GUDI lego authorized Plants Vs Zombies (1)

Recently, GUDI lego released the original authorized Plants vs. Zombies series building block toys, be careful, there will be a large wave of zombies coming.

Plants vs. Zombies is probably the most famous tower defense game. This game developed by American game company PopCap was absolutely all the rage at the time.

More than 10 years have passed since the game was released, and many people are still playing Plants vs. Zombies.

1、Time Shuttle machine

The packaging box uses orange and red as the background color, which looks very conspicuous.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies (3)

The front is the big picture of the product with the EA genuine authorization logo, and the back is the product details. There are 8 products in the GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies series. Except for Dave’s Time Shuttle, the remaining 7 sets are all zombie vehicles.

The 933 pieces of building blocks in the set are divided into 6 large packages according to the steps, and each large package has small sub-packages, which are separated according to the size and type of parts, and the sub-packages are very detailed.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies (4)

Follow the instructions and open a large package every time to assemble it. Finding a piece is very easy.

The set contains a manual and a sticker, and most of the patterns are made of stickers. In addition to the grayscale processing in the manual, each step of the assembling of the bricks has arrow instructions, and the compilation is very detailed.

The first subcontract is a miniature bag with many special parts. The assembled pea shooter’s shells can be fired.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies (5)

The set contains a total of 7 “minifigures”, including the 3 most conventional zombies, the pea shooter, the sunshine mushroom, the cherry bomb and the frozen watermelon.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies (6)

Dave’s Time Shuttle has a width of 12 grids. Except for the side box of the carriage, which is made of science and technology, the others are all brick structures.

The roof is a quick-release structure. After opening, the roof can be transformed into the shape of Dave’s commissary, selling plant fragments. The side of the car box composed of scientific and technological parts can be unfolded to form a backyard scene.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies (7)

Many details from the game are restored on the car body, such as the skull sculpture on the front of the car, the radar on the roof, Dave’s shotgun, the hamburger outside the car window, and so on.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies (8)

The finished product of this car is the largest in the series. With some cartoon stickers, the overall reduction is still good.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(9)

After the carriage is unfolded, it can be made into a simple scene of Plants vs. Zombies.

2、Wilderness Bull Cart

The Wilderness Bull Cart has a total of 436 building blocks, and the bison can realize two forms of vehicle and independent through simple transformation.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(10)

The blocks in the set are divided into 3 big packs, and a manual and a small sticker are also included. The Minifigures are Watermelon Head Hand, Ice Cream Cone Cowboy Zombie and Zombie Doctor.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies (11)

The 4 wheels of the car are connected by technological parts, and the position of the wheels can be adjusted within a wide range of angles.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(11)

The main shape of the car is the same as in the game, it is the image of a big-mouthed one-eyed monster. The head carriage and the chin frame are connected in a ball shape, which can be opened and closed at will.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(12)

The shape of the bison is still very vivid, with driving and independent forms. This part building block set was assembled for nearly an hour.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(13)

The main features of the game prototype were restored with building blocks, and the one-eyed monster car was also designed with a mouth structure that can be opened and closed. The designer still spent a lot of effort. Poor this little watermelon, it’s crushed!

3、Bay car

The bay car and the Wilderness Bull Cart are the same series in the game, so they are all similar to the four-legged mecha with the one-eyed monster.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(14)

In addition to the main body and Minifigures in the Gulf car suit, there is also a small scene in the game.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(15)

The four-legged shape of the bay car is very similar to some insects, and many of the structures of the sailing mecha are made up of technological parts.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(16)

The mouth of the one-eyed monster is designed with a gear + rack structure. When the gears on both sides are rotated, the monster’s mouth will open and close together.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(17)

The modeling of the car is still very restored, and the building blocks look like a mechanical unicorn beetle, and the sci-fi style is still very strong.

4、Mecha Giant Zombie

The Mecha Giant Zombie is an evolution of the Giant Zombie, composed of 405 building blocks.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(18)

The building blocks in the set are divided into 2 large packages, and additionally contain a manual, a small sticker, and 2 rubber bands (1 spare) for ejecting shells on the back.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(19)

The suit contains 2.5 Minifigures, of which the little zombie is a mecha giant zombie driver, only half.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(20)

The body of the mecha giant zombie is composed of a technological frame, and the head and arms are connected by a large turntable. The launching device on the back can use the elastic force of the rubber band to eject the shells.

The shape of the arm, leg and head of the mecha giant zombie is very close to the game prototype.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(20)

Because the style of the game itself tends to be naive, the mecha giant zombies of the building blocks maintain a high degree of consistency with the game prototype. The ugliness is because it is ugly in itself, but it still has an internal flavor.


GUDI lego was able to get the genuine authorization of Plants vs. Zombies this time. It is not surprising, because in the current deteriorating competition, all major building block manufacturers are working hard on IP authorization, And GUDI lego product types have always been biased towards the younger ones.

GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies(21)

Plants vs. Zombies really fits gudi style of painting. GUDI lego Plants vs. Zombies series has a total of 8 sets of building blocks. The larger 4 sets should be regarded as the main product of the series.

On the whole, the building blocks have a very high degree of restoration, and each model is designed with certain movable details, and the assembling experience is 90 points.

In addition, the Minifigures with special designs are also one of the highlights of the series, which are necessary for Minifigures fans. After receiving these suits, it would be perfect if you MOC a battle scene with a suit ratio!10+ LEGO alternative building block brands

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