10+ LEGO alternative building block brands

When we talk about building toy building blocks. Most people only know the famous brand Lego, but there are actually many other brands (LEGO alternatives). They also bring a variety of different themed building blocks. Lego and LEGO alternative work together to complete the brick world. Following are 10 LEGO alternative.


SEMBO was established in 2010 and is a building block manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales of building block toys.

The company slogan is Mini World Great Dreams! It explains the essence of the building blocks.

As the leader of the china building block brand, SEMBO series research and development strength, joint IP product series, etc.


SEMBO is very good at integrating products with current popular elements. The Wandering Earth series is a great example!

In 2019, it cooperated with the hot movie “Wandering Earth” at the time, and obtained the official IP authorization, and developed corresponding building block sets based on various elements of the film

The Forbidden City Cultural and Creative Series was released on January 30, 2021, and sembo will continue to open up new fronts on the road of china brand!

SEMBO-701020 Ferrari Enzo-2019

This is a remote control supercar! It has a high degree of reproducibility, including open and close car hoods, vertical gull-wing doors, domineering car rear, electroplated wheels, etc. It can also simulate a real engine. The engine piston jumps with the rotation of the wheel! Very playable!

SEMBO-107009 CN171 Box Carrier-2019

This vehicle can be combined with the main characters in the movie to create a variety of interesting scenes! Including exquisite interior seat operation, rear-turnable stairs, openable side hatches, crane linkage, exquisite front, etc.

SEMBO-203308 Remote Controlled Manned Spacecraft Launch Base-2020

This model is based on the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center as a prototype, or a remote control board building block model~ Contains functional analysis of multiple modeling parts, so that you can more intuitively understand the operating status of the launch base

Mould King

Mould King is a brand of Yuxing Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. ~ The company was founded in 2012 and is a comprehensive toy manufacturer integrating toy development, production and sales.

mould king

Mould King has worked in many series such as the mechanical group MOC supercar, streetscape architecture, the universe, and interstellar, and each series has masterpieces!

It is worth mentioning that Mould King added his own unique thinking to the building block set~

In the MOC car model series, Mould King focus on the research and development of high particle count and high-quality supercar suits, integrated into the remote control module, and the playability is greatly improved!

In the Cosmos Interstellar series, Mould King focuses on the research and development of super-large high-particle-count suits, which are extremely displayable and meet the needs of high-end players!

Therefore, the above two series have also become the main promotion projects of Mould King! However, there are many good products in other series!

9 main building blocks series of Mould King


CaDA is a sub-brand of DoubleE,which is a brand created by Guangdong Shuangying Toy Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1995

The products are known for their high quality, and occupy an important share in the mainstream supermarkets in China’s first-tier cities, and are exported to more than 60 countries in the world!

cada lego

In the field of technological building block suits, DoubleE Cada is a leading brand in China. Its building block injection level and mold accuracy are already comparable to those of LEGO products!

DoubleE Cada takes the flagship supercar series, the original D authorized series, and the mini programming racing series as the brand’s key projects!

The flagship mechanical group supercar series is the most eye-catching. They are all designed by the foreign MOCer. They highly restore the real structure of the supercar. With a remote-control module and lighting, it has a high degree of display and playability! It’s really great!

CaDA-C61042 Italian Supercar-2020

This model was designed and produced by Bruno, a well-known foreign MOC player, and is based on a real car prototype design! The exterior and interior details are highly restored. The four-wheel-drive is equipped with independent suspension and shock absorber springs.

CaDA-C61041 Crazy Bull Supercar-2020

This model has a highly simulated appearance, iconic headlights, full internal details, multiple movable body parts, independent suspension front and rear, with a V12-cylinder engine, customized sports car wheels to highlight the true color of the car, showing the king’s domineering!

CaDA-C61019 Toyota-AE86-2019

The AE86 of the well-known Fujiwara Tofu shop, the undefeated legend of Akina Mountain, presumably everyone is no stranger to this car! And Ah Banzi also saw the charm of the car through the comics, until he saw the end of the final season!

