Street view list in the July-Dec 2021(Except Lego)

Street view building blocks are always an indispensable theme in our brick world, so how many street view building blocks (except Lego) be released in the second half of 2021, Fllowing is the list.

Mould King

16038, 3196pcs, Mould King Magic World – Magic Cane Shop

16039, 3033pcs, Mould King Magic World-Magic Broom Shop

16040, 3468pcs, Mould King Magic World-Magic Bookstore

16041, 3363pcs, Mould King Magic World – Joke Store

22026, 4266pcs, Ponaeu Stadium, authorized work by MOC author

11011, 5086pcs, carousel, original work

11001, 2179pcs, post office, original product

16023, 3096pcs, French restaurant, original work


89124, 2985pcs, Tea House

89123, 6355pcs, Red Brick University

89122, 3050pcs, Venice

89121, 3140pcs, hat hall

89125, 3535pcs, Arms Museum

89126, 4560pcs, post office

89134, 3111pcs, Town Police Station

89127, 2662pcs, Sushi Corner

89143, 2955pcs, Claus Toys

89131, 3065pcs, clothing store


50101, 1724pcs, Medieval Series – Town Market, MOC Author License

30107, 3265pcs, Fisherman’s Club

10203, 4039pcs, seafood restaurant, MOC author authorized product


K20509,, Yile Ramen Shop, genuine license

K20409,? ? ? pcs, cement pipe open space, genuine authorization

K19903, 3700+pcs, Fortune Workshop, original work


MY82002, 2684pcs, delicious sushi house

MY82001, 2948pcs, Holiday Inn

Juhang Technology

86015, 2288pcs, Budokan

DK/Deke Creative

3006, 1887pcs, Balloon House


66005, 2366pcs, blacksmith

66006, 2722pcs, golden lion castle


YC-32005, 1185pcs, Havoc in Heaven-Huaguo Mountain, authorized by Shangmeiying, original work

YC-32004, 1285pcs, Havoc in Heaven-Lingxiao Palace, authorized by Shangmeiying, original work


KS004, 1270 pieces, Cyber ​​Street Corner Series – Pharmacy, Original Work

KS003, 1318 pieces, Cyber ​​Street Corner Series – Chinese Cuisine, Original Work

KS002, 661 pieces, Cyber ​​Street Corner Series – Sushi Restaurant, Original Work

KS001, 712 pieces, Cyber ​​Street Corner Series – Cafe, Original Work


610010, 2616pcs, Impression China – Zuixianlou, original work

610014, 2562pcs, Impression China-Cui Ming Ju, original work

610011, 2588pcs, Impression China-Painting Workshop, original work

610012, 2551pcs, Impression China – Lucky Silver Building, original work

610016, 2538cs, Impression China – Street, Original Work

610015, 2529pcs, Impression China – Pawnshop, Original Work

610013, 2531pcs, Impression China – Chunlin Xiangxuan, original work


XB-18023, 870pcs, Happy Ferris Wheel

Forange block

FC8006, 2796pcs, Chinese wedding, original work


This is evident from the standard Street View or Street View Town compatible products launching in the second half of 2021

Mould King also only has 2 standard street scenes, the others are modelling and ip compatible products for small towns.

Jie Xing, published basic BA, Bricked1980 and other well-known mocers (without the authorization of the MOC author).

Urge(MORK MODEL sub -brand) came out in the form of MOC author authorization + fully printed parts.

The Chinese style street scene of PANLOS is really great!

Brickcool(Decool sub-brand) set of cyberpunk street scenes also caught my eye.

Of course, Keeppley Cement Pipe Clearance, Naruto Ramen and Workshop are all awesome products.

BrandPartsOriginal Author Authorization Remarks
Mould KingGOBRICKS8 works, many original or author authorized works of Mould King
Happy buildingGOBRICKS2 ,scenes from Journey to the West, genuine license
JIE STARself-produce11 models, and released 11 models in half a year, without MOCer authorization
URGEself-produce3 models, after Urge replace the baseline brick, with the full print + MOCer authorization model is still good.
BRICKCOOLself-produce4 models, the cyberpunk street scene really shines
KEEPPLEYself-produce3 types, cement pipes, Naruto Ichira Ramen are all genuine and authorized
PANLOSself-produce7 models, a complete set, super beautiful Chinese style street scene

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