Mould king AT-AT VS Lego,what is the difference?

In 2021, LEGO launched USC AT-AT, and Mould King also launched AT-AT. What’s the difference between them?

Mould King AT-AT has 6919PCS, comes with a battery box and a medium motor, the following is the reviews from QIEPINJIMU.

Mould king 21015 Packaging and Manuals

mould king 21015 AT-AT (1)

Brand: Mould King

Name: All Terrain Armored Transport Walker AT-AT

Number: 21015

Number of particles 6919PCS

Product size 58*74.4*25.6cm

Mould King’s interstellar series are basically big guys. The overall shape of this AT-AT is almost the same as the Lego model. The difference may lie in the details. The number of particles is also close to 7000 particles.

Look at the box photo, it’s very heavy in the hand.

​The inner box contains two boxes of AB, which are stuffed to the brim. There are a total of 11 packages of step subcontracting, of which package No. 0 is a general package. A manual, a sticker. A battery box and a medium motor​​

​There are few technic pins in the universal bag, which means that there are fewer technical parts used in this one.

The hammer is very necessary, otherwise the hand will be destroyed by pressing.

GOBRICKS, tight.​

Building process

1 pack

​There are many repetitive steps in the assembly process, and the first package is completed here.​​​

2 pack

It can be said that AT-AT is assembled from the stomach, and it is basically built with bricks. The purpose of the motor is very tasteless, it is to control the lifting and lowering of a small hook, so in fact, you can remove the motor part and omit this part.​

3 pack​

Mainly the addition and fixation of the internal structure of AT-AT, as well as the assembly of the neck​

4 pack

​Top cover, ​four legs are a big project, but the repetitiveness is too strong, and you want to sleep.​

5 pack

​Repeat all four thighs

6 Pack

​Strong and powerful thighs​, probably the prototype is basically out.​

7 pack

The four repeatedly built foot support pads mainly play a role of stable support, but the connection points are relatively weak.

8 pack

​Started the assembly of the outside of the AT-AT body

9 pack

Continue the assembly of the outer baffle of the body part.

10 pack

The cockpit is on the head, and the head is assembled very quickly. ​It is basically completed here


1. In appearance, it is very good to restore the A in the movie

The appearance of the T-AT walker. The overall light gray color scheme belongs to the regular Star Wars building block color scheme.

2. The connection of the four long legs is not very strong in structure. When placing the shape, you need to pay attention to the angle of placement, otherwise the overall standing shape will be in danger of tipping.

The body part use technology structure, and the four sides can be turned. The motor battery box is basically a decoration, tasteless and useless.

mould king 21015 AT-AT (43)

3. The whole set basically uses GOBRICKS parts, the quality need not be said, it is compact, the large bricks are used a lot, and the cost performance is very high

4. There is basically no difficulty in assembling except for Combining several parts. The assembly process is rather boring and monotonous.

mould king 21015 AT-AT (44)

5. Assembly experience. Personally, if you are not a fan of Star Wars,I think this set is not recommended to buy except for its unique appearance, because the assembly process is too boring and monotonous. But for Star Wars fans, it seems that there are still not many options.

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