CaDA-C51054 Son of the Wind-2020

This model has a highly simulated appearance and details! The driving details are rich, the tail wing is manually adjusted, and there are corresponding indicator lights when forward and backward!

It also contains Scratch programming elements, which can greatly exercise players’ practical ability, logical thinking, exploration ability and overall quality!

Reviews of CaDA AE86 Fujiwara Takumi

Reviews of CaDA lego Fujiwara tofu shop

CaDA 1: 8 HUMVEE Military Technology Car


XINGBAO was established in December 2016, starting from world-famous MOC works, original design as the basis, and unlimited creativity as the goal, determined to build China’s mid-to-high-end building block brand operator!


With advanced production injection molding equipment and various types of high-precision building block molds, strict quality control ensures the stability of product quality!

XINGBAO has quality certificates such as EU certification, 3C certification, and BSCI factory inspection certification!

The main selling point of Star Castle building blocks is the street view building series, including the theme of Chinese style and the theme of Europa~

The Chinese-style streetscape is based on the prosperous Tang Dynasty as its creative background, and its building block suits meticulously restore the magnificent and magnificent scene of Chang’an City at that time!

In addition, Starcastle has obtained authorization from well-known MOC authors around the world and mass-produced its works, so that excellent works from all over the world can be mass-produced and displayed, and at the same time, building block enthusiasts can access more different types of creative ideas. Building block works!

11 main product series of XINGBAO Blocks


I believe everyone is no stranger to Xiaomi,we all know is a company focusing on the research and development of smart hardware and electronic products~

But Xiaomi products are not only smart phones and household items, but also smart play! Xiaomi building blocks are one of them!

xiaomi onebot

ONEBOT is an independent brand created by Aiqi Technology, and Xiaomi building blocks are also from the same R&D and design team

Both use the same raw materials, molds, and technological processes, and also strictly implement high-standard quality monitoring

However, the two brand products are often mixed and matched (Xiaomi, Mi Rabbit and ONEBOT), which are collectively referred to as Xiaomi building blocks in the following~

Xiaomi is mainly based on the common building block set series, such as science fiction, mechanical group, robot, etc.~ Its assembly drawings are presented in a three-dimensional form on the APP, which is very novel and unique~

Unlike other brands, Xiaomi MI is good at using intelligent AI to combine with building blocks, and its products are mostly related to programming and remote control~

ONEBOT-Orion Hexapod Titan-2020

The background of this model is set as a virus-infected mining robot, which was later transformed into a hexapod Titan, with the goal of regaining the lost mining area!

It has a multi-joint bionic structure, which is flexible in attack and defense. It also has a new intelligent building block control structure, which can realize many flexible functions through smart modules such as Bluetooth!

ONEBOT-Road Racing Drift Edition-2020

This racing car has the characteristics of high-speed driving and precise steering! The motor provides strong power output, and the steering gear controls high-precision steering! There are two control options: mini program or remote control, feel the excitement of rapid drift as you like!

ONEBOT -Anti-track Mecha-2019

This model can control the action of the robot through the mobile phone APP, with three remote control modes, easy to learn!

Through graphical programming, robot actions can be freely matched, which is full of unlimited exploration fun!


QMAN was founded in 1994, with the brand concept of “accompanying children at every step” .

QMAN insists on providing innovative and high-quality building block products! With more than 20 years’ experience, it has become the leading brand of Chinese building blocks!


QMAN have passed EU CE, American ASTM certification and 3C national certification for China’s toy industry!

QMAN focuses on the growth of children of different ages, making more children’s dreams easier to come true, and building a wonderful world!

Each series of building block product sets are very creative, and at the same time they care about current social events, keep abreast of social hot spots, and are very popular with children!

The officially authorized Pokémon series and the self-developed submarine small column series have been well received!

QMAN-K10114 Hall of Supreme Harmony-2020

The Hall of Supreme Harmony is the largest and highest-level building in the Forbidden City, ranking first among ancient Chinese buildings!

