Reviews of TGL fire rescue vehicle with 13 motors

TGL is a building block brand established by Shantou Taigaole Technology Co., Ltd. in 2020. At present, its products focus on various technology sets, mainly supercars and engineering vehicles.

TGL blocks

Although TGL is a young brand, it has also won the love of some players. Today we brought the reviews of the TGL fire rescue vehicle. The pictures and content are by JI MU TANG:

TGL Fire rescue vehicle (1)

The prototype of the TGL fire rescue vehicle is from (Effermann), the author in Rebrickable. The MOC numbering is moc-68753. Following is the reviews:


5030 pieces, black background picture, details and movable parts on the back, official size: 61*26.2*29.2, unit cm, standard dynamic version (no static version in the manual, fully dynamic design).

Bricks and manual

2 huge inner boxes, and the combination of 2 boxes is printed with the real car. A total of 15 packages of parts + 2 packages of general parts, and 1 package of power components + 1 package of push rods. All ziplock bags with TGL own LOGO.

Let’s take a look at the luxurious power components and push rods, including: M motor*7, L motor*2, servo motor*1, XL motor*3, 2.4G lithium battery*3, remote control*1, small push rod* 3. Big putter*8

Two very thick manuals (they are thick enough to reach the head of the minifigure).

A self-adhesive sticker, but because it is larger than the manual, it is easy to break.

The manual only has a dynamic version. The homepage will ask everyone to label the motor first, so that there will be no confusion during later installation.

On the second page, there will be a diagram of the overall connection structure of the motor. At the end of the manual, it says that the whole car is to be put together and then put sticker.

Because there are too many motors and 3 lithium batteries, it is strongly recommended that you test each motor and lithium battery first.

All parts are self-produced parts, and the feel is suitable. There are classifications of general-purpose bolts. The bolts are tight and hard.


For all steps with rack parts, you need to center the gear and the cross shaft connected in the middle is positive.

A new differential is used. Please remember that under normal circumstances, the front and rear differentials are installed in opposite directions. If they are on the same side, your car will not move. This time, the four wheels in the front row are turning at the same time.

There should be some vacancies for these cross-shafts with stops, and the shock absorber effect will be better. The manual has a mark on the wiring of the motor, but not every step. If you find that you don’t know how to go the thread, you can turn back a few pages to see the prompts.

The front arm can be opened and closed. When opened, it looks like a little dinosaur in the car in “Jurassic Park”.

At this time, power on to test the opening and closing and extension of the front arm, and the entire front of the car must be supported.

When fighting two XL motors with power output, be sure to test the initial steering of the three motors first. The two on the power side must be the same.

A lot of actions need to be energized to test, this time the test is the operation of the trailing arm.

There is an M motor in the support arm, which uses a small push rod to raise and lower the support arm.

After that, start to put together the rear parts. After finishing the rear support arm, it is also necessary to power on and test it, so that the whole car body can be lifted.

The appearance is assembled with granular parts. In this way, the reduction degree of appearance will be higher than that of decoration with decorative panels.

There is also space for the wiring of the front of the car, so it can be directly tied together.

The motor cable should be arranged at the bottom of the car. After the battery is placed in the front of the car, everyone has to power on and test the 4 functions.

The front of the car is a whole, which is very convenient for disassembly and assembly of the whole car. The steering wheel is not linked to steering, and there is no sticker on the instrument panel.

After connecting the main body, the entire car body is completely completed, as long as another jib operation table is assembled.

The boom is equipped with all four motors. The manual will remind everyone to power on and test every time there is a function.

Step 961, No. 12 cross shaft is required (in the first package), No. 11 in the original package is not required.

After that, the entire console must be energized to test four functions.

Finally, 12 wheels will be installed. Be sure to note that the center hole corresponds to the cross hole.


The front face of the car, the expression of technic + brick parts.

For the searchlight on the roof, you can install a light set by yourself, and you only need to connect the forward and backward passages.

A black light panel is made between the roof and the door to enhance the visual impact. Red and black are always a perfect match.

The front of the car is made a stopper, and the light gray bolt connector is directly used to block the car body to fix the front of the car. The front can be turned forward.

The front arm can be opened and closed. From the waist to the rear of the car, stickers are used to show the details.

The support arm looks like this, it can jam the front wheel of the vehicle and tow away. The pattern on the tail with triangular parts is also great. When the boom is lowered to the bottom, it is supported by a bracket.

The appearance of the boom is also composed of technic + brick parts. Wheel size: 62.4*20.

The Fire Dept sticker on the left side of the front of the car has a red background in the manual, but the actual product has a black background. The state of unfolding the front arm. The structure inside can also be seen from the side.

The distance from the ground after the front arm is propped up is as follows, forget to measure it.

The three batteries are separately placed (in the front of the car, in the counterweight of the console, and in the waist panel of the car)

Three batteries, remote control can only control two batteries, so when switching, turn off one battery and match the other battery.

The ground clearance distance of the rear support arm is shown in the second picture.

The unfolded state of the rear support arm is as follows. It can be stuck in the red part when it is towing. If it is required to be stuck in a desert racing car with big wheels, it must be stuck in the front position.

The size I measured by myself is 61*14 (19.5 with a rear-view mirror)*23, which is close to 5KG in weight.



The appearance is domineering, and the red and white color scheme is very beautiful.

61CM length, can your cabinet fit it?

The front and rear of the car are decorated with brick parts, and the degree of restoration is even higher. The hub cover is assembled with different parts.


The whole is very tight and not loose.Every action matches a motor.


The Appearance technic bricks are not scratched, and the technic pin parts is not as tight as the GOBRICKS.The whole set feels hard.The bricks are smooth and glossy.


Three batteries, 12 active functions

Assembling is more difficult, technology fans can challenge it.

There is a sense of accomplishment after finishing the assembly, and every step must power on more tests during the assembly process.

The linkage mechanism design of this engineering vehicle is clear and easy to understand, because there is not too much gear shifting design used, basically one action corresponds to one motor.

If you ask me to recommend a TGL engineering building block that is the most worthwhile product in 2021, I would recommend this one.

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