Reviews of Mould King Razor Crest

Lego released 76292 Razor Crest in September 2020, and 75321 mini Razor Crest will be released in 2022. Mould King also released Compatible with Lego 21023 Razor in 2021. Today we are bringing a review from QIE for this model.

Mould King product uses GOBRICKS parts, so how will it perform?


Brand: Mould King

Product Name: No. Razor

Product ID: 21023

Number : 5018PCS

Package and size

The half-meter size is a relatively small model in the Star Wars series of Mould King .

On the back of the box photo, various details are introduced, except for the cockpit.

The specific size of the product ,which is easy to store and put into the cabinet. This size is in the same proportion as Mould King’s “Traders Alliance”, “Tantwe 4”, and “Jeddah City”.

There are two AB boxes inside. There is a general package and 15 small sub-packages.

The most recent Mould King War star products have hammers. It is estimated that the bricks are relatively tight, and you must use force when assembling them. The hammer may be an indispensable tool. A manual of more than 200 pages.


The general-purpose package is mainly granular parts and hoses, but no bolts are seen. If there are bolt technology bricks, the overall structure of the model should be more stable, and it is easy to fall apart if only relying on the force of the brick and the brick.


1 pack

Came to the first subcontracting. The parts are basically gobricks

According to Mould King’s practice, unless it is a brick that GOBRICKS does not have, it is basically made of gobricks.

This 2*6 plate nozzle is a bit big. Check the serial number in gobricks shop. It is undoubtedly a gobricks brick.I am a little curious whether it is because of individual molds.

The first small package was completed, and it looked like the two thrusters of the spacecraft.

This kind of assembled structure can only be pressed tightly by fingers, and the movable structure of the spacecraft can be expanded through multiple hinge plates.

2 pack

The second small subcontract is a bit like a helicopter about to take off.

3 pack

Such a nozzle makes people think whether it is caused by the abrasive wear of Gaozhuan, because the part numbering can be found in GOBRICKS shop.

This kind of connection structure makes people a little worried about the stability problem.

It kind of like a plane about to take off.

4 pack

The assembly of this part is really uncomfortable. The two sides are limited, and the pillars in the middle have been strengthened. It can only be pressed by the fingertips and tools. The two wings are connected by single and double points, which is too fragile. The order of the structure is also chaotic.

5 pack

Inside the cabin is a spaceship cabin similar to a corridor. The overall structure of the spacecraft has basically come out.

There are four small doors on both sides of the spacecraft cabin, which can be opened movably.

6 pack

This step is really a nightmare, my hands hurt. There is nowhere to focus on the small pressing space.

7 pack

The main part is the assembly of the extended part of the cabin. This part is very smooth, that is, the continuous stacking of bricks, and then use the hinge plates to jam each other.

8 Pack

This step is mainly to degranulate the surfaces of the two ejectors, which is relatively simple.

9 Pack

This part was disassembled and reassembled because the hinge brick was installed in the opposite direction. It seems that the flip direction of the drawing must be checked carefully to avoid mistakes. After the surface is degranulated, the overall streamlined hull is still very beautiful.

10 Pack

Does the Razor have a cockpit? If so, this is a miniature version of the cockpit. This part has been nearly two-thirds completed.

11 Pack

A normal figure can be placed in the cockpit. The head of the ship is inclined, but it is very firm. The side is made up of multiple semi-flexible panels spliced ​​together. The assembling process went smoothly.

12 Pack

The shape degranulation is basically completed.

13 Pack

This step is mainly to degranulate the bottom.

14 Pack

The overall ship is basically completed, and the propellers are a bit handsome.

15 pack

The Base and gunboat.


The finished picture on the balcony and the picture taken with other Star Wars. Razor is a younger brother in front of other big star wars


1. The shape of the finished product is well degranulated, and the overall appearance is quite sci-fi. Two huge and exaggerated pushers are a highlight of the appearance.

It would be perfect if the cockpit could be replaced with transparent bricks.

2. In terms of structure, apart from the abnormal assembly of packs 5 and 6, the rest is not too difficult. The structure and firmness are also good, because the structure is a sloping design, so a large number of independent modules are used.

After assembly, each module can actually be disassembled independently. So it not so friendly for novices. In the Star Wars series, the difficulty is still there.

3. In terms of cost performance, the blessing of GOBRICKS parts is the best choice besides Lego. However, the nozzles of GOBRICKS recent parts have significantly increased. It is not known whether it is due to the wear of the abrasive tools.

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