This model is a joint series of the Forbidden City, re-engraving the classic elements of the Forbidden City, including bronze cranes, sundials, bronze tortoises, etc. It is very enjoyable!

QMAN-S0101 Large Pikachu-2019

QMAN Pokémon series is a building block series product set launched by the official IP authorization

This large Pikachu is the flagship suit of the Pokémon series, and it also comes with an exclusive nameplate and Pokeball

QMAN-3708 Octopus Castle-2018

This is a small submarine column underwater base, with a full set of living and entertainment facilities, and it can also move in the world’s oceans


Wange is based on solid product quality, focusing on the field of educational building blocks, just to make more fun and interesting building block toys!

Wange takes architectural landmark series, large animal series, engineering science and education series as key brand projects!


WANGE architectural series are based on well-known landmarks all over the world. They are highly restored in the form of multi-particles with highly collectible

The engineering science and education series present the principle of mechanical transmission with simple building blocks. They are clear and easy to understand, which greatly cultivates children’s interests and multiple abilities!

Wange-6217 Potala Palace, Tibet-2020

The Potala Palace is a palace-style building complex in Tibet, with a Tibetan style and majestic momentum!

This model is one of the world-renowned architectural landmark series. There are many other landmarks in the series.


KAZI belongs to Kaiyu Toys Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong. It has launched nearly 100 products, which are sold all over the world and are well received by players!


All products have passed the national 3C emphasized certification, quality system certification, and also passed international inspection standards!

Kaizhi’s products are mostly focused on the growth of children of all ages, and various products are specially designed for children of all ages.

The train track series and the Guofeng building series are the key promotion items of the brand, and they are all worth adding to the collection list

KAZI- Nine-Piece Complete Set of Nine Dragons Wall-2020

This series finely presents a single-sided glass dragon wall, conveying rich meaning and cultural connotation to the world!

The whole body is full of dynamic and vivid expression, integrating cultural architecture into people’s daily life


LOZ come from Chenghai, Shantou, Guangdong. All products of the series are authorized by genuine and strict international standards. It advocates developing children’s thinking ability, creative ability, and imagination!


LOZ is good at putting cute images into realistic models, and is a great display for bookshelves and desks at home!

LOZ focuses on the architectural street scene series, with various themes, including Chinese themes, amusement park themes and urban themes, all of which are full of creativity and exquisite details. It is very worthwhile to start!

LOZ-1023-1025 Great China Street three-piece suit

This series perfectly inherits the traditional Chinese architectural culture, allowing people in the new era to experience the unique Chinese oriental charm~

Including teahouse, Baozhilin, and inn, three streetscape buildings with Chinese characteristics~

LOZ-1717~1721 Five-piece Mini Playground Set-2020

This series is specially designed for children who love amusement parks. The amusement equipment can find prototypes in life, which is very cute and interesting~

Contains classic amusement elements such as pirate ship, ferris wheel, rotating plane, carousel, claw machine and so on


GUDI are a brand of Guangdong Xinle New Science, Education and Culture Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2000, the company is now one of the well-known brands in China’s toy industry. GUDI has multiple product lines such as original IP and brand IP cooperation, which are sold in major markets at home and abroad.

Most of Gudi’s building block sets are designed for children, so the colors are bright, the number of particles is small,

GUDI-8815ct aerospace series four-piece set-2020

This series is an aerospace series specially designed for children! Use building blocks to realize children’s science and technology dreams of spaceflight!

Each style is full of details, has movable parts, and is extremely playable!

GUDI-8055 Plants vs. Zombies Five-Piece Set-2020

Authorized by the genuine game of “Plants vs. Zombies”, the game zombies are restored in real life, each one is very lifelike, and there is a combination of skills!

Including desert vandals, bay travelers, plains chariots, zombie chicken guardians, and mech giant zombies!

Plants Vs. Zombies authorized GUDI Brick Toy

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