SEMBO 15 full range of products list

SEMBO blocks was established in 2010 as a Chinese toy brand. The brand slogan is: Mini World Great Dreams

Good at ingeniously integrating products with current popular elements, actively paying attention to the trend of the country, willing to connect with the younger generation, and determined to build itself into a brand of national tide building blocks!10+ LEGO alternative building block brands

SEMBO full range of products list

1. The Wandering Earth Series

2. Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Series

3. China Aerospace Series

4. Military equipment series

5. City Special Police Series

6. Urban Street View Series

7. Old Beijing Street Scene Series

8. Chinatown Street View Series

9. Japanese style street scene series

10. Jaeger mechanical code series

11. Mini racing series

12. Ultraman Superman Series

13. Ultraman Monster Series

14. Transformers series

15. Combination Robot Series

The Wandering Earth Series

“The Wandering Earth” is based on Liu Cixin’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of the sun is about to be destroyed and mankind is facing desperation. Therefore, the “Wandering Earth” project is launched, trying to take the earth to escape the solar system and find a new home for mankind!

As a national tide brand, SEMBO also seized the opportunity to successfully obtain the official IP authorization and developed many new peripheral products based on this!

SEMBO CN171 Box Carrier

2019 / 3712pcs / 73*15*22cm

SEMBO CN171 Box Carrier

The truck and the minifigure combine to create a variety of interesting scenes. The minifigures include all the main characters in the movie.

Including exquisite interior seat operation, rear-turnable stairs, open side hatches, crane linkage, exquisite front, and the height of the box-type carrier in the movie!

SEMBO Planetary Engine

2019 / 2453pcs / 39*39*17cm

SEMBO Planetary Engine

When the 10,000 planetary engines are turned on at full power, it will drive the entire earth out of the solar system and embark on a wandering journey from then on.

This model includes a swingable jet nozzle and a hierarchical structure design. It is a must-have set for fans of the wandering earth!

SEMBO CN373 Large Bucket Carrier

2019 / 1535pcs / 53*12*11cm

SEMBO CN373 Large Bucket Carrier

This model includes an exquisite car interior console, exquisite rear taillights, an openable rear pour door, and exquisite car top.

As in the movie, it has a classic engineering yellow color scheme, matched with cool black, which is more sci-fi style

SEMBO Underground City

2019 / 1087pcs / 12*6*8cm

SEMBO Underground City

In the underground world, all kinds of shops in the real society are as forested as the ground, just like real cities!

Each part includes a supply truck, a brother shop, a food shop, a barbecue shop, a bookstore, a prayer tree, a lion dance, and a pharmacy.

Highly restore the architectural style of the dungeon in the movie!

SEMBO launch vehicle

2019 / 332pcs / 25*25*35cm

SEMBO launch vehicle

Many Chinese astronauts took the carrier rocket to the Navigator Space Station, and shouldered the important task of navigator together with their international peers!

This model includes a detachable rocket head, a hierarchical structure design, and flame elements to add fun

Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Series

This series inherits the culture of the Forbidden City ,completely restores the architectural design of the ancient Forbidden City. The proportions of all parts are coordinated, the cornices are beautiful, and the shape is exquisite and unique, recreating the superb architectural skills of the ancients!

SEMBO Turret Collector’s Edition

2020 / 8245pcs / 42*42*43.5cm

SEMBO Turret Collector's Edition

The three-story double eaves are staggered and exquisite, the glass tile roof is gorgeous and colorful, the squatting beasts are vivid, the movable door is interesting and exquisite, the dougong weighing structure is beautiful, and the exquisite minifigures play various roles!

SEMBO Yanxi Palace

2020 / 2587pcs / 38.7*19.4*20.5cm

SEMBO Yanxi Palace

It belongs to one of the six east palaces of the inner court of the Forbidden City. It is located in the lower southeast corner of the east six palaces area.

This style is a Western-style building with a high degree of reduction. The palace door on the ground floor is designed to be opened and closed, and the whole is very beautiful.

SEMBO Hall of Supreme Harmony

2020 / 742pcs / 25.6*12.8*10cm

SEMBO Hall of Supreme Harmony

The Hall of Supreme Harmony, commonly known as the Jinluan Hall, is the essence of the Han palace architecture and one of the three major halls of Dongfeng.

Located in the Forbidden City, Beijing, the prominent position of the north-south main axis of the Forbidden City, built in 1420, called Fengtian Hall

China Aerospace Series

This series is an aerospace series set jointly launched by SEMBO and China Aerospace Cultural and Creative!

In order to let more people understand and understand China’s aerospace, SEMBO has launched manned spacecraft, artificial satellites, launch bases and many other aerospace peripherals with its good building blocks!

