Reviews of Keeppley Crayon Shin-Chan

Keeppley genuine authorized Crayon Shin-chan set, today we bring you the reviews of this series!

The reviews include Crayon Shin-Chan’s living room, cat school bus, and 5 Kuppy models.

The set’s scene specifications are very similar to the Keeppley Doraemon series shared before.

Keeppley Crayon Shin-Chan Living Room

The scene uses a corner of a semi-open living room, where the Minifigures are Crayon Shin-chan and his mom. There is a “Genuine Authorization” statement at the bottom right corner of the package.

On the back of the product details display, the play point of “press the remote control to play Dynamic superman” is quite attractive! Is it possible to play animation? It will be announced later.

After unpacking, there are a total of three coded parts bags. The number of parts is not too much, and the assembly difficulty is relatively low. It is suitable for children with 7+

There is the original animation of animation on the back of the drawing! Saw Xiaobai’s appearance! It’s a pity, this set doesn’t include Xiao Bai.

The drawing description is relatively compact, only 36 pages in total. Although it is not difficult to assemble the parts, the drawing is relatively condensed. When the children look through it, the difficulty is still a little bit higher.

The size of the Minifigure is fully compatible with the building block particles, and the proportion of the shape is very restored!

Although the floor thickness of the scene is a three-layer board structure, the parts are reduced in design. The bottom is at the joint of the floor, using parts to reinforce the joint, and the rest of the position is suspended. This saves a lot of cost and weight.

The assembly steps are very simple, and the assembly of the first package of parts is over.

The second package is assembled to connect the door and glass of the outdoor yard, which is an integrated part. The other glass door actually uses a sliding door structure, which improves the playability a lot!

The wall in the corner of the living room has structural parts that are staggered, which is very stable. Compared with Doraemon Nobita’s room, the design has been optimized a lot.

After the second package is assembled, the floor has been laid, and most of the rest is the assembly of indoor scenes.

Finally saw the core parts of “Play Dynamic superman” mentioned above! It turned out to be a music brick! This is unexpectedly exciting!

After pressing the button, a dynamic and superhuman laugh was played.

After the TV cabinet is assembled, the TV remote control is installed at the button of the music brick. After pressing it, weird laughter is played. This design point is perfect! All at once, the price of the set was worth it.

The final assembled effect picture! The room was relatively empty, with Crayon Shin-Chan’s toy box in the corner of the windowsill; and the comic books that had not been finished were thrown everywhere by the door.

Mom’s clothes were folded, and they were placed on the coffee table, and he began to train Crayon Shin-Chan, don’t always make strange laughs when watching Superman!

The exterior wall design of the living room is also very complete and clean.

Keeppley cat school bus

The second is the cat school bus of Futaba Kindergarten. The box is almost half smaller than the living room of Crayon Shin-Chan’s house, but the number of parts and bags is the same.

On the back of the drawing, Toru Kazama was helping Crayon Shin-Chan learn ABC, but Crayon Shin-Chan had fallen asleep long ago.

There are 34 pages of drawings. There are three mini figures this time. They are The principal, Nohara Shinnosuke, and Toru Kazama.

When assembling Crayon Shin-Chan and Toru Kazama, there is a direction card inside the body, and the direction of the buttocks will not be reversed.

Special attention should be paid to the assembly of printed parts of the car body. The drawing does not specify the direction of the pattern in detail. It needs to be assembled in conjunction with the box cover photo.

In the back seat of the car, a spring outing hat was hung in one of the seats. Don’t know which kid had forgotten it.

In front of the middle row of the car, there is a yellow printed book bag hanging.

The second package is assembled. The windows around the trolley are designed with borderless glass. The driving position of the park leader is too open. In fact, the hands and legs of the driver cannot reach the steering wheel brake.

The roof adopts an upturned structure instead of taking it off directly.

The head of the park stood on the roof of the car, lifted the roof hard, and shouted: Everyone, get on the car! I can’t hold on anymore.

Finally, the principal dragged the two children into the seats of the car and then started the school bus on the road.

Keeppley Crayon Shin-Chan Kuppy

Finally, there are five very interesting Kuppy reviews!

First of all, it also brings the reviews of Crayon Shin-Chan and Toru Kazama. After unpacking, each Kuppy contains three parts bags, all of which are unnumbered and can be torn apart and assembled.

The character’s face uses one-piece parts, which can better reflect Crayon Shin-Chan’s fat face.

The instrument in Crayon Shin-Chan’s hand is two sand hammers.

The internal structure of the head assembly is actually quite small, and the outside fits the hair and facial expressions on all four sides.

The assembly is complete. Suddenly found that on the back of the bookshelf, there was the same beautiful portrait! It’s finally revealed, who owns the book on the coffee table in the living room of Crayon Shin-Chan’s house!

The musical instrument that Toru Kazama held in his hand was a triangular bell.

The effect of two guys assembling. Next is the assembly of the remaining three Kuppy.

Crayon Shin-Chan, who shakes his ass on the right, is definitely the hottest item in this Kuppy series! Unexpectedly, Keeppley could withstand the pressure and successfully persuaded the copyright owner to authorize such an interesting look!

Dumb’s head is the most interesting of the five Kuppy models. It uses a number of special pieces to assemble the entire goose-egg-shaped dumb head.

Dumb’s instrument is percussion drums.

Another Sakurada Nini holds a tambourine in her hand. But it’s just a one-sided design:

From another point of view, it is revealing.

In addition, Sakurada Nini’s pigtails are made of small flame parts. This part is too small, so if you look at it from the front, you won’t see this little braid.

The musical instrument Sakurada Nini uses is a tambourine.

Finally arrived the most interesting ass shaking Crayon Shin-Chan assembling!

The shape of the entire squat is quite restored, with the rear protruding buttocks, in addition to the two large eyes drawn on the left and right flaps, and the deep groin in the middle.

Keeppley Crayon Shin-Chan (29)

The details of the white ruffled socks on the two calves are also very well done!

This look is really interesting! I don’t know if Keeppley will consider adding Crayon Shin-Chan’s elephant to a Kuppy?

Put the last five Kuppy together for a big picture! Everyone is seriously playing the other four musical instruments, the Crayon Shin-Chan on the left is quite weird and abrupt!

Comparing Kuppy’s Crayon Shin-Chan with the Minifigure ratio of Kuppy, half of the size is less than that.

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