SUPER 18K New Technic set Lamborghini Huracan-Reviews

Technic may be the favorite of some building block players, and at the beginning of 2022, SUPER 18K released a new technic set – Lamborghini Huracan with non-load-bearing body design.

“Lamborghini Huracán” is a model of Lamborghini. The name Huracan literally translates as “hurricane” in Spanish, and the design also adheres to the usual aggressiveness of Lamborghini, especially the full LED taillights at the rear.

Lamborghini Huracan

The content of the reviews comes from JIMUTANG

SUPER 18K Lamborghini Huracan

2285 pieces, the front is the 45-degree vision of the car. On the back are details and rear photos.

Product size:50.3*23.9*16.7cm

Power:Remote control1, lithium battery box1, servo motor1, XL motor2

SUPER 18K Lamborghini Huracan (1)

Manuals and Parts

2 inner boxes of different sizes, which are the characteristics of super 18k, a total of 9 packs of parts

The long technic pin is gray, which is different from the common blue.

There are 2 general packs. 4 most common wheels + tires, the hubcap is a separate style.

A manual, the home page will introduce the steps of subcontracting and 1:1 length comparison.

The first page is a tutorial on how to use the remote control. Although all the motor replacement parts (silver parts) are given, only the servo motor needs to be builded. The 2 XL motors do not need to be builded, so there will be more parts.

The specific steps are subcontracted into 9 steps. There are wiring markings on the motor throughout the entire manual.

Two stickers, the parts are GOBRICKS (except special parts), the quality is guaranteed, and the hand feels tight.

Building process

The silver parts are only used to build the servo motor. The 27-step, carbon slim cross axles are in the universal bag on the hubcaps, along with the blue lightning car lights. Similarly, the rack should be centered, and the connecting shaft of the gear should be adjusted in a positive cross.

There is a small problem with the steering wheel. The original No. 3 cross shaft is short. When you press the steering wheel, it will interfere with the two paddles next to it. It is recommended that you replace the No. 4 shaft.

This small V10 engine is exquisite, and if the RC version , the sound of the piston is louder.

If it is RC version, try the operation of the motor at this time. Remember, the initial rotation of the motor should be the same.

What is a non-load-bearing body? At this time, it is most obvious. The RC version can directly install the wheels, and you can play it without the shell.

The front of the car has a forward leaning angle.

Very typical appearance, first build the frame, and then build the body.

For the tail part, if the No. 2 axle is used, the angle of the tail wing’s active movement is very small, and the ball head part is also easy to fall off. I replaced a 3rd axle and it worked perfectly

The lines on the front are well done and have a very aggressive feel.

After the shell and frame are completed, they are connected at 6 points to form a complete vehicle.

Finally install the wheel and press the hub cap on it.

The status without stickers is as follows. By the way, there will be a lot more parts, it is a replacement for 2 XL motors, and the static version does not need to be builded.

Finished product display

Overall 360-degree display



The front shovel is almost completely on the ground, plus the iconic front face.

The lines of the front face are restored very well.

Blue lightning lights, if they are red, they look better.

There are stickers on the tires, and the yellow wheels are not very good-looking. It would be better if it was electroplated.

Scissor door design. The design of the rear of the car seems to be a bit short, but if you look at the real car, it is almost the same.

The hood can also be opened and closed. There isn’t much trim wrapping around the rear, and you can see directly the structure inside.

This headlight, I thought it was wrong at first, but you can take a look at the real car photos, the Hurricane headlights really look like this, and they are truly restored

The wheels are floating too much, and there is no wide-body wheel brow, which does not look good from the side.

I suddenly found that the veneer connection at the rear of the car is not long enough, and you can also replace it with parts that are one level longer.

The bolt connector connected to the support rod of the tail cover is recommended to move 2 grids to the left, and the rod is still in the original position.

The hood can be opened and closed. The scissor door can be opened and closed.

Real car comparison



The restoration is good, just look at the real car photos.

It feels really good to be fat and short, but it’s a pity that the wheels protrude too much.


Non-load-bearing body, really very fresh experience, full marks.

Part of the cross shaft design is not long enough, you can replace it.


GOBRICKS parts, quality is maintained, feel is on the tight side.


The steering wheel is linked with the front wheel steering. The hood can be opened and closed.

Scissor door design, can be opened and closed. The hood can be raised and closed.

The RC upgrade package can be purchased separately, which can be remotely controlled.


The difficulty of building is average, and it can be completed by following the manuals.

The front face of SUPER 18K Lamborghini Huracan is the soul, and the appearance is good-looking, but the wheels protrude too much. It would be good if a wide-body wheel eyebrow was added.

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