Reviews of SY BLOCK McLaren Senna(1:8)

Lego launched the 42123 set McLaren Senna GTR in 2021, 830 pieces, this car is the most extreme embodiment of McLaren DNA, the purest connection between the car and the driver.

Today bring the reviews of SY BLOCK McLaren Senna technic car 8886. The ratio is 1:8, up to 3629 pieces. Compared with Lego 42123, SY BLOCK 8886 has more interiors, high-simulation car rear wings, and more linkage functions. Reviews is from JIMUTANG

SY BLOCK McLaren Senna is Licensed by MOC author S.Shawn. It is just the authorization of the work, not the depot.


3629 pieces, the model picture with white background, and the details, movable parts and manufacturer information are introduced in the back.

MOC author (S.Shawn) authorized product.

The RC upgrade package can be purchased separately, and the RC module set includes (XL motor*2, L motor*1, servo motor*1, lithium battery*1, remote control*1)

Officially size: 58.5*29.2*15cm.

Manuals and Parts

2 inner boxes, 2 boxes are black, this color matching is very jumpy.

There are 6 large parts packs in total, and there is a separate wheel pack. And a glue pliers.

A very thick manual and a sticker . The manual is subcontracted with steps, a total of 10 steps, and it also explains that the No. 1 digital package is spelled 1-25 pages.

There is also a RC version of the remote control instruction page.

This is a 1:8 building block car with pure RC design, so the RC and static instructions are consistent, and the static version just replaces the motor with building block parts.

All GOBRICKS parts except for the mold that GOBRICKS does not have.

In the past, GOBRICKS parts were double numbered, what does that mean?

It means that for the previous parts, two sets of numbers can be found, one is the LEGO part code, and the other is the GOBRICKS code.

Now GOBRICKS has replaced the new mold, only has its own code.

Building process

In the beginning, the No. 1 package was used to spell the motor replacement part of the static version.

The chassis was first equipped with 2 XL motors. The gear ratio adopts the ratio of two 36-tooth belts and one 12-tooth belt.

Of course, if it is static, just check the smoothness of rotation.

The tail is directly linked with the engine and the motor with two 24-tooth gears.

V8 engine, remember to test the smoothness of the linkage.

There will be an L motor in the middle to control the car door.

The sunroof controller, the design I saw for the first time, is very restored.

The instruction manual has the wiring markings on the wires of the motor, which is very friendly to players.

After assembling the interior of the car, the large screen of the central control can actually move. I don’t know if this is the case in the real car.

The front axle, multiple technology parts are connected, and the GOBRICKS latch is very tight and requires patience.

On the other hand, remember that the rack parts must be centered, and the gears in the middle must be positive cross, which affects the return to positive and the positive direction of the steering wheel.

This 321 steps, I call it hell level difficulty, this kind of partial docking, but also pay attention to the positive steps of the cross axis is really difficult, but after you complete this, there is nothing difficult for you.

After assembling the entire car body, start to assemble the exterior parts. The exterior is expressed with a lot of carbon fiber stickers.

The exhaust pipe is oriented upwards. But what if it rains?

The shape curve of the front wheel eyebrows is highly restored

Add a large front hood, which can be opened and closed.

The wheel hub looks good in texture, but there are no pre-installed tires. After installing 4 wheels, my fingers are very painful.


360 degree display of finished products



A large number of carbon fiber stickers throughout the car express its supercar identity.

The front of the car does not use the car logo, but uses SENRUI as the car logo. (because there is no manufacturer authorization)

The grille has a very special shape, and the curve is also different from other technology cars.

A large piece of black, because there is no front glass separation, it will be a little too wide visually, you can try to replace the flexible shaft with orange. The wheels are not pure black, but a textured gray-black.

I like the wheel eyebrows, which are half flexible shaft and half technology.

The rear of the car uses hoses to express the taillights.

In the rear part of the car, the orange fender is to be above the carbon fiber sticker parts.

The big heart of the V8 can be seen vaguely.

The instrument panel is very handsome, and the central control uses a ball connector, which can be moved.

This is the maximum opening angle of the butterfly door.


1. GOBRICKS parts, quality guaranteed

2. Authorization of moc author.

3. The appearance is super handsome, and the butterfly door is also very cool.

4. The manual also marks the motor wiring, which is very friendly.

5. Suggest puting all common technic pins in a large package

6. It is difficult to connect large parts.

7. The combination of wheel hub and tire is too tight, it is recommended to pre-install it first.

SY BLOCK has always been focusing on the small one-size technic car. The author of this authorization already has two works of more than 3000pcs, one is this McLaren Senna, and the other is a GTR.

The whole product is designed in a RC version, so friends who like gearboxes will be disappointed, because its static version does not have a gearbox.

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