the whole Trojan is completed, it is actually more attractive in appearance than some Jaki’s Christmas theme suits evaluated before, especially the overall color matching is still very good, and because it comes with a rotating base for music, in fact, the gameplay will be better. Add a lot. This also makes the whole Trojan horse no longer just a decoration, and also adds a lot of color to Christmas.

The JAKI brand actually launched a lot of building block sets based on the content of a music box before. This is also some new gameplay that is different from other building block brands. Through such an overall structure, although some of the mechanical parts of the assembly are less fun , But the effect of the finished product is still good. You can play with the battery, saving a lot of assembly troubles, but this part called the smart music box should be given more functionality, such as Bluetooth connection with a mobile phone to control, or add some interactive new gameplay.

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