Mould King 9 main products series list

Mould King, founded in 2012, is a comprehensive toy manufacturer integrating toy research and development, production and sales.

It has a 3W square meter standardized production line and an intelligent finished product packaging workshop, and has independent research and development, design, and production capabilities10+ LEGO alternative building block brands

Features of Mould King Building Block Toys

Like many building block brands, Mould king also works together in multiple series such as mechanical group, street view, robot, IP, etc. Each series has its own representative works!

However, Mould king has added his own unique thinking to the product

In the MOC car model series, we focus on the research and development of high-particle supercar suits, incorporate remote control elements, and greatly improve the playability!

In the Cosmic Interstellar series, we focus on the research and development of ultra-high particle count starships, and the suits are extremely displayable to meet the needs of high-end players!

Therefore, the above two have also become the main push series of Mould king!

Mould King full products series list

1. MOC car model series

Based on a well-known brand supercar as the prototype, highly restored mechanical structure, combined with remote control, lighting decoration and other elements, the overall is very high-end and elegant

2. Remote control engineering series

Take the common engineering vehicles in daily life as the prototype to complete the assembly, which can be remotely controlled to realize the corresponding vehicle functions, flexibly adjust the mechanical structure and action, and has extremely high playability

3. Universe Interstellar Series

Based on well-known IP Star Wars ships and vehicles as prototypes, most of them are super large suits, with a maximum number of particles above 10,000, which is very suitable for high-end gamer-level Star Wars fans

4. Street View Architecture Series

They are all original classic streetscape buildings, with an average particle number of about 3,500, including post offices, bars, coffee houses, tea houses, barber shops, etc.

5. Building block firearms series

Take the well-known brand firearms as the prototype, use building blocks to restore the real structure, including the motor drive can simulate the aiming design process, and the playability is extremely high

6. Programming Robot Series

The perfect integration of building blocks and intelligent programming, in addition to the fun of assembling, there is also a graphical programming mode, which is simple and easy to learn, and also has more high-end gameplay such as multi-master interconnection functions

7. Well-known IP series

Inspired by well-known IP movies, highly restored its famous movie elements, including Princess Dream Castle, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

8. World Railway Series

In the name of the city, the high-speed railway train is the prototype, which really restores the real railway elements. At the same time, the power components are assembled, and the playability is further improved.

9. Christmas Carnival Series

Inspired by Christmas elements, create a building block set with a Christmas atmosphere, including reindeer carts, sleigh carts, steam trains, Christmas huts, etc.

Mould King MOC car model series

This series is characterized by real re-engraving of mechanical transmission, restoring the characteristics of the real car, and cooperating with remote control elements!

So that players can not only enjoy the fun of building blocks, but also enjoy the experience of high-speed driving!

Mould King-13057S Lamborghini

2020 3819pcs 61*22.5*11.5cm

Mould King-13057S Lamborghini-2020

This re-engraved characteristic scissor door has a powerful four-wheel drive and simulates the follow-up steering of the rear wheel, which greatly reduces the turning radius!

Equipped with three front and rear differentials, it provides a very smooth driving experience!

At the same time, the body can be moved in many places, including the front and rear hoods, the height of the tail, etc., which fully demonstrates the charm of technological supercars!

Mould King-13079S Lamborghini Poison

2019 2652pcs 53*22*13cm

Mould King-13079S Lamborghini Poison-2019
Mould King-13079S Lamborghini Poison-2019

This model can be equipped with LED ambient light, can open the door electrically, and can also be operated by remote control, to experience the thrill of fast speed!

When driving at night, the dim lights beating under the night, it feels extraordinary!

Mould King-13090 McLaren P1

2018 3302pcs 48*25.5*12.8cm

Mould King-13090 McLaren P1-201
Mould King-13090 McLaren P1-201

This model is designed by brunojj, the great god of MOC, and has the most complicated mechanical transmission design in many supercar series.

At the same time, it also highly restores the real car structure, with rear-wheel drive, front and rear independent suspension, V8 engine, retractable rear spoiler, etc.!

Mould King-13073S C63 Blue Race Car

2019 1970pcs 49*20.5*13cm

Mould King-13073S C63 Blue Race Car-2019
Mould King-13073S C63 Blue Race Car-2019

This model is designed by the MOC god brunojj, can add remote control elements, and its blue appearance is particularly conspicuous!

At the same time, the real car design is highly restored, and the body can be moved in many places, including open and close doors, rear spoiler, custom stickers, atmosphere lighting group, etc., experience full marks!

Mould King-13117 Formula-F1 Car

2019 1054pcs 50*22*9cm

Mould King-13117 Formula-F1 Car-2019
Mould King-13117 Formula-F1 Car-2019

This highly restored formula F1 racing car design, with a simple and dynamic streamlined appearance, fully demonstrates the speed and passion of a sports car!

All four-wheel tires are wear-resistant wheels, running comfortably, smoothly and quietly!

At the same time, the body can move in many places, including the front of the car can move up, the angle of the rearview mirror, the angle of the rear of the car, etc.!

