KORUIT 1055 Spider-Man : No Way Home

The hottest superhero movie in 2021 may be Spider-Man:No Way Home, with three generations of Spider-Man appearing at the same time to fight against a number of villains. How can Minifigure manufacturers miss spider-man?

Today bring a new set of superhero minifigures from KORUIT. The theme is “Spider-Man:No Way Home”. There are 8 minifigures in total. The reviews is from MIZHIMOKUAI.

KORUIT 1055 Picture

Rendering designers should take the blame.The photos are far less stunning than the real ones.Especially the Green Goblin’s weapon ball grenade, just seem a pumpkin pie.

KORUIT 1055 Spider-Man 3 (1)

XP-419 Mixed suit Spider-Man

XP-420 Black Gold Suit Spider-Man

XP-421 The Amazing Spider-Man

XP-422 Spider-Man(Tobey Maguire)

XP-423 Mystery Guest

XP-424 Battle Damaged Green Goblin

XP-425 Doctor Strange

XP-426 Green Goblin


Green Goblin

The movie version of the Green Goblin is directly wearing a high-tech suit. The minifigures refer to the movie version of the Green Goblin, which is really handsome.

Wearing a helmet is another expression, the external armor is not good enough, only the front armor is made, and the back looks very strange

The actual weapon grenade is completely different from the rendering

The flying skateboard is rich in internal and external details. It is composed of three parts, not one piece.

Battle Damaged Green Goblin

The flying skateboard is the same as the previous one. The minifigure is equipped with two accessories: hair and hood, and the corresponding expressions.

Due to the interference of the parts, hood cannot be worn with the satchel

Left and right side prints are not the same

Mixed suit Spider-Man

Spider-man(Tom Holland) new outfit, it feels like a product of black and red mixed with nanotechnology and craftsmanship

Black Gold Suit Spider-Man

It’s still the new outfit of Spider-man(Tom Holland). I don’t know where it is used. It looks like MK41.

KORUIT 1055 Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man

The eyepiece is not yellow.

KORUIT 1055 Spider-Man 3 (18)

Spider-Man(Tobey Maguire)

The spider logo is different from the 2、3 spider-man

KORUIT 1055 Spider-Man 3 (21)

Doctor Strange

New base accessories, it seems that this new base will appear frequently in the future

Mystery man

Also the new base accessories, but the printing has shrunk greatly.

Although it is equipped with a normal head, the appearance of wearing a helmet does not change.

Group photo

Green Goblin is probably the most deserving minifigure, the flying skateboard and armor are worth it.

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