3 Mould King technical cars released

Mould King features technical building block products, and recently brought three new technical sets that can be remotely controlled

Mould King 15052 Desert Storm

Mould King 15052 Desert Storm

Size: 29×22×10.5 cm

Pieces: 555 pcs.

Age: 14+

Power: Mould King new power module (integrated power unit), multiple remote-control modes

We have been exposed to too many technological vehicles that run on tracks and wheels. But what about Mecanum wheel car ? I believe most people have rarely heard of it.

Mecanum wheel is abbreviated as “wheat wheel”. It is an omnidirectional wheel that can move in all directions. It consists of a hub and a roller surrounding the hub. The axis of the wheat wheel roller and the axis of the hub form an angle of 45°.

Mould King 15052 Desert Storm

Many small wheels or rollers are distributed obliquely on the rim of the hub, so the wheels can realize forward, lateral, oblique, rotating and combinations of motion modes.

Mould King first wheat-wheel vehicle that supports all-round movement, which can realize forward and backward driving, horizontal driving, and turning on the spot.

It has high-performance internal power, integrated power pack, integrated PF parts such as lithium battery box and motor. Save more space in the car and bring you a better experience of creative construction.

Mould King 15052 Desert Storm

Hollow-out cab design is convenient for power switch. The wheels on both sides are equipped with wheat wheels, which can speed horizontally like a crab and make a circle on the spot.

Mould King 13082 Pickup

Mould King 13082 Pickup

Size: 29×22×10.5 cm

Number: 3695 pcs.

Age: 16+

Power: L-type motor×1, XL-type motor×2, lithium battery box×1, remote control×1

The body shape is square, tough and thick. The main body adopts all black as the main color. The air intake grille part of the front face adopts a horizontal integrated design, with round headlights on both sides and other styling settings. You can feel it from the front of the car. The wildness and publicity.

Intricate interiors such as simulated steering wheel, gear knob, red racing seats, and a roofless cargo box at the rear, equipped with two orange fans, all restore the details of the real car.

The steering wheel is linked to the front wheel, the gear lever of the car can be controlled, the door and the front cover can be opened and closed, and the rear fan can be rotated, which greatly enhances the driving pleasure.

The whole set is about 3695 pcs. Seems to be a “hard guy”. How much time will you need to assemble?

Mould King 18109A Hurricane

Mould King 18109A Hurricane

Size: 16*23*38 cm

Number: 708 pcs.

Age: 14+

Power: Servo motor×1, monster motor×2, iconic 2.4G lithium battery box and remote control.

The body is light and flexible, abandoning unnecessary design, and equipped with two monster motors, the speed can be imagined.

The main body uses blue as the main color, plus a layer of chaotic camouflage patterns, highlighting the uninhibited side.

The front end is equipped with a bumper,slow down the impact of a vehicle falling in a slight impact or from a high place; the tail is equipped with a simulated tail, which can improve the overall appearance and reduce the lift of the vehicle’s tail.

“This is the city off-road, cross-border life!”

The design of the simulated real car is equipped with four shock absorber springs, which can effectively buffer the vibration during the driving process and keep the vehicle stable.

Four high-quality rubber tires with larger and deeper tread grooves to improve grip. They are suitable for off-road vehicles and are not inferior to other car models even on complex road sections.

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