Mould King Remote control engineering series

This series is based on the common large-scale engineering vehicles in daily life as the prototype, which truly restores the design of the real car, and can realize the functions of the real car at the same time!

Those who love large construction vehicles should definitely not miss this series!

Mould king-19002 Pneumatic Truck Elevator

2017 8230pcs 87*28*48cm

Mould king-19002 Pneumatic Truck Elevator-2017
Mould king-19002 Pneumatic Truck Elevator-2017

This model is based on a large-scale starting elevator, which can be remotely controlled by APP to truly restore its crane function!

At the same time, many parts of the body are movable, including the jib turntable, the retractable jib, the front tilt, etc., and the playability is extremely high!

Mould king-17002 Crawler Crane

2017 3524pcs 148*41*97cm

Mould king-17002 Crawler Crane-2017
Mould king-17002 Crawler Crane-2017

This model is based on the Liebherr crawler crane, which can be commanded to cross complex terrain and start lifting operations through a remote control module!

The boom can be extended in three sections, the car body can be rotated 360 degrees, and it can move forward and backward in multiple directions, which greatly enriches the play experience!

Mould King-13130 ​​Liebherr

2019 / 4415pcs / 60*28*39cm

Mould King-13130 ​​Liebherr-2019
Mould King-13130 ​​Liebherr-2019

The prototype is the Liebherr RH400 mining excavator, which is the largest hydraulic excavator in the world!

Its crawler movement can conquer rugged roads and cross various terrain obstacles with strong power and strong digging power!

Can be controlled by APP, freely extend the mechanical arm, 360-degree rotating console, with multiple cooling vents!

Mould king-13107 Mechanical Crane

2019 / 2609pcs / 56*17*90cm

Mould king-13107 Mechanical Crane-201
Mould king-13107 Mechanical Crane-201

This model is based on the most classic yellow mechanical crane as a prototype to truly restore the characteristics of large construction vehicles!

The boom can be further extended, and the boom retractor can be operated freely. The steering lock, solid metal hook, and high-efficiency transmission system all improve the playability of this model to the extreme!

Mould king-13146 Logging Engineering Truck

2018 / 3053pcs / 70*18*40cm

Mould king-13146 Logging Engineering Truck-2018
Mould king-13146 Logging Engineering Truck-2018

This model is based on an articulated off-road logging truck, which can be used to climb over rugged terrain through a remote control module and control the boom operation at the same time!

A variety of motors in the body provide a solid guarantee for the operation of the car, and the huge off-road wheels can also ignore any complex terrain!

Mould King Universe Interstellar Series

This series is based on the huge and powerful spacecraft in the well-known movie IP “Star Wars” as the prototype. At the same time, there are many other famous movie elements, which are perfectly presented in the form of building blocks!

Mainly a super large, multi-particle interstellar display set, as a home display domineering leak!

Mould King-21009 Desert Creeper

2016 / 13567pcs / 94.6*37.9*70.2cm

Mould King-21009 Desert Creeper-2016
Mould King-21009 Desert Creeper-2016

This model is based on the desert creeper used by the Javanese to catch the robot in the movie, and truly restores the movie elements!

Crawler type travel can be realized, multiple places are movable at the same time, the internal details are also highly restored, and the display is full!

Mould King-13135 Imperial Star Destroyer

2019 / 11353pcs / 118*72*38cm

Mould King-13135 Imperial Star Destroyer-2019
Mould King-13135 Imperial Star Destroyer-2019

This model is called the Emperor-class Star Destroyer. Just from this name, we can see that it is majestic and powerful!

As a super large model, the number of particles has exceeded 1W, which is a difficult challenge for high-end players!

The hull is also highly restored, including ion cannon, control cabin, turbo laser turret, deflector shield launcher, etc.!

Mould King-21004 Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer

2018 / 10101pcs / 112*72*53cm

Mould King-21004 Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer-2018
Mould King-21004 Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer-2018

This eclipse-class super star destroyer has up to 1W particles, which is very suitable for high-end players!

The shape is highly restored, with a dark hull and a huge body!

The details are also in place, including laser cannons, projectors, take-off ports, control towers, etc., all available!

Mould King-21001 Nebula B Medical Defense Ship

2016 / 5724pcs / 125*23.5*55.5cm

Mould King-21001 Nebula B Medical Defense Ship-201
Mould King-21001 Nebula B Medical Defense Ship-201

The Nebula-B medical frigate has a vertical structure as a whole, rather than the horizontal structure of an ordinary ship!

The hull is also full of details, and it is also equipped with well-known accessories such as the Millennium Falcon, Titanium Fighter, and X-Wing Fighter, which is extremely playable!

Mould King-21007 Jeddah City

2018 / 5098pcs / 50*30.5*34cm

Mould King-21007 Jeddah City-2018
Mould King-21007 Jeddah City-2018

The Jada City is mainly divided into two parts, the upper part is the battleship, and the lower part is the city!

Highly restored the original appearance in the movie, the whole is magnificent, magnificent, and the must-have products are displayed at home!

