Reviews of Keeppley Crayon Shin-Chan’s home

Since keeppley obtained the authorization of Crayon Shin-chan, a variety of building block products have been released. Today’s reviews product is Keeppley 20612 Crayon Shin-Chan’s home! pictures and content are from JIMUQUANZI.

Reviews of Keeppley Crayon Shin-Chan

5 keeppley crayon shin-chan square head block

This product is a set of street view building kits. The weight with packaging is 6KG!

The front of the package is the physical picture, the upper right corner is the genuine laser label, and the lower right corner is the logo of genuine authorization.

The details of the street view are introduced on the back, the size is 43.5X32X32cm. There are five minifigures, and finally the Crayon Shin-Chan family are all on stage this time! In terms of interiors, in addition to the previous small scene living room, this time also includes the yard, kitchen, and bedroom.

Genuine authorization, so the interior is exactly the same as the animation setting! Every scene of the animation can be found in the street scene of Keeppley.


The inner box is packed in an airplane box, with original paintings of Crayon Shin-Chan and Rro(Crayon Shin-Chan dog) dancing.

After opening, you see two separate sub-packages. This design is consistent with Keeppley’s previous Forbidden City suit series.

After opening the box, I was completely shocked by the two boxes full of building blocks! There is no extra space.

The first box contains 5 coded bags, and each code distinguishes two sub-codes A and B.

On the back of the manual, there is an original painting of a family, but Crayon Shin-Chan’s costume in the suit is different from the original painting, and he wears pajamas.

The manual are also very realistic, A4 size, 282 pages; Keeppley manual are thicker, and the assembly process is also a step-by-step description.

Assembly process

1 pack

The first is the assembly of the floor, this time a single-layer floor is used, and then smooth tiles are laid on it.

The parts of the floor are not traditional building block boards, but a new lightweight 16×16 floor.

The part numbered contains four minifigures, except for Rro(Crayon Shin-Chan dog). The first time I saw Crayon Shin-Chan’s father, his face was really long.

The four minifiguress are all compatible in particle size, but Crayon Shin-Chan’s shape uses a cross-legged structure with only one particle point in the asshole. Although the feet are slightly raised, they still prevent the entire body from being installed on the floor. Therefore, it must be installed at a specific point to be more firm.

The first pack starts from the toilet! The angle of the room chosen by the designer is quite unique and has a personal style.

when finished, and a semi-open, complete toilet and part of the floor structure of the living room are completed.

2 pack

Most of the scenes in the living room are mostly the same as the K20606 Crayon Shin-Chan’s living room in the last evaluation, except that there are two more walls, and the details are naturally richer.

The interior details of this set use relatively large particles, the colors are very rich, and the assembly difficulty is very low, so the suit is suitable for ages 14+.

In fact, even a smaller child can easily complete such a huge street scene with the help of parents.

The biggest difference between the living room and the previous set is that the TV in the living room is no longer equipped with sound brick.

The left above picture is the home of Crayon Shin-Chan in this reviews, and the right is the K20606 Crayon Shin-Chan’s living room. In fact, they are interchangeable and can be regarded as a hidden function.

3 pack

Rro(Crayon Shin-Chan dog) is finally here!

The first is that the living room is basically completed. The same angle is compared with the living room of Crayon Shin-Chan’s house:

The yellow decorative line on the wall is missing.

Then came Rro(Crayon Shin-Chan dog)’s own home. By the way, I will introduce Rro(Crayon Shin-Chan dog) story, which feels very interesting.

In the early stage, Xiao Bai was assumed to be a dazed, lazy puppy, just like a toy dog. In the later period, Rro(Crayon Shin-Chan dog) IQ was set to increase at an exponential rate, and he could almost complete all the things Crayon Shin-Chan could do, such as buying things , finding lost items, and tidying up toys.

Up to now, 60% of the first floor of the Crayon Shin-Chan home has been basically completed, and the rest are the surrounding columns and the back structure.

4 pack

Mainly the yellow fence structure.

The door structure of the front door uses two round discs. This structure is not strong. Maybe the designer deliberately designed it in consideration of the thickness of the door.

5 pack

Complete the back of the street view.

The first is the bath room of Crayon Shin-Chan’s house, with a bathtub filled with water and a shower next to it.

Old style pulsator washing machine.

The first box of building blocks has finally been assembled! The whole process takes about 3 hours. Although they are all large particles, the assembly is not difficult, and the drawings are easy to understand.

The assembly of the second box of building blocks has begun!

6 pack

Complete the kitchen details.

The kitchen stool has a fixed position of 1×1 calipers, which will not move randomly in the scene. Assembling the range hood, use perforated technology bricks to install on the side of the wall.

7-13 pack

Complete the roof part of the first floor of the villa. It can be seen here that the stairs on the first floor are not connected to the second floor, and the roof is complete.

In addition, there is a small detail in the design of the back of the roof, that is, there is a 2×3 board space for positioning holes for roof installation. This detail is quite in place, which is convenient for normal disassembly and installation.

Next is the room assembly on the second floor

In the bookshelf on the second floor, Keeppley shows off its strengths again. Stack 5 bricks of different colors to make the book detail of the stack of bookshelves.

After the second floor is assembled, it can be installed on the roof of the first floor.

Next, it is necessary to integrate the three parts of the entire street view, and the front and rear rooms on the first floor are inlaid and fixed by three technic pins.

The effect of the integration of the three parts, leaving the last part of the roof assembled.

The assembling experience of the entire roof is very much like building a pyramid. The inclined bricks start from the bottom layer by layer to complete the entire cone structure.


From the four angles of the street scene, it can be seen that the design is very complete, and it can be combined with other small sets to make a lot of plot effects.

Take off the second-story roof and saw Crayon Shin-Chan’s father’s study.

keeppley Crayon Shin-Chan home (30)

Next to the study is a storage room. Except for the necessary interiors, the other spaces of the two houses are very empty. You can place three-party furniture, and you can even consider putting some gashapon props in it.

The study has a relatively long and narrow balcony, which can accommodate a Minifigures-thick space. When Crayon Shin-Chan’s parents are working, they can relax on the balcony and take a look at the scenery.

The first floor is rich in space, including 9 spaces with different functions.

The bedroom can accommodate a family of four, resting on the floor. In the evening, the family talked about trivial matters, talked about life, and imagined the future.

The family sat down to eat in the restaurant.

Looking out of the window into the living room, everyone is surrounded by the TV, watching Dynamic superman!

In the yard, Ma Ma was drying clothes, Baba was weeding, Crayon Shin-Chan and Xiaokui were playing with Rro(Crayon Shin-Chan dog) on the grass.


The whole work has a huge shape. If you assemble it for 3 to 4 hours a day, it will take 2 and a half days to complete.

The parts used are relatively large, the assembling difficulty is very low, and it is very quick to get started, which is very suitable for parent-child cooperation.

It can also be challenged by children alone.If children complete such a huge work alone, the sense of accomplishment will explode!

The minifigures in the suit are authorized by the original, which perfectly restores the characters set by the animation, and the sense of substitution in the scene is very strong.

It can be combined with other series to achieve richer scene effects.

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