Friends who want to explore the vast universe, and children who want to learn about rocket launching, can all benefit from this series of sets!

SEMBO Remote Controlled Manned Spacecraft Launch Base

2020 / 2221pcs / 18*18*52cm

SEMBO Remote Controlled Manned Spacecraft Launch Base

The prototype is the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, which is also a remote control board building block model

There are also functional analysis of multiple modeling parts, which can more intuitively understand the operating status of the launch base

Highly reduced rocket structure, including high-altitude escape engine, escape tower, secondary oxidizer tank, secondary fuel tank, secondary engine, primary oxidizer tank, booster, stabilizer tail

SEMBO Long March One

2020 / 2147pcs / 15*15*95cm

SEMBO Long March One

The three-stage launch vehicle developed for launching artificial satellites, the Long March 1 was born!

This model is a building block model authorized by the Long March No. 1 edition, and the internal structure analysis is very rich and not monotonous!

SEMBO satellite launch

2020 / 1627pcs / 12*8*32cm

SEMBO satellite launch

Long March 1 carrier rocket, Dongfanghong 1 is here to report!

The same as the aerospace series, this model also has an extremely rich and non-monotonous internal structure. It can also acquire aerospace knowledge while being assembled

SEMBO Manned Space Test Platform

2020 / 1002pcs / 50*32.5*15cm

SEMBO Manned Space Test Platform

This model is a building block model of Tiangong No. 1, with a high-reduction design and excellent quality!

Product structure analysis is intuitive, including docking structure, experimental cabin, solar wing, antenna, resource cabin, power series

There are space breeding scenes, space teaching scenes, space life scenes, etc. The experience of building is very interesting

Military equipment series

This series focuses on militarized equipment, using it as a prototype, using building blocks for true restoration!

The package includes large ships, fighter jets, missile equipment, combat vehicles of various arms, and special vehicles.

There should be all the military sets you want here.

SEMBO Shandong Ship

2020 / 3010pcs / 92*25.6*28.8cm

SEMBO Shandong Ship

This model is a genuine authorized product of Shandong ship

This model can be loaded with carrier-based aircraft and multiple carrier-based fighters at the same time. The usable deck area is greatly increased, the command and control center is highly restored, and the interior cabin has brilliant lighting effects, which will definitely make people love it!

SEMBO Dongfeng 41 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

2020 / 1585pcs / 24*5*8cm

SEMBO Dongfeng 41 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

The building block model based on the Dongfeng 41 intercontinental ballistic missile carrier

It can simulate launching missiles, the tires can be linked to turn, the missile bracket is raised, and the built-in lighting components

SEMBO J-15 carrier fighter

2020 / 1186pcs / 48.5*32.5*11.3cm

SEMBO J-15 carrier fighter

This model is based on the Shandong-ship carrier J-15 as its prototype, which highly restores the invincible flying posture of the J-15!

The wings can be folded, the cockpit can be opened, the internal pilot and instrument panel details are uneven and printed with the Flying Shark logo

There are 6 shells suspended under the fuselage, which can hit the target at a long distance, restoring the combat capability of the fourth-generation semi-fighter!

City Special Police Series

It is based on the story surrounding the city’s special police punishing and eliminating evil. The resulting special police combat equipment sets and scenarios, including helicopters, communication vehicles, and patrol ships

SEMBO Special Police Prison Island

2019 / 1548pcs / 24*12*24cm

SEMBO Special Police Prison Island

This paragraph vividly shows the story of the special police fighting against the vicious prisoners on the prison island!

SEMBO Combat Command Vehicle

2018 / 716pcs / 8*8*10cm / (each)

SEMBO Combat Command Vehicle

This is an eight-in-one police communication vehicle, with a single three-variable model, and 27 cool ways to play!

It includes armored artillery vehicles, personnel carriers, off-road purset vehicles, command posts, helicopters, combat speedboats, and guards!

It can become a four-in-one combat ship and a four-in-one heavy armored vehicle!

Urban Street View Series

The theme of this series is based on the streetscape architecture of people’s daily life, and is divided into large sets and mini sets.

There are currently two large sets, namely a casual coffee house and a nightclub. And there are more than 20 kinds of mini sets

SEMBO Casual Coffee House

2019 / 2059pcs / 54*38.3*37.5cm

SEMBO Casual Coffee House

The interior of this model can be opened and closed to officially open the business mode, and it is also equipped with dreamy and soft lighting effects. This model is divided into three floors, the third floor is the rooftop cafe, the second floor is the outdoor cafe, and the first floor is the front desk for ordering food.

SEMBO Game Store

2020 / 291pcs / 8*8*14.8cm

SEMBO Game Store

Here are all buildings that people will encounter in daily life. Freely assemble and build your own city streetscape

Old Beijing Street Scene Series

With the theme of old Beijing flavor, the authentic architecture of the capital is reproduced. The set mainly includes old Beijing authentic snack bars, bun shops, roast duck shops, pastry shops, mutton shops, etc., everything!

SEMBO Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant

2019 / 159pcs / 8*8*12cm

SEMBO Beijing Roast Duck Restaurant

Chinatown Street View Series

Based on overseas Chinatowns, it is a building block theme that can arouse the memories of overseas compatriots. The set is mainly composed of buildings with the characteristics of Chinatown, such as Chuanxiang Restaurant, Pawnshop, Gold Shop, Tea House, and Martial Arts Hall.

SEMBO Bakery

2019 / 169pcs / 8*8*12cm

SEMBO Bakery

Japanese style street scene series

Based on Japanese style, it presents classic Japanese architecture, including various snack bars and landmark buildings~

The set is mainly composed of Japanese-style buildings such as Osaka takoyaki, sushi restaurant, ramen restaurant, skewers restaurant, pancake restaurant.

Mechanical password series

This series can be compared to the LEGO technic series. The sets are all vehicles with complex mechanical structure principles. Mainly include supercars, engineering vehicles, and special vehicles

Friends who like theLEGO technic series can also use the SEMBO series as lego alternative.

SEMBO Ferrari sports car-Enzo

2019 / 2569pcs / 45.5*13*27cm

SEMBO Ferrari sports car-Enzo

This is a remote control sports car! Including a specially provided remote control and receiver, you can enjoy the speed of the sports car!

At the same time, it has a very high degree of reduction, including open and close car covers, vertical gull-wing doors, domineering car rear, electroplated wheels, and can simulate a real engine. The engine piston jumps with the rotation of the wheel!

SEMBO Mark Container Truck

2019 / 1202pcs / 58*17*19cm

SEMBO Mark Container Truck

This is a large container truck set, which can be turned by controlling the steering wheel, and the body can be disassembled separately for play

SEMBO Ford Raptor

2019 / 1630pcs / 32*14*15cm

SEMBO Ford Raptor

It has a cool shape, can open and close the door, restore the real shock absorber function, the internal design is very delicate, and reproduce the real car interior!

Mini racing series

This series is against lego speed champions ! Both are small-sized supercar sets, and there are many types!

SEMBO Ferrari 458gt2

2019 / 189pcs / 16*6*4cm

SEMBO Ferrari 458gt2

The body sign of the classic super racing car, the minifigure raised the championship trophy. All prove that this is a Ferrari car that won the championship honor!

Ultraman Superman Series

This series is based on the famous Japanese special film Ultraman Ultraman, using building blocks to build various elements of the special film! The set mainly includes superman weapons, human bases, airplanes, cars

SEMBO Victory Feiyan 2

2020 / 746pcs / 21*6*10cm

SEMBO Victory Feiyan 2

It is believed that many post-90s have fresh memories of Superman Dijiali’s Victory Flying Swallow No. 2, and its unique powerful weapon against monsters, the Texas Cannon, makes many monsters even more frightened!

The fort can be opened and closed freely, and all joints can be moved! The monsters are coming, what kind of weapon will you use to fight against them!

Ultraman Monster Series

Take the monsters in the famous Japanese Ultraman film as the prototype, use building blocks to restore a variety of famous monsters!

The monster sets under this theme are all small particles, which are very setable as home furnishings

SEMBO Monster Gallatron

2019 / 538pcs / 13*3*15cm

SEMBO Monster Gallatron

Galatron has a full-body mechanical equipment, the whip of Galatron can be extended behind his head, the blade of Galatron in his right hand, flash attacks on his chest, and many powerful skills! The joints of the whole body can be moved, so take the most vicious monster pose!

Transformers series

The set under the Transformers theme comes in two forms, which can be switched freely between mecha and beast! Friends who like the deformation of steel mecha can try this series of sets


2017 / 451pcs / 13*3*15cm


The minifigure can sit inside the steel mecha and begin to deform! You can freely switch between the steel mecha and the flying dragon and beast! Which form do you prefer?

Combined Diamond Series

The theme is that a variety of single-product sets can be combined into a large mecha, and the number of particles is about 700. Topics include fire trucks, engineering vehicles, racing cars, special vehicles

SEMBO Protector of Accumulated Change

2019 / 733pcs / 10.5*3*23cm

SEMBO Protector of Accumulated Change

By the Gudan submarine, the oceangoing battle The ship, the Tianyao helicopter, the Meteor Light fighter, the earth armored vehicle, and the swift tank are combined into a steel mecha!

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