Mould King-21008 Trade Alliance Battleship

2020 / 3819pcs / 54*48*17cm

Mould King-21008 Trade Alliance Battleship-2020
Mould King-21008 Trade Alliance Battleship-2020

This warship has a peculiar shape, the overall shape is arc, and the center is the main computer control center.

Other parts include communication arrays, modified cargo planes, strengthened hulls, etc., showing full marks!

Mould King Street View Architecture Series

This series is based on the daily streetscape architecture as a prototype, divided into a multi-layer structure, which can be opened to appreciate the internal details!

At the same time, it can also be matched with an atmosphere lighting group to enjoy the night view of the street in a quiet night, which is very romantic when you think about it.

Mould King-16042 Bar

2020 / 3980pcs / 27.7*26*29.6cm

Mould King-16042 Bar-2020
Mould King-16042 Bar-2020

This street view bar is mainly black in color, divided into left and right parts, with two floors, which can be separated

The internal details are very delicate, all parts of the bar interior are restored, and the height meets the night scene bar setting!

Mould King-16004 Cafe

2020 / 3430pcs / 26*26*37cm

Mould King-16004 Cafe-2020
Mould King-16004 Cafe-2020

This model is a street view cafe, which is divided into three floors as a whole. The first floor is a cafe, the second floor is a terrace, and the third floor is a small garden.

Mould King-11003 Corner Restaurant

2020 / 2527pcs / 25.5*25.5*31.5cm

Mould King-11003 Corner Restaurant-2020
Mould King-11003 Corner Restaurant-2020

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, let’s enter the corner restaurant of the happy paradise.

Put together brick by brick to build your own dreamland restaurant.

This model has a layered structure design, each layer has rich details and surprises!

Mould King-16019 Botanical Garden

2019 / 2403pcs / 25.5*25.5*21.5cm

Mould King-16019 Botanical Garden-2019
Mould King-16019 Botanical Garden-2019

This street view botanical garden allows players to be on the scene and enter the romantic garden world

With transparent skylight design, built-in coffee bar, and garden fountain

At the same time, it can be matched with an atmosphere lighting group, and a little bit of light in the night will spread the whole room

Mould King Building block firearms series

The building block firearms series is also one of the classic series of Mould king

Mould King Programming Robot Series

This series is based on the theme of intelligent programming robots.

Like many building block brands, remote control, programming, sound and other elements are well integrated on the basis of robots.

Imagination, spatial perception and structural thinking can be cultivated during play, which is very conducive to the growth of children!

Mould King-13063 Programming Robot

2019 / 635pcs / 19*18.5*27cm

Mould King-13063 Programming Robot-2019
Mould King-13063 Programming Robot-2019

This programming robot can support APP remote control mode and voice control.

Players can also edit the path through the APP to cultivate mental and hands-on skills while having fun.

The joints of the whole body can move freely, the shape is changeable, and the playability is extremely high!

Mould King Well-known IP series

The series is inspired by world-renowned IP, highly restored prototype settings, and detailed descriptions are in place!

At present, there are Disney Castle and Flying Dutchman, both of which are large suits, which are good displays at home

Mould King-13132 Dream Castle

2019 / 8388pcs / 51*51*78cm

Mould King-13132 Dream Castle-
Mould King-13132 Dream Castle-

This fantasy castle has exquisite interiors, and the overall high-end atmosphere is of high grade!

The internal details can be separated independently, including the observation tower, storage tower, treasure tower, bedroom, banquet hall, etc.!

You can also share a happy time with children

Mould King-13138 Flying Dutchman

2020 / 3653pcs / 85*15*60cm

Mould King-13138 Flying Dutchman-2020
Mould King-13138 Flying Dutchman-2020

This model is inspired by the flying Dutchman in “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

This is a ghost ship that can never return home in the legend, with a tragic fate of never being able to get ashore…

Mould King World Railway Series

This series is based on the world-famous railway track train, which highly restores the real train running state!

It can be used as a home collection, and it can also build your own railway world.

Mould King-12001 NJ2 diesel locomotive

2020 / 3095pcs / 70*6*10cm

Mould King-12001 NJ2 diesel locomotive-2020
Mould King-12001 NJ2 diesel locomotive-2020

This green-skin diesel locomotive is designed and manufactured by General Motors of the United States, and mainly runs along the plateau railway.

It can be extended and expanded to become a complete green train

Mould King Christmas Carnival Series

The theme of this model is Christmas Carnival, and each suit is full of Christmas elements!

Friends who love Christmas and look forward to Santa Claus, don’t miss this series.

Mould King-16011 Christmas House

2020 / 3693pcs / 40.9*38*42.3cm

Mould King-16011 Christmas House-2020
Mould King-16011 Christmas House-2020

This Christmas cottage fits the imagination of a cottage under the snow and ice on Christmas!

The overall color is wood and the main color, the roof is covered with snow, and there is a decorated Christmas tree next to the house!

The internal details are very rich, and it seems to be waiting for Santa Claus to come quietly.

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