Lego bricks vs GOBRICKS-who is better?

Lego is almost synonymous with building block toys, and Lego bricks build the entire kingdom of building blocks. But Lego is not all.

GOBRICKS may be the closest to the quality of Lego bricks. There are Lego alternatives in the world. GOBRICKS focus on the production of bricks.

Lego bricks vs GOBRICKS

1. part numbering

Lego and GOBRICKS have corresponding part numbering on the bricks, and they have a set of numbering system. The numbering of the two are not consistent.

At the bottom of the Lego bricks, you will see a 4-digit or 5-digit number. This is its design number, which identifies the shape of the brick particles.

In addition to the shape of parts, digital numbers are also used to identify another attribute of them: color, and sometimes even the process used to clarify the material they are made of or to color them.

The element number of the part is just a combination of the two: the four-digit design number and the two-digit color number are connected together.

2. Touch feeling

From the perspective of feel, Lego bricks> GOBRICKS> other bricks. The feel of the brick is a very intuitive feeling, and you can feel it when touch.

3. Assembling the hand feeling

Although it is said that the LEGO bricks are better than GOBRICKS in the hand feeling, but the both will hurt when assembling for a long time. This feeling is that when you press your two fingers harder, you will feel sore.

When building a set with the same number of parts, GOBRICKS are more painful than Lego.

4. Assembling occlusion

In terms of brick occlusion, GOBRICKS will be tighter than Lego bricks, and other brand bricks will be tighter or looser.

5. The stability of the finished product.

Due to the difference in the bite degree of the bricks, the overall suit made of domestic high bricks will be more stable than the Lego bricks on the finished product. Of course, this has a lot to do with the set design.

6. Ease of disassembly

Similarly, due to the tight bite of GOBRICKS, it is more difficult to disassemble the set, and it is easier to have the hand sore when disassembling.

7. The convenience of purchasing bricks separately.

If you want to get a certain Lego brick, you must either buy a set or buy it at Bricklink; GOBRICKS supports bulk purchase of parts on the official mall. At this point, high bricks are better than Lego

8. The variety of parts and color richness

Lego has decades of history and has accumulated a wealth of brick types and colors.The types and colors of Lego bricks should be more than GOBRICKS.


Shantou Golds Precision Technology Co., Ltd. founded GOBRICKS. The company was founded in 2017 and is located in Dutou Industrial Zone, Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, the “Capital of Toys and Gifts in China”

In the second half of 2019, the GOBRICKS praised by enthusiasts as “the light of china building blocks” entered the eyes of consumers. Its advantages such as small tolerances and rich colors were widely praised by enthusiasts, led by Mould King With the blessing of GOBRICKS, the brand of building blocks is very popular among consumers, and sales are increasing.

How to identify GOBRICKS?

Each brick of GOBRICKS is engraved with a clear part number. This number usually has four digits or three digits. You can use the search field on the GoBrick homepage ( to search and find certine brick.

However, since GOBRICKS does not seem to have a unified numbering rule, it is difficult to understand the numbering logic of GOBRICKS. For unknown reasons, GOBRICKS engraved Lego part numbers on their parts.

GOBRICKS “double numbering”

Double numbering is indeed a feature of GOBRICKS, and this identification method is also widely spread. Many players will use double numbering to determine whether a brick is from GOBRICKS, and draw conclusions about the proportion of GOBRICKS.

But in fact, many players recognize the double numbering in the wrong way. There are also a lot of players who can’t find where the number is. The numbering features of GOBRICKS are not so simple.

All in all, double numbering is not an absolutely correct way to distinguish GOBRICKS.

GOBRICKS numbering, Lego numbering, mold cavity numbering

The “double numbering” usually refers to the part number of GOBRICKS(Shantou Gaodes) printed on the plastic part, as well as the part number of Lego.

But actually there is a cavity number printed on the part, usually the 2 digits at the end of the numbering. Each injection molded plastic product waits in a cavity before being ejected from the mold.

The role of the cavity number is mainly that when the mold production process encounters a problem, it can be easily judged that the cavity has a problem, and then the mold cavity can be repaired.

However, the cavity number may be different for each part, depending on which cavity the physical part comes from, then the number is.

Not all the cavity numbers of GOBRICKS are engraved behind their own numbers, and some are engraved separately at a certain position.

The reason why the cavity number is mentioned is to prevent everyone from thinking of the cavity number as one of the double numbers.

Clearly visible double-numbering

Most of the high-brick parts are of this type, which is also easy to distinguish. This kind of double-numbering bricks belong to the vast majority

Only with GOBRICKS numbering

There are also many such bricks, but it does not mean that 100% of this brick are GOBRICKS. It does not rule out the possibility that some batches, some molds, or some mold cavities are engraved with Lego numbers.

If you encounter a brick with only this short number and want to confirm whether it is GOBRICKS, you can go to the official store to check or contact their customer service.

Hard to find numbering

The numbers of some high-brick parts are not easy to find, either they are carved in a deep and hidden place, or they may be carved very shallowly, which can only be seen by looking carefully at certain angles of reflection.

For example, the 32316 thick hole arm, the Lego number, the high brick number, and the cavity number are all in the deep groove.

There are almost all other thick hole arms (including curved thick hole arms) that are difficult to find the numbering. Because of the deep location, the light is not easy to penetrate, so sometimes it is difficult to see if you do not look closely.

Without any numbering

There are also a small part of GOBRICKS that do not have any numbers. Most of these bricks may be because there is not enough space to engrave.

gobricks (10)

After all, the cavity number cannot be less, so the part number can only be cancelled. (You may not see the cavity number on some products, but the mold designer may distinguish the cavity by dotting on it or making other marks)

Are there 100% full-GOBRICKS products?

Because GOBRICKS do not have all Lego bricks, and every SET will always encounter a few less commonly used bricks, there should be no 100% full-height brick products.

Who is using GOBRICKS now?

1、Utilization rate of GOBRICKS: 90-99%







Double Diamond



2、Some sets use GOBRICKS brand





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