Reviews of KOPF 6145 Superheros

It is necessary to introduce the minifigure series in a separate category, because there are several China brands focusing on launching minifigure series, wm block, koruit, KOPF, XINH, KDL, DUODUO.

Today I bring a reviews of superheroes minifigures from KOPF. The set does not have a clear theme. Maybe the characters are inspired by “WHAT IF…?”. Picture from MIZHIMOKUAI.


Shang Qi is really inconspicuous anywhere


KF1577 Shang-chi

KF1578 Doctor octopus

KF1579 Iron man

KF1580 Spider-man

KF1581 Zombie captain

KF1582 Star Lord

KF1583 Captain America

KF1584 Doctor strange

Shang Chi

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings movie release in 2021, is this minifigure too ordinary for a superhero? Ten rings became 4 rings


Star Lord

Taking off the helmet is actually a black man. Is it the Black Panther Star-Lord?

Doctor Strange

Since there are no additional handle parts, the two plates of PIZZA here can only be directly stuck in the hand.


Spider-Man is not equipped with a spider head but a spider headgear. It is a pity that because there is too little reserved space for the cape collar, wearing the headgear in the cape state will interfere with the parts, so you can only use the normal head to wear the cape. This cape is too similar to Doctor Strange’s cape to tell the difference.

Zombie Captain

Basically the same as Lego Pumpkin, the entire minifigure has zombified printing, a helmet, and the shield has “zombified” printing (the shield is round and not damaged)

Captain America Falcon

Although there is hair covering it, the printing on the straps of the goggles on the back of the head is still made. The wings and the aircraft behind are also printed pieces.

Iron man MK85

There is no source, the most worthwhile one in the set, the body is fully printed, and the helmet is printed on all sides

Doctor Octopus

The popularity of Spider-Man 3 Heroes of No Return also brought Dr. Octopus back to his sight. This claw is bigger than a minifigure!

Group photo

When placing together with other superheros,Shang Chi really has no sense